Three best zero-gravity chairs

Kailey Fralick

You can use the pillow on the zero-gravity chair as either a headrest or lumbar support for your lower back.

When it's nice out, you want to kick back and enjoy the outdoors. But when your only options are stiff metal folding chairs or hard plastic ones, you might not end up enjoying it as much as you'd hoped. Fortunately, there's a better option: zero-gravity chairs. These are specially designed to support your body in a comfortable position, and studies have shown that they can help to decrease pain. If you're interested in getting a zero-gravity chair for your home or backyard, our shopping guide tells you what you need to know.

Considerations when choosing zero-gravity chairs

Everyone is probably familiar with outdoor zero-gravity chairs. They're made from durable mesh that's attached to a metal frame with bungee cords. These are a great choice if you're looking for furniture to put out on your deck or patio, but they look a little out of place when used indoors.

If you're shopping for something you can use in your home, you'll want to look for an indoor zero-gravity chair. These do essentially the same thing as the outdoor versions, but they're made from different materials, such as leather, so they blend in better with the rest of your home's décor.

Zero-gravity chair features

Size: Most zero-gravity chairs are designed to hold one person who weighs less than 300 pounds, but there are some extra-large models that can support more weight. There are also extra-wide zero-gravity chairs that can hold two people at once.

Materials: If you're looking for a zero-gravity chair to use outdoors, you want one made of durable yet breathable mesh. It shouldn't rip or tear easily, and it should dry fairly quickly if it gets wet. For indoor chairs, look for something that blends in with your existing décor.

Comfort: The design of these chairs makes even basic models pretty comfortable, but if you're looking for some extra support, get one that has a headrest and extra padding.

Angle lock: Many zero-gravity chairs enable you to lock the chair at different angles.

Cupholder: Some models come with a removable cupholder that attaches to the side of the chair.

Sunshade: A few outdoor zero-gravity chairs come with a built-in sunshade that attaches to the back and can be moved to keep the sun out of your face while you lounge.

Colors: You'll have a choice of a few different colors. This is a matter of personal preference, but bear in mind that lighter colors will show stains and debris more easily than darker colors.

Price: Basic patio zero-gravity chairs usually cost somewhere between $40 and $100, depending on the quality. Some indoor chairs can cost up to $1,000, and most start around $200.


Q. What are the benefits of zero-gravity chairs?

A. The way that zero-gravity chairs elevate your feet and knees prevents putting too much pressure on any one area of your body. This can help to reduce lower back pain, improve circulation, and reduce tension on muscles and joints.

Q. How much weight can a typical zero-gravity chair hold?

A. Most standard zero-gravity chairs can hold up to 300 pounds, but this varies from model to model. There are also some extra-large chairs that can support more weight.

Zero-gravity chairs we recommend

Best of the best: Timber Ridge Oversized XL Padded Zero-Gravity Chair

Our take: Go with this model if you want to invest in a comfortable zero-gravity chair that will last for many years.

What we like: This extra-large chair can comfortably support 350 pounds, and it has adjustable armrests and a padded headrest. It comes with a one-year warranty, but you probably won't need to use it because the chair is very well made.

What we dislike: It's pricey for a single chair. Some issues with the wood finish on the armrests wearing off over time.

Best bang for your buck: Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs

Our take: This set includes two well-made zero-gravity chairs at a price that budget-conscious shoppers will love.

What we like: This set is surprisingly affordable and comes in six color choices. Each chair has a large detachable cupholder and a headrest for maximum comfort while lounging. The chairs fold up for easy storage.

What we dislike: Some complaints that the locks that hold the chairs at a certain angle don't work very well.

Choice 3: Ollieroo Zero-Gravity Lounge Chair

Our take: This is a sturdy lounge chair that delivers unrivaled comfort and support at a reasonable cost.

What we like: This zero-gravity chair comes with a sturdy locking mechanism, a thick headrest, and a built-in sunshade. The mesh is UV resistant, so the color won't fade over time, and it's tough enough that it won't tear.

What we dislike: Fingers can get pinched in the armrest when sliding the chair forward or backward.

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