Three best bike trailers

Kailey Fralick

Smaller wheels make for a bumpier ride for trailer passengers, but they also make it easier for the driver to turn corners.

Biking is great exercise, and it can be a fun activity for kids, too. But what do you do when they're too young to ride on their own? You could wait until they're older ... or you could get a bike trailer and take them along for the ride.

While all bike trailers do more or less the same job, some are more comfortable and maneuverable than others. Here's a closer look at what you need to consider before purchasing a bike trailer.

Considerations when choosing bike trailers

Bike trailer size and weight limit

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the size of the bike trailer. Some are designed to hold only one child; others hold two. Each bike trailer also has a weight limit. You may want to purchase one that can support more weight than you need right now so it will be able to accommodate your growing children. Don't forget to factor in the weight of extra gear in your trailer, either.

Bear in mind that the larger a bike trailer is, the heavier it will be. This can make maneuvering and uphill riding more difficult. If you plan to bike in rough terrain, opt for a more compact trailer -- even if it means sacrificing space.

Other important features

Once you've figured out the size you need, consider these other important bike trailer features.

Durability: A good bike trailer should have a sturdy metal frame that won't bend easily and tough fabric sides that won't fall apart at the seams or tear over time.

Comfort: Comfort matters. You want a bike trailer that provides enough space and cushioning for your kids without making you feel overtaxed as you ride your bike.

Windows: Most bike trailers have windows so kids can see outside while remaining shielded from the elements. Some have mesh screens that promote airflow within the trailer.

Safety features: Many bike trailers come with harness straps to hold passengers in place if the trailer were to tip over. Some bike trailers have a rotating arm that can help keep the carriage upright if you fall over on your bike.

Price: Bike trailers range in price from $75 to greater than $250. Bike trailers under $150 tend to be smaller and have less padding, but they can still work if you're only looking for a trailer to haul gear or a single child. If you have more than one child, you can expect to spend $150 or more.


Q. I need something portable. Is a bike trailer right for me?

A. Yes, there are options to suit your needs. Many bike trailers have removable tires and a collapsible trailer so you can easily fit the trailer in the back of your car.

Q. How can I make bike rides more comfortable for children in the trailer?

A. Look for a spacious trailer with plenty of interior padding. If there isn't enough, you may be able to add more yourself. The trailer should have large wheels that can easily absorb shock. It's important to check the tire pressure periodically to ensure that they are properly inflated.

Bike trailers we recommend

Best of the best: Schwinn Trailblazer Double Trailer

Our take: This bike trailer is large enough to be comfortable for your child and light enough to be comfortable for you, even when you're pedaling uphill.

What we like: This lightweight bike trailer is spacious and easily converts to a stroller if needed. Tools aren't required to put it together, and when you're done, you can fold it down and detach the wheels for compact storage.

What we dislike: There have been a few reports of weak stitching and products arriving with missing parts.

Best bang for your buck: InStep Take 2 Double Trailer

Our take: This bike trailer is a good value for the price, but it may not hold up as well over the long term as our top pick.

What we like: This bike trailer can easily fit two small children with room for extra gear as well. It offers many of the features you'd expect in pricier models, like the option to convert to a stroller and fold-flat storage.

What we dislike: Some users have reported issues with the tire tubes popping after a short time.

Choice 3: Allen Sports Child Jogger Trailer

Our take: This is a rugged bike trailer that is built to last, but it may be too small for carting around two children at once.

What we like: This durable bike trailer comes with a lifetime warranty and is made with a steel frame and sturdy canvas. It's easy to assemble and to convert between a stroller and a trailer as needed.

What we dislike: This trailer isn't as spacious as some of the others, so you may have trouble fitting two children in it, even if they don't exceed the weight limit.

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