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Jennifer Manfrin


It doesn't matter what shape, size, or species your pets are, they are part of the family. They are there to share the good times, as well as lift our spirits during difficult days. For those reasons and more, optimizing their comfort is a top priority for pet owners.

But we don't need to convince you that pets are great.

Instead, check out some of our favorite pet items that are currently on sale, and save money in addition to making your pet happy.

1. Trixie Pet Products 3-Story Cat House

Cats love to climb and hide, and the Trixie 3-Story Cat House provides ample space for felines to do both activities. In addition to three floors, it features a sun deck and two doors that are easy to access, so it can be enjoyed by multiple cats at a time.

The large back door is easy to open for cleaning. It's attractive and waterproof, so it can easily be used indoors or outdoors. The current price tag of $79.99 reflects a 21% savings.

2. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Little pets need comfortable places to dwell, which requires bedding that's both soft and absorbent. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding is made from recycled paper that doesn't produce a lot of dust or have any sharp pieces that could cause injury to very small animals. And because it does a good job absorbing moisture, it keeps odors to a minimum in between cleanings.

Carefresh Complete can be used to line hutches and cages for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small pets. You can stock up today with the 60L pack for $16.49 and save 25% off the usual price.

3. NACOCO Raincoat for Large Dogs

When it's raining, you don't have to choose between skipping a walk with your dog or having him get soaking wet. That's because NACOCO's XL size dog raincoat designed especially for large dogs is on sale for $19.49.

It's made of durable waterproof material that will keep your canine dry, and features a back pocket so you can stash small items you may need during your walks. It also has a reflective strip that makes it easy to see from a distance on dreary, rainy days.

4. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain

If you've been wanting to try an automatic pet drinking fountain, now is a great time. That's because one of our favorite models - the Pioneer Pet Raindrop - is almost 50% off the usual price of $69.99.

You can get yours for only $35.79, and introduce your pet to a consistent flow of fresh water thanks to the centrally-located spout and charcoal filtration system. It's made of stainless steel so it's easy to clean, and has a 60-ounce capacity that's ideal for small to medium cats and dogs.

5. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Beds

Dogs and cats love to have their very own beds, and MidWest Homes makes durable styles in a variety of sizes. Pets will enjoy curling up on the plushly soft material, and you'll love that the slip-resistant coating on the bottom keeps it in place on hard-floor surfaces.

This cozy pet bed is available in lengths of approximately 18, 22, 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches at discounts from 19% to 53%, with  prices ranging from $6.99 to $30.66 depending on the size you need for your cat or dog.


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