Tips for navigating a hectic Amazon Prime Day

BestReviews Staff

Having trouble with Amazon today? Have no fear, we've got some tips and tricks for you to still get the most out of Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day is officially a midsummer phenomenon for American shoppers. We know this, because Amazon's site went through some serious technical difficulties at 3 p.m. ET when the majority of the deals went live.

People went to Twitter to complain about all of the cute dogs they were seeing instead of product pages. But they were being a little short-sighted. There are ways to ensure you still get what you want this Prime Day, and we're here to help you avoid frustration and get what you need at the best prices of the year.

Here are 5 tips for navigating a hectic Amazon Prime Day like the master shopper you are:

1. The search function is your friend

Please note, this is not the search function on the Prime Day landing page. That one has been experiencing a lot of issues. What we suggest is entering an Amazon product page directly instead of the Prime Day landing page and then searching for your preferred product on the standard search box you'd see every other day of the year at the top of the page. For example, if you enter Amazon from a BestReviews review page, you'll be able to navigate Amazon more fluidly. Just go to a page like Best Toasters, click on one, and you're there.

Usually, when you search by name for the product you want, it'll pop up in a list of products and if it's on sale for Prime Day, it'll have a little blue marker that reads, "Prime Day Deal."

2. Navigate like a pro

If you don't know exactly what you want, and are more interested in browsing, we suggest entering the list of Prime Day deals through this link. From there, you can sort by category, price point, discount amount, and average customer rating. The main landing page has been overloaded, this gives you a side window into all of the deals and allows you to shop more easily.

3. Use a curated source

We've put together a list of products we have tested and recommend, and have found no issues of getting directly to those items when they're clicked on. Amazon has thousands of products for sale right now. Using the BestReviews Prime Day deals page will help you ensure you're looking at the absolute best of the best every time.

4. Use your wish list

If you made a wish list, you can access all the things you want directly from there (and see how much they have been discounted since you added them). This requires a little bit of pre-planning, but you can utilize this tip in combination with the others on this list as an added measure to ensure you keep track of everything you want. For example, use the above link to browse and add products to your wishlist from there.

5. Be patient

The sale will be ongoing through 3 a.m. ET Wednesday morning. That means Amazon has time to figure out how to accommodate the onslaught of visitors and will be offering these prices until the sale is over or until they're sold out. You have all night and all day tomorrow to get what you want, just keep trying and eventually you'll find some luck.

And if you're feeling overwhelmed don't hesitate emailing our support team at Our expert staff will be standing by to help you decide what products are actually worth your money.

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