We finally found a meaningful gift your father will love

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Jacob Palmer


We understand how tough it can be to shop for your dad. Whether it's his birthday, the holidays or Father's Day, it's never easy to pick a gift that's useful (which he demands) and sincere (which you strive for).

One thing is for sure: He doesn't want another tie. So why not get him something he can use every day, combined with something he already loves?

That's where Fielder's Choice comes in. The company has a project called the Pastime Program, where you send in an old baseball mitt and they use the leather to turn it into a high-quality wallet that's functional and plays heavily on nostalgia.

Instead of keeping that treasured baseball glove on a dark shelf where it's collecting dust, you can turn it into a timepiece that he will take with him everywhere - as a one-of-a-kind wallet.

Whether you want to transform your cherished Little League glove into someone you once again use every day, or you want to turn grandpa's old mitt into a pocket-sized keepsake, Fielder's Choice wallets can help you create a treasure.

We ordered a billfold wallet and tested it over a few weeks to see how it would compare to wallets that don't carry nearly the meaning. Here's what we found:

Getting the wallet

It's a simple process.

First, tell Fielder's Choice what kind of wallet you want to order (in addition to the billfold, they also have card-case and zipper styles). They'll send you all the shipping materials you'll need - all you have to do is load them with the mitt and drop it off with UPS. The next time you see the glove it will be a wallet, all per your customized order.

Fielder's Choice will keep you updated on the process throughout. They take the reins on the entire transaction - including a blank card packaged with the wallet so you don't have to go buy one when it comes time to gift it.

Reviewing the wallet

The majority of the wallet is made from new, high-quality leather while the finishing details come from your glove. It has a classic look that isn't over the top (which is perfect for the dad who doesn't want to be flashy).

Sitting on the wallet is comfortable and it has plenty of space for cash and receipts in the billfold space. The model that we bought (remember, they're all unique) had space for up to six credit cards -- adding anymore would've been pushing it. Since it's made of leather, it holds up to rough and frequent handling.

Overall, it holds up like a normal wallet (or that trusty glove) and is handsome in a traditional, understated sense. If your dad needs a new wallet, and you want to give him a reason to brag to his friends about how unique it is, this is an ideal find.


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