Three best TV mounts

Kyle Schurman

Arrange to have someone help you if you plan on hanging a TV on a wall mount. TVs are much lighter than they used to be, but mounting remains a delicate process.

One of the great things about flat screen televisions is how light they are compared to older models. This gives you the option of hanging the screen on the wall. A screen mounted on a wall creates a comfortable viewing angle. It also reduces clutter in the room, freeing up space.

While installation of a TV mount is a simple process, it must be done carefully. First, the mount must be tightly secured to the wall to support the weight of the TV. Make sure you put it in a prime viewing location. For example, our top recommendation is a swivel mount that can rotate back and forth so you can tailor your view. Next, the screen is attached to the mount. Your final step is to sit back and enjoy at-home entertainment on your wall-mounted TV. 

Considerations when choosing TV mounts

Here are some of the most important features to look for in a TV mount.

Sturdy materials: High-quality TV mounts are made of steel. Some less-expensive mounts containing a bit of plastic or aluminum will give you a reasonable level of performance. However, these TV mounts won't be as sturdy or long-lasting as an all-metal mount.

Fixed design: This is a feature you may or may not want. A fixed TV mount holds the television in one place on the wall. It cannot move to adjust the viewing angle. It's the least expensive design for a mount, and if you're considering a DIY installation, a fixed mount will be easier to install than a tilt-and-swivel mount.

Tilt and swivel: If a fixed design doesn't appeal to you, look for a tilt-and-swivel TV mount. With the correct swivel arm on the TV mount, you may be able to swing the screen at a 90-degree angle to the wall. Some mounts only tilt on a horizontal axis; they don't swivel. Others swivel but don't tilt. And finally, some TV mounts can both tilt and swivel.

VESA compatibility:  When searching for a TV mount, start by figuring out which mounts are compatible with your TV size. The mount must be rated to support the weight and size of your television. VESA compatibility is a key feature in determining whether your TV will properly fit the mount. If both your TV and the mount you're considering follow the VESA mounting interface standard, it's easier to match the two.


TV mounts designed to fit a large and heavy TV screen cost more than lightweight TV mounts. You'll also pay extra for a mount that has tilt and swivel capabilities. An all-metal mount will cost more than a mount with some plastic in it.

Fixed mounts made for lightweight and mid-sized TVs generally cost $25 to $75. All-metal tilt TV mounts made for mid-sized TVs generally cost $75 to $200. All-metal mounts made for the heaviest and largest TVs will cost $200 to $500. As mentioned, the priciest TV mounts have both tilt and swivel capabilities.


Q. Are TV mounts safe to use?

A. As long as the mount is hung properly, it will support the television safely. Each television mount is rated to handle a certain weight of TV screen. Just don't exceed the recommended weight limit, or the mount may collapse. The key is to follow all directions precisely for hanging the mount.

Q. How do I know if I should hire a professional to hang my TV mount or do it myself?

A. If you have some experience with home remodeling and repair, hanging a TV mount should be within your area of expertise. It's important to follow all directions carefully. If you are having trouble finding wall studs, you may want to hire a professional. Some DIYers struggle with hanging the wall mount on brick or other odd types of walls, so hiring a pro is a smart idea in this case.

TV mounts we recommend

Best of the best: VideoSecu Articulating Full Motion TV Mount

Our take: Provides the stability you need when you're hanging a really large flat-screen TV on the wall.

What we like: Consists of high-quality steel for long lasting-performance. Provides the ability to swivel and tilt in any direction.

What we dislike: Costs a bit more than some others. Swivel feature feels a little tight at the time of installation.

Best bang for your buck: VideoSecu TV Wall Mount

Our take: A heavy-gauge steel television mount that delivers a higher level of quality than others in its price range.

What we like: Gives you the ability to swivel, rotate, and tilt the screen. Carries a reasonable price tag.

What we dislike: Will not be able to handle heavier large-screen TVs, as it has an 88-pound limit.

Choice 3: Cheetah Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket

Our take: Gives you a sturdy and safe feel for mid-sized or smaller TVs, but it may not deliver the construction quality you want for a huge screen.

What we like: Allows you to tilt or swivel the television screen for a comfortable viewing angle. Nice price.

What we dislike: Tends to wobble a bit and tilt awkwardly with heavier TVs.

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