Three best Hoover vacuums

Karen Roth Ridder

If you have a pet-hair problem in your home, try one of Hoover’s pet vacuums, which includes better suction and attachments designed for that purpose.

Hoover is a well known name in vacuums for a reason - the company has been building a reliable product for over 100 years. However, there are many Hoovers on the market so picking the right one might seem daunting. For example, you may not be sure if you need all the extra features, like bagless technology or self-propelled motion. So, we have put together a shopping guide to help you look at the features you can find on a Hoover and quickly decide which will work best in your home.

Considerations when choosing Hoover vacuums


Hoover makes several styles of vacuum cleaners. The traditional Hoover is an upright vacuum - a basic household model that usually comes with a hose attachment to clean furniture, stairs and hard to reach places. However, you may also consider some of the other styles Hoover makes. The company's canister models have a separate tank which you can roll over the floor while you clean. These are easier to use on stairs and best for smaller spaces. A handheld Hoover is very light weight and often cordless. It works best for small spills or upholstery. Hoover also makes a robot vacuum, which cleans automatically and can be controlled with an app.

Bag or No Bag?

Hoover makes both bagless models as well as those that need disposable bags. Both have great suction but there are distinct differences. The bagless models are environmentally friendly and save you the hassle of discovering you are out of bags when your vacuum is full. They usually have washable, allergy friendly filters and can be emptied right into a trash can. But they do not hold as much as a bagged model and will have to be emptied more often. The bagged models require specially designed bags, which can be costly. However, they are cleaner when you are emptying the machine. If you are very sensitive to dust, this could be a better choice.


A self-propelled model has a motor that helps move the vacuum forward on your floor. The advantage of this kind of model is ease of use. Some vacuum cleaners can be quite heavy. The feature can be helpful when cleaning thick carpeting.


The least expensive Hoover vacuums are the handheld models, which start at about $60. They are usually very reliable, but not a practical choice for a large home. Canister and upright vacuum cleaners start at about $120 and can run up to $300. On the lower end you will find good basic bagless models which will still offer an extra cleaning hose and HEPA filter. On the higher end you will find extra features like self-propelled motors or self-adjusting heads. If you are in the market for a robot vacuum, expect Hoover's model to cost around $500.

Other important details

Before you buy, look closely at the weight of your vacuum to make sure you will be able to handle it. Think about how much adjustability you will need on the head, and how wide of a path you need the head to cover. A narrower head will take longer to clean large spaces.


Q. What's the plus side to getting a vacuum that works with an app?

A. Some Hoover models are compatible with an app. For the robotic vacuum it allows you to control the vacuum. For the upright cleaners, the app simply helps you track things like when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Q.  Is a cordless model as good as the ones with a cord?

A. Not in terms of suction. These lightweight models are usually very easy to work with and allow you the freedom to work quickly and take your Hoover to otherwise hard to reach places. However, they are not as powerful as Hoover's corded models.

Hoover vacuums we recommend

Best of the best: Hoover REACT QuickLift Bagless Upright Vacuum

Our take: We like this model for all the bells and whistles, including the automatically adjustable roller.

What we like: It comes with an App that helps you maintain your vacuum. The suction is really good. Bagless vacuum is environmentally friendly and has filter that are easy to clean.

What we dislike: The model is heavier than some other Hoovers.

Best bang for your buck: Hoover WindTunnel 3

Our take: We like the features for the price on this model, including lots of attachments.

What we like: Comes with pet hair tools. A telescoping handle on the hose helps you reach further. The suction is very good on this model.

What we dislike: We wish it was a little less noisy.

Choice 3: Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel Self-Propelled

Our take: We like this Hoover for its self-propelled feature and ability to let you know when and area is clean

What we like: The self propelled function makes it easy to use despite its extra weight. The hose is well designed and easy to use. Works very well.

What we dislike: It only has three carpet adjustment levels.

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