Three best men's heated jackets

Allen Foster

Some heated jackets come equipped with a USB port that you can use to charge your phone or other compatible gadgets.

Cramming thermal underwear, two sweatshirts, a sweater, and a hoodie beneath your jacket isn't the best way to stay warm. If you're working outdoors, you need your mobility. If you're sitting still watching a game, you want to feel comfortable, not claustrophobic. When you get cold at home, you simply turn on the heat. Why not do the same with your clothing? A heated jacket might be the answer to your cold weather clothing needs.

But with so many companies adding warming technology to their outerwear, how do you know which features are essential and which are just options? Which jacket is best and which is just so-so? After reading through this guide, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to find the men's heated jacket that's right for you.

Considerations when choosing men's heated jackets

How it works

Heated jackets use a rechargeable battery to supply the energy needed to warm up strategic areas of the jacket. The grid or pad is insulated in a waterproof membrane located inside the jacket lining, so the heat doesn't make direct contact with the wearer's skin. A heated jacket is like a battery-powered electric blanket that you can wear.

Men's heated jacket features

Quality: One of the most important features to look for is the quality of the coat itself. How durable and comfortable is it? How effective is it at keeping you warm without the heating element on? If you like hoods, be sure the jacket you're considering has one (not all of them do).

Heat: A heated jacket with at least three heated zones and multiple settings is preferred because using lower temperatures can extend the battery's life. And having individualized heat settings for the different zones can maximize your comfort. That said, you want a jacket with a battery that can hold a charge for at least six hours.

Care: Finding a heated jacket that is machine washable is worth the search.

Size: Be careful of sizing because some brand's jackets run a little large or small. Most heated jackets offer very specific sizing charts, so make sure you read them to get the best fit.

Men's heated jacket prices: In most instances, you won't find a decent heated jacket for less than $85. Most jackets cost between $100 and $150. Within that range, you'll find jackets with three or more heat zones as well as low, medium, and high settings. Heavy-duty jackets with individualized heating controls are in the $150 to $200 range.


Q. Are heated jackets safe?

A. Yes, when used properly following all manufacturer's recommendations. The wires that run through the clothing are contained in a waterproof membrane so the jacket can be used in damp or rainy conditions.

Q. How do I clean my heated jacket?

A. Because of the delicate wires and electronics inside, most heated jackets cannot be placed in a washer or dryer. Unless otherwise noted, you'll need to remove the battery and wash your heated jacket by hand. Do not wring out the jacket. Allow it to air-dry.

Q. Can I wear my heated jacket on a plane?

A. When you get to security, it's best to take the jacket off and hand it to the TSA agent while explaining what it is so no one is surprised when they see those suspicious-looking wires. The battery must be in its holster, and any additional batteries will need to be in your carry on. You can also call the TSA helpline (866-289-9673) for more information.

Men's heated jackets we recommend

Best of the best: Bosch Men's Lithium-Ion Heated Jacket

Our take: Durable wind- and rain-resistant jacket with a 12V battery, three heat zones, and three heat settings.

What we like: Fitted waist and adjustable sleeves. Has additional pockets, so you can carry documents and a cell phone. The battery may last up to six hours on the low setting.

What we dislike: The zipper on the left-hand side can take some getting used to. The higher heat settings can drastically reduce battery life.

Best bang for your buck: ororo Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Our take: A quick-heating jacket with fleece lining and detachable hood.

What we like: This jacket heats on the right and left side of the chest, as well as the back. Three intensity settings. On low, the battery can last up to eight hours.

What we dislike: Jacket runs a little small, so order a size larger than you typically wear.

Choice 3: Milwaukee Lithium-Ion Heated Jacket

Our take: An extremely durable heated jacket from a highly rated company.

What we like: One of the few heated jackets that's washer and dryer safe (as long as you follow the directions). Three heat zones can be adjusted independently to focus heat where you need it the most.

What we dislike: Costly option. Doesn't include a battery.

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