What is the best Logitech webcam?

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Kevin Juhasz

With both webcams being virtually identical except for a few minor items, there's no wrong choice between the Logitech Pro 4 k and Brio.

Logitech 4K Pro webcam vs. Brio

Whether you need a webcam for business, entertainment or communication, Logitech has something to meet your needs. The brand offers two 4k webcams for both PC and Mac users: the 4K Pro and the Brio.

Webcam manufacturers routinely release similar cameras in pairs to appeal to either business or personal consumers, and Logitech appears to be following this pattern with the 4K Pro and the Brio. Both cameras are very close on specs and features with nuanced differences that will determine which is the better choice for you.

Logitech Brio review

The Brio is a highly rated webcam and the first of its line released by Logitech. It features a high-definition camera, with a 90-degree field of vision, and 1980x1020 resolution. For those willing to pay, the Brio is a quality webcam that is an excellent choice.

The webcam includes a 4.9-foot USB 3.0 to USB-C cord. The webcam retails for around $200, which can be higher than many other webcams.

The frame rate is 30 fps. The camera is high definition with a 90-degree field of vision, comes with autofocus, works in low light and comes with a stereo microphone.

Brio pros

The Brio’s specs are excellent — that includes autofocus, the ability to work in low light, excellent stereo microphone and a high-definition 90-degree field of vision that works better than most other models.

Brio cons

On the downside, the zoom capabilities are digital, not optical. This can often lead to a loss of quality in the image as the user isn’t in complete control of when or how the zoom functions. This particular webcam is also pricier than other models, though not any more than the 4K Pro.

Logitech 4K Pro review

To get an idea on the specs for the 4K Pro, just look at the specs on the Brio. Both cameras are nearly identical when it comes to features, with the primary difference coming with the convenience of a longer cord and a higher megapixel rate.

4K Pro pros

As stated before, the 4K Pro has the same overall features and quality level as the Brio, with autofocus, low light and a better field of vision than most other webcams. It sets itself apart with a longer cord and 13MP for the camera compared the Brio’s 8MP.

4K Pro cons

The zoom here is also digital, not optical, and it comes in at the same $200 price point as the Brio.

Which camera should you choose?

There’s really no going wrong when choosing the 4K Pro or the Brio. With both being virtually identical, high-quality, and evenly priced, the user will get an outstanding camera with both options. The primary difference that will likely tip the scales for you, would be the 13MP camera from the 4K Pro vs. the 8MP for the Brio. Megapixels create a larger image, but since both webcams work in low light and feature autofocus, the visual quality will be the same regardless.

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