Three best blankets

Jennifer Manfrin

Down alternative blankets are a good choice for anyone who is allergic to feathers.

Soft. Comfortable. Decorative. Warm. There are many ways to describe a blanket, but one thing is clear: we all love them, and we all need them.

A blanket can keep you warm on a cold night. It can add a bit of pizzazz to a bed or couch. The options on the market are seemingly countless, but we can help you choose. Read on to find helpful information about blankets along with details about three of our favorites.

Considerations when choosing blankets

Your needs

The perfect blanket for you depends on your needs. Are you looking for something warm and cozy for your bed? Do you want something light and airy that you can throw in the car or even take on an airplane? Perhaps you want a decorative blanket for the living room sofa or a pretty quilt for the guest room that's appropriate for all seasons.


One of the most important considerations when choosing a new blanket is the season. Many people can't sleep without a blanket, even in the summer. If this sounds like you, take heart: there are blankets available that will make you feel comfortable even in the warmest of weather. In that same vein, there are thick wool blankets that will keep you warm on the coldest of winter nights.

Material and texture

Cotton, sherpa, microfiber, down alternative, wool, velour, and fleece are some of the most popular blanket materials. If you're looking for something you can use in bitterly cold weather, consider something made of wool, fleece, or down alternative. If you're looking for a hot-weather blanket, consider your cotton and microfiber options.

Texture is an important matter for some people when it comes to the perfect blanket. Perhaps you can't resist the plush feel of faux fur. Or perhaps you gravitate toward the coarse feel of a tweed-like material. Regardless of your preference, you can find a blanket that's as soft or as sturdy as you like.

Colors and prints

For many consumers, home decor is a top priority. And because blankets are available in just about any color of the rainbow -- as well as any print -- matching your purchase to a room's paint, artwork, or furniture is easy to do. If you're going to invest in a blanket, why not get one that complements its surroundings?


If you want to cover your entire bed, you'll need a larger blanket. You can find them in standard bed sizes, from twin to queen to king. A smaller blanket, often referred to as a throw, isn't large enough to cover a bed, but it's the perfect size for covering up on the sofa while watching TV.

Care instructions

The majority of blankets can be easily laundered at home in your washer and dryer. The few exceptions are decorative blankets that require dry cleaning and extra-large blankets that need more space than a standard washing machine has to offer. If you don't want to make special trips to the laundromat or dry cleaner to get your blanket laundered, make sure you choose one that is machine washable.

Blanket prices

Most blankets aren't extremely pricey, but they do come at different price points. You can find a basic blanket that serves as a lightweight cover-up for less than $10. You can find a heavier, larger blanket in the price range of $15 to $30.

High-end options may cost upwards of $80. These choices are usually larger, heavier, and more aesthetically pleasing with fancy stitching or graphics.


Fleece blankets offer warmth without being too heavy. The material is easy to fold into a suitcase or overnight bag. As such, a fleece blanket is ideal for travel.

If you have allergies, wash your blankets frequently to help reduce symptoms.

Want extra warmth? Woven cotton blankets are ideal for layering because they aren't too heavy and resist slipping when placed under heavier blankets. They can also be used alone when the weather gets warmer.


Q. I've heard a lot about sherpa blankets, but what is sherpa?

A. Sherpa is a material made of acrylic and polyester fibers that has the feel of fur. It is extremely soft, warm, and attractive. Sherpa blankets make nice accent pieces on beds or living room furniture.

Q. Can I use a queen-size blanket on a full-size bed?

A. Because a full-size bed and a queen-size bed are similar in size, a queen-size blanket would fit both beds. However, keep in mind that there would be a few extra inches of material if you were to put a queen-size blanket on a full-size mattress. As such, the blanket would hang a bit lower over the edge.

Blankets we recommend

Best of the best: Madison Park Windom Microfiber Down Alternative Stain-Resistant Blanket 

Our take: An excellent blanket, especially if you want something that can be used almost any time of the year. We love that it stands up to tough stains.

What we like: The down alternative material is practical for use in both the winter and summer months. It has 3M Scotchgard that resists stains and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

What we dislike: The stitching has been known to unravel in spots with repeated use. You may need a blanket that's a bit heavier if it's frigid outside.

Best bang for your buck: Utopia Bedding Polar Fleece Blanket  

Our take: This affordable blanket is durable, serves versatile purposes, and is the right size to become your go-to bed or lap blanket.

What we like: The fleece material is fairly lightweight, yet it is also warm, and it layers nicely with other blankets. The low price for this cozy blanket is very attractive, too.

What we dislike: The material is a bit too thick for very warm conditions, and it tends to attract lint.

Choice 3: Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanket

Our take: If you're looking for a small blanket that looks just as good on your furniture as it feels wrapped around your body, this is a great choice.

What we like: We like the dual sides and the numerous stylish colors. The sherpa material is super soft and cozy.

What we dislike: It's somewhat small and not the best pick for staying warm during very cold weather.

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