Young Living Essential Oils vs. doTERRA Essential Oils

Anthony Marcusa

Store essential oils away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and any moisture. Be sure lids are secured tightly and the bottles are kept away from animals and children.

Best essential oils

Essential oils are beloved for their aromatherapeutic qualities, filling the air with smells that may be calming, invigorating or even festive. Derived from plants, essential oils are concentrated compounds that produce familiar and inviting scents.

When used in conjunction with a diffuser, the oils mix with water to fill the air with the desired aroma. In some cases, oils can be applied to the skin or added to baths, lotions or sprinkled about. Two popular companies that offer a range of essential oils include Young Living and doTERRA. Here’s how they stack up.

Young Living essential oils

Young Living boasts a line of essential oils that are naturally derived and free of chemical additives; they are purely made and do not contain any artificial dye, parabens or sulfates.

Young Living’s essential oils may be used in diffusers or diluted to be applied on skin. They can be used to make aromatic creams, lotions and household cleaners as well. They offer vials in 15 ml or 5 ml sizes, with options featuring popular single oils, such as eucalyptus and frankincense, as well as unique and exciting blends with names such as Awaken and Dragon Time.

Young Living pros

  • Animal and kid-friendly options. Young Living offers a line that is safe for both animals and children, so parents and pet owners can enjoy them without worry. 
  • Blends. Young Living’s blends are thoughtful, focused concoctions made for specific moments or moods. For example, abundance champions joy, while Longevity invigorates and Sensation boasts self-awareness and expression.
  • Roll-ons. There are specialty blends that are designed to be applied directly to the skin, offering both an inviting aroma and refreshing sensation.

Young Living cons

  • Expensive: Young Living’s essential oils are among the more expensive options available on the market.
  • Sets. While Young Living offers some essential oil sets, a majority of their options are sold individually.
  • Health claims. Young Living offers essential oils that may help manage weight, support digestion and boost the immune system. These claims have not been scientifically verified.

Best Young Living essential oils

Lavender: available at Amazon

Among the most popular scents available, lavender is trusted to soothe and calm. Floral aroma offers varied usage, including adding to baths or in body creams.

Christmas Spirit: available at Amazon

This festive option provides a pleasant seasonal aroma to get users in the holiday spirit. Includes orange, cinnamon and spruce. May be diluted and applied to the skin.

doTERRA essential oils

For almost 15 years, doTERRA has crafted pure and natural essential oils that include single popular oils as well as inventive blends. While they offer skincare products as well as supplements, their pure and therapeutic grade essential oils are at the heart of the company. 

Their options may be diffused into the air, incorporated into lotions or cleaners or even ingested when diluted safely. Oils are available in both 5 ml and 15 ml bottles.

doTERRA pros

  • Proprietary blends. A range of unique creations are offered that include options for specific moods and needs. 
  • Popular scents. doTERRA features all beloved and preferred oils, such as lavender, frankincense, rosemary and tea tree.

doTERRA cons

  • Price. The single oils, as well as the blends offered by doTERRA come are expensive,  similar to those made by Young Living.
  • Health benefits. While certain scents are known to change and improve mood and spirit, the health benefits that essential oils claim when applied to the skin or ingested are not proven.
  • Reactions possible. If applied topically or ingested, caution should be exercised; some adverse reactions are possible, especially to those with sensitivities.

Best doTERRA essential oils

Beginner’s Trio: available at Amazon

Set of three popular and versatile essential oils in lemon, lavender and peppermint. Caters to a variety of moods and needs across the day. Sizeable bottles offer good value.

Purify Cleansing Blend: available at Amazon

Unique blend that includes citronella, lemon and lime that aims to freshen and rejuvenate the air, eliminating unwanted odors. May be used in household cleansers as well. 

Should you get Young Living or doTERRA essential oils?

There are many similarities between the essential oils offered by both companies. As they are naturally made, these pure oils offer various applications and creative uses. Both are safe, provided users exercise proper care, especially around pets and children. 

Because of their slightly lower cost, and a more diverse and extensive lineup, Young Living edges out doTERRA as offering the best essential oils. However, with both companies, it’s advised to stay wary of health claims that cannot be verified when used topically or internally. Instead, enjoy the exciting and soothing scents offered by using the oils in a diffuser.

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