Cycling Gear You Need for Fall

Make sure that you have everything you need as you embark on your fall cycling adventures


Fall is one of the most enjoyable times to ride a bike - the weather is not too hot or too cold. Catch a nice breeze and cycle outdoors for the incredible scenery fall foliage has to offer.

After choosing the best bike for you, it’s important to consider the proper gear and accessories you will need. You shouldn’t just hop on your bike without a protective helmet; and wearing the wrong cycling shoes can lead to pain, injury and just plain discomfort.[slideshow:89586]

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From gloves to socks, bib shorts and jackets, finding the proper clothing is essential for your ride. Gloves protect the palms of your hands from handlebar compression and clothing with reflective materials helps you to stay safe on your night rides.

However, accessories are important as well. A bicycle rear rack offers you a place to store your cycling essentials, sunglasses are crucial for eye protection and a smart watch will ensure your safety by tracking your heart rate and monitoring your location with GPS.

Whether you are cycling competitively or taking a leisurely ride, stay safe and, most of all, have fun this season. Check out the best cycling gear for the fall.


Cycling Gear You Need for Fall


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