Three best Shark vacuums

Stacey L. Nash

Pet owners should look for a model with a motorized brush or pet upholstery tool that pulls the hair into the vacuum.

The work of keeping a home clean is rarely done. It's an ongoing challenge that requires the right tools and equipment. A quality vacuum that can tackle tight spaces, pet hair, and high-traffic areas is a must. Shark vacuums include the essential features coupled with the durability you need from a frequently used household appliance.

Take a good look at your specific requirements. Do you have limited storage space? Pets that shed? The details of your life will definitely help you narrow down your choices until you find the vacuum that will make your life easier -- and cleaner.

Shark vacuums have the quality and features that make one a reliable addition to any home. Take a minute to browse our quick guide to Shark vacuums and check out our recommendations below.

Considerations when choosing Shark vacuums

Maneuverability is what sets Shark vacuums apart from many of their competitors. These tools are designed for tight and hard to reach spaces without compromising suction power. Shark makes several lines to meet various needs.

Corded and cordless stick vacuums

Stick vacuums are the ultimate weight and space savers. The Shark swivel head gives these vacuums the ability to reach into tight spaces without wrenching your back or arm into an unnatural position. Many of these models have a detachable hand vac for stairs or areas that are even more difficult to reach.

Lightweight full-size vacuums

The Rotator full-size but lighter weight vacuums feature a Lift-Away canister with a hose that detaches from the vacuum so you can clean stairs, upholstery, and draperies. The hose attaches to a wand with a handle that lets you reach high, low, and narrow spaces.

Full-size vacuums

The Navigator vacuums are the largest and most powerful vacuums in Shark's inventory. They don't have the maneuverability of the Rotator line, but they make up for it in capacity because their extra-large dust cup needs emptying less often. This is the line for those with large open rooms that need frequent cleaning.

Handheld and robot vacuums

Shark's handheld vacuums enable you to quickly clean small messes, while the robotic models clean surface dirt while you're asleep or away from home.

Shark vacuum features

Swivel steering: The maneuverability for which Shark vacuums are known stems from the swivel head steering. Swivel heads rotate in any direction to reach around corners and under furniture.

Anti-allergy technology: Vacuums can stir up dust and dander, recirculating it into the air when it's expelled from the vacuum. Shark uses Anti-Allergy Complete Seal Technology to prevent allergens from recirculating in your home. It claims 99.99% effectiveness against indoor allergens.

Two-brush cleaning: Shark calls this their DuoClean technology. Some models have two brushes -- one lifts large particles to prevent the "snowplow" effect, and a second soft brush roll gets the dust and small debris.

Zero-M brush: Zero-M basically means zero maintenance. Models with this feature have a brush that reduces the need to remove hair that gets wrapped around the brush.

Shark vacuum prices: Shark handheld vacuums cost around $80 to $150. Stick vacuums with their impressive suction power cost between $170 and $250. Corded and cordless uprights cost between $230 and $450. Full-size cordless models take up the higher end of that price range.


Q. Do Shark vacuums have any unique maintenance needs?

A. Check the owner's manual for each model, but in general, Shark vacuums require the same maintenance as other brands. You'll need to regularly check and clean the filter. Even though these vacuums have a low brush maintenance technology, other items besides hair could get caught, so check the brush regularly, too.

Q. What kind of attachments come with Shark vacuums?

A. The included attachments depend on the model, but a few you might find include an upholstery brush, crevice tool, pet multi-tool, dusting brush, and under-appliance wand. If you have specific needs, such as a narrow space between your couch and the wall that you'd like to vacuum, look for a model that includes an attachment to take care of it.

Shark vacuums we recommend

Best of the best: Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright

Our take: The right combination of versatility, maneuverability, and powerful suction.

What we like: We like the three-in-one design, which gives you upright, roll pod, and detachable canister. Add the washable HEPA filter and two-brush technology and you're set for almost any mess.

What we dislike: It's one of the weightier vacuums.

Best bang for your buck: Shark Navigator Upright

Our take: This little vacuum has quality features like Lift-Away technology at a fraction of the cost of heavier, pricier models.

What we like: Lightweight vacuum makes it easier to use and carry. We especially like the Lift-Away canister for cleaning stairs and drapes.

What we dislike: Doesn't work as well on hardwood floors.

Choice 3: Shark DuoClean Rocket Ultralight

Our take: Powerful but lightweight model works on many different surfaces. A great substitute for a full-size model if you're short on space.

What we like: Serious suction for a stick vacuum. We particularly like the pet hair attachment.

What we dislike: Doesn't stand on its own. You have to completely unwind the cord to use some of the attachments.

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