Three best men's sports watches

Jennifer Blair

If your sports watch doesn’ t offer smart features like Bluetooth capability and a connected app for tracking your activity, you can create your own training diary by recording basic stats like time, speed, resting heart rate, and your workout on your smartphone’ s calendar.

If you're committed to a fitness routine, keeping track of your workouts is a high priority. You might want to know how fast you're running or how long you're swimming, which is why it's important to have a watch that helps you monitor your activity. The right men's sports watch is not only durable enough to hold up to rigorous physical activity in the elements but also comfortable on your wrist throughout it all.

But not all men's sports watches are created equal. To find the best option for your sporting needs, you need to decide on digital or analog, as well as what type of band, water resistance, and other features are most compatible with your activities. Considering how many men's sports watches there are on the market, sorting through all the options can get a little confusing.

Don't fret. Our shopping guide has all the information you need to choose the ideal men's sports watch for your active lifestyle. And if you're still not sure where to start, our product recommendations offer a few specific watches to check out as you shop.

Considerations when choosing men's sports watches

Digital vs. analog: Most men's sports watches have a digital display, which is usually easier to read when you're on the go or engaged in vigorous activity. However, if you want a sports watch that you can also wear every day, an analog watch has a more stylish look to complement a wider range of clothing.

Quartz or mechanical: It's also important to note whether a sports watch has quartz or mechanical movement. Men's sports watches with mechanical movements might require daily winding and aren't as accurate as battery-powered quartz watches.


Band: Men's sports watches typically have bands or straps made of lightweight, durable materials that are comfortable to wear and hold up well to heavy activity. Some common band materials to look for include silicone, resin, and polyurethane, all of which are water resistant, lightweight, durable, easy to adjust, easy to clean, and available in a wide variety of colors.

Stopwatch/chronograph: Most men's sports watches have a stopwatch, also known as a chronograph, that enables you to time how quickly you run a certain distance or perform any workout or sporting activity. For the easiest operation, most watches have a button on the side that you push to start and stop the stopwatch. Digital sports watches usually have the easiest stopwatches to use. Analog watches can be a little trickier to operate if you're unfamiliar with them.

Tachymeter: Some men's sports watches have a tachymeter, which enables you to measure your speed and/or the distance traveled. This is handy if you're a runner or hiker and want to know how much ground you're covering during a workout or activity.

Tachymeters are generally only found on analog watches.

Water resistance: Nearly all men's sports watches offer some type of water resistance, but if you're a swimmer or diver you'll want to be sure that the watch can withstand the right depth. Some models are only water resistant to 30 meters, while others can go as deep as 200 meters.

If you're only going to wear your watch for boating, fishing, or activities that take you outdoors in the rain, a watch with water resistance to 50 meters should be sufficient. For swimming, opt for a watch that's water resistant to 100 meters. Scuba diving requires a sports watch that is safe for depths to 200 meter

Light: Some men's sports watches are equipped with a backlight that makes the watch easier to read in dim light or the dark. Other watches have glow-in-the-dark hands and numerals, so you can easily read the display in limited light.

Bluetooth compatibility: Higher-end men's sports watches might be equipped with tracking capabilities that enable you to automatically record your workout or sports performance. These often feature Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect the watch with an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to track the data. Sports watches that have tracking capabilities but lack Bluetooth connectivity must be connected to your device via a USB cord to transmit the data.

Extra features: Some men's sports watches provide additional features that make the watch even more useful for sports, workouts, and other physical activity. You might want to look for a watch that offers a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS system, music player, or replaceable bands.


Extreme heat and humidity can affect the components in a water-resistant sports watch. Avoid wearing it in a heated pool, hot tub, or sauna.

Resin watchbands can be discolored by the sun. Avoid leaving a sports watch with a resin band out in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Even if your sports watch is water resistant, don't press the buttons when it's submerged. Moisture can get inside the watch and fog up the display.

If you wear a water-resistant sports watch in saltwater, be sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward to prevent weakening of the materials.

Don't wear your sports watch for scuba diving unless it's specifically marketed as a dive watch.


Q. What's the best way to clean a sports watch?

A. It depends on the model and the materials, so it's important to read your owner's manual for the proper cleaning method. In general, most men's sports watches can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water. If you have a water-resistant model, it's a good idea to use a little mild dish soap, too.

Q. How do I choose the best size sports watch for me?

A. Nearly all men's sports watches have a band with a buckle closure, which means you can easily adjust the size to comfortably fit your wrist depending on the hole in the band you place the prong through. In terms of the watch case, most sports models have slightly oversize cases so they're easier to read when you're on the move. In general, a case that's between 40mm and 55mm should work well for a man's wrist.

Q. Do men's sports watches have warranty protection?

A. Most of them do come with some type of warranty to protect your purchase. Many models offer one to two years of warranty protection, with some higher-end watches offering up to five. It's also important to note that most of these warranties only cover manufacturing and material defects, not normal wear and tear.

Men's sports watches we recommend

Best of the best: G-Shock Rescue Big Case Digital Watch

Our take: A highly durable men's sports watch with a wide array of features to suit a variety of sports.

What we like: Attractive shock-absorbing design in a bold, stylish color. Offers water resistance to 660 feet for water sports and activities. Setup and operation are very easy, too.

What we dislike: Carries a higher price tag than some other options. Some owners find the clock area to be too small due to the other features on the display.

Best bang for your buck: Aposon Men's Sports Military Watch

Our take: A very budget-friendly men's sports watch with the basic features.

What we like: Comfortable and lightweight design. Provides seven different colors for the LED backlight, too.

What we dislike: Only water resistant to 165 feet. Face might be too large for some users.

Choice 3: Etevon Men's Captain Outdoor Sports Watch

Our take: Unique design that features analog hands in addition to digital displays. Includes a good number of features at an affordable price point.

What we like: Simple black, white, and gray design and easy operation. Performs well in a wide range of temperatures. Users find it to be a great value for the price.

What we dislike: Small digital display areas might be difficult to read.

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