Three best work gloves

Daniel Kobialka

Cuts and lacerations are the second most common hand injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The American Society of Safety Professionals reports two out of every five workplace hand injuries occur due to cuts or punctures.

Work gloves are a must for construction workers, mechanics, and other industrial professionals. They protect the hands against scratches, cuts, and other injuries. Plus, work gloves make it easy for wearers to safely perform industrial tasks. The best work gloves fit comfortably and don't hamper productivity. Additionally, they help users maintain a firm, steady grip on tools and offer flexibility, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity.

As you shop for work gloves, pay close attention to the finer details. If you conduct an extensive search, you can find work gloves that enable you to complete myriad tasks without putting your safety at risk.

Considerations when choosing work gloves

Fit and comfort: The right work gloves fit comfortably -- without exception. If your work gloves don't provide a snug fit, they could fall off your hands while you're working. Work gloves that do not fit properly can lead to injuries or cause blisters.

Dexterity: Professionals in the aviation, automotive, and other specialized industries frequently handle small, intricate tools. With expertly constructed work gloves designed for dexterity and efficiency, these professionals can use tools with precision and accuracy.    

Protection: Although many work glove varieties are available, the right work gloves should always help to protect the user's hands based on the application. For instance, string knit gloves are ideal for those who handle sheet metal or metal samplings. On the other hand, coated gloves offer great options for small-part assembly.

Durability: No one wants work gloves that fall apart after minimal use. Instead, it's important to find work gloves that are made of strong, durable materials.  

Work glove features

Glove material: Work gloves made of goatskin, cowhide, horsehide, or water buffalo offer excellent durability. Comparatively, Kevlar gloves provide outstanding protection against abrasions and extreme heat, while cotton and fabric gloves safeguard wearers against harmful chemicals. Also, for those who are allergic to latex or other materials, it's important to find work gloves that won't irritate the skin.

Chemical resistance: Some work gloves are designed to protect the hands from different chemicals. For instance, butyl rubber work gloves safeguard wearers against peroxide, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid. Work gloves equipped with nitrile rubber-coated fabric are outstanding choices for use with chlorinated solvents.

Work glove prices: Most work gloves cost less than $100. Low-end gloves include disposable, cotton or knit varieties, and they typically protect users against harsh chemicals. Expensive gloves often include Kevlar or other high-strength materials to offer multiple layers of protection and provide exceptional durability.


Q. How do I determine the right size work gloves for me?

A. Sizing work gloves can be difficult, particularly for individuals who are buying them for the first time. Yet finding properly fitting work gloves is paramount. To determine your glove size, measure around the palm of your dominant hand from the base of your first finger around the knuckles. Once you know your hand size in inches, you can find work gloves that fit perfectly.

Q. Do all work gloves resist cuts?

A. Not all gloves will protect the hands against cuts and other abrasions. The most common types of cut-resistant work gloves include metal mesh, cut-and-sewn gloves, and seamless knit varieties.  

Q. What are cuffs?

A. Work gloves include cuffs -- extra layers of fabric that cover the wrists. The ideal work glove cuff depends on the application. For instance, work gloves with safety cuffs are great for people who might need to quickly remove their gloves in emergencies. Work gloves with knit wrist cuffs might be ideal for people who require gloves that provide a snug fit and protect against inclement weather and debris.  

Work gloves we recommend

Best of the best: Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote Tactical Gloves

Our take: These heavy-duty work gloves protect the hands against impact injuries and skin abrasions. They're a top choice of professionals across virtually all industries.

What we like: Gloves feature dual-layer internal fingerprint construction to deliver maximum dexterity. They also include a versatile wrist closure that simultaneously protects the wrists and provides a comfortable fit.  

What we dislike: Gloves might emit a pungent smell if they collect sweat.

Best bang for your buck: Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Our take: These work gloves are designed to keep your hands warm even in snow, sleet, rain, and other inclement weather conditions.

What we like: Synthetic leather is shrink resistant and delivers amazing toughness. The gloves include a handy wing closing strap, so you won't have to worry about them falling off if they get wet.

What we dislike: Less durable than many comparable options.

Choice 3: Youngstown Glove Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Gloves

Our take: These first-rate work gloves will keep your hands dry in cold, wet conditions, and they combine strength and function like few others.

What we like: Come equipped with a form-fitting outer shell that offers a consistent grip. The work gloves are double-stitched for supreme quality.

What we dislike: These gloves are water resistant, not waterproof.

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