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Fun tailgate party games

Ahead of the big game or event, a tailgate party brings together friends, family and fans in anticipation, embracing exciting food, drinks and activities. Whether in the backyard or at a stadium parking lot, in sunshine or inclement weather, the proper party requires timely and suitable games.

The best tailgate games are easy to set up and transport and welcome all ages and skill levels. While they are competitive, they allow for users to inject their own rules to personalize the game. What’s more, they should be able to be finished quickly or played in teams so that everyone gets a chance to participate. These are the top unique games to bring to your next tailgate party.

Unique tailgate games

Throw Throw Burrito: available at Amazon

This tense and outlandish game is definitely one-of-a-kind and a great choice for some fun outside. From the company that delighted with Exploding Kittens, this inventive hybrid game brings together cards and dodgeball. The outdoor version features a 3-foot inflatable burrito and large, weather-resistant cards; just be sure to watch your food and drink when you’re playing.

Crossnet Volleyball: available at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

This twist on volleyball allows for two teams of two to compete or four people to play against each other. Crossnet sets up quickly with an adjustable height to accommodate all users and is suitable for play on sand or grass. This complete set comes with everything players need, including a handy travel backpack to bring to your tailgate party.

Triumph Sports Portable Cornhole: available at Amazon

Cornhole is a very popular game at tailgate events, backyard parties and even bars and restaurants. Its size, however, doesn’t always lend itself to transport, but this smaller design by Triumph Sports is ideal for taking with you on game day. The portable size doesn’t sacrifice any excitement either but does come at a much lower price.

Spikeball Game Set: available at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

This inventive game is a big hit at the beach or park and makes for a thrilling and potentially physically intensive activity. Four people, playing in pairs or individually, compete to bounce the ball back to the center and throw off the competition. It calls for coordination and dexterity, among the many reasons it’s one of the top Lawn Games at Best Reviews.

Franklin Field Day Race Kit: available at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

There is nothing quite like these classic outdoor games that welcome eager participants of all ages — provided they are not afraid to look a little silly. This set by Franklin includes four sacks to use for a bag race as well as resistance bands intended for use in a three-legged race. Both of these can make for some unforgettable moments come tailgate time.

Molkky: available at Amazon

This unique game is a highly popular Finnish activity that is slowly becoming a backyard and tailgate party staple. Well-made and aesthetically pleasing, Molkky is a blend of lawn bowling and horseshoes with a simple yet challenging proposition: knock down the pins. It welcomes all ages and skill levels and makes for easy setup and takedown on game day.

Wild Sports Tabletop Stackers: available at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

For when you are tailgating and a little tight on space, or for anyone who doesn’t want to move around a lot, this tense stacking activity is a go-to game. Straightforward yet challenging, this game becomes all the more thrilling amid a lively atmosphere with lots of people watching. Play in teams and make your own rewards and rules to personalize the game.

Kan Jam Disc Game: available at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Among the more competitive and skills-requiring games on the list, Kan Jam calls for players to throw a disc into a bucket, but there are few different ways to make it happen. Two teams of two take turns flinging and trying to redirect into the bucket to accumulate points; you can also try to get it right in the slot for an automatic win.

Franklin Sports Bucketz Pong Game: available at Amazon

A fan-favorite cup toss game is a requirement for most tailgate parties, and this option by Franklin provides a quality, reusable set that offers terrific value. With three tennis balls and 12 sizable buckets, players can create their own setup, rules, rewards and even punishments to make for an exciting game anywhere.

Poleish Sports Bottle Bash: available at Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

There is a lot of exciting potential when it comes to playing this creative outdoor game that finds players trying to knock a bottle off a pole with a frisbee. The game travels well and is easy to set up, and players have various options when it comes to arrangement, scoring and gameplay. Just be sure to have someone ready to catch the disc if a throw goes errant.

On a Scale of One-to-T-Rex: available at Amazon

This tailgate game is a little different than most but it's sure to elicit some silliness and excitement. With this twist on charades, players act out a certain action, but each will have its own different level of intensity. It welcomes two to eight players, moves quickly and is great for outdoor spaces where you can be as loud and outrageous as you want.

GoSports Premium Wooden Ring Toss Game: available at Amazon

For fans of dangerous outdoor games like "horseshoes" and "lawn darts," this easily portable ring toss game is a safe alternative. It's also easy to play, even if you've had a couple adult beverages.

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