Take your beach setup to next level with stuff you already own

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Jennifer Blair

If you decide to bring your bluetooth speaker to the beach make sure that you've fully charged it before heading out.

Take your beach setup to the next level with stuff you already own

Who doesn't love taking in the sun and surf during a trip to the beach? But throwing a towel down on the sand doesn't offer the comfort most people seek when they spend a long day at the shore. Even the sun can start to get to you after a few hours, which is why bringing the right supplies could actually make or break your beach day.

Thankfully, you don't have to spend big bucks for the perfect beach setup. Here are some easy ways you can elevate your beach excursion to the next level with items you already have around the house.

Open a pop-up tent.

Even if you enjoy soaking in the sun, you'll probably need a break from the rays every so often. A pop-up tent can serve as a shady respite. It's an ideal place to take a snooze or read a book without worrying about getting burned -- and the perfect space for the kids hang out if you're worried about them getting too much sun. A tent also provides privacy, which means you can quickly change in or out of your swimsuit without having to trek all the way to the beach restrooms or changing rooms.

Keep in mind that some beaches don't allow tents, though; you'll want to check beach rules before loading up your tent with your other supplies.

Bring some Bluetooth speakers.

The roar of the waves makes a pretty good soundtrack, but if you're spending the day, you'll probably want to listen to some of your favorite tunes, too. Forget about lugging that old-school boombox with you; toss some mini Bluetooth speakers into your beach bag instead. You can listen to all of the music on your smartphone or tablet while you play beach volleyball or toss a football around.

If your Bluetooth speakers aren't waterproof, be careful to set them up away from the water line -- and keep the kids from dripping or splashing on them.

Grab your yoga mat.

If you usually just throw a towel or blanket down on the sand, you probably leave the beach with an achy back or sore shoulders. Swap out your usual towel for your yoga mat, and you'll be surprised how much more comfortable you are.

With its added cushioning, a yoga mat can provide the support you need to really stretch out and relax on the sand. And yoga mats are designed to resist moisture, so you don't have to worry if you want to sit a little closer to the water's edge.

Relax with some outdoor pillows.

If you really want to maximize your comfort at the beach, bring along some of the outdoor pillows you normally use with your patio furniture. You can sit on them, prop your head on them while you read, or snuggle down for a nap.

Outdoor pillows are made from durable, washable fabric, so you don't have worry about them getting dirty or wet at the beach. Just spot clean any stains when you get home with water and a gentle detergent.

Take a kiddie pool.

Kids love splashing around in the water, but if you have little ones, chances are you don't want to spend all day standing at the shoreline to supervise them. If you cart along your backyard kiddie pool, no one has to be disappointed.

Place the pool beside your beach setup, fill it with water, and let the kids play to their heart's content while you relax nearby and keep an eye on them. If you place the pool inside your pop-up tent, you can keep the kids shaded from the sun while they splash around, too.

Stay active with a cornhole game set.

If you're not a fan of common beach sports like volleyball, you may want to take along the portable cornhole game set that you normally reserve for barbecues, picnics, and tailgate parties. A collapsible set is lightweight and easy to travel with, so you can slide it in the car alongside your other supplies. Cornhole is a suitable game for all ages, too -- both adults and kids love it.

Bring a camera.

Considering the scenery, you're probably going to want to snap some photos during your trip to the beach. The camera on your smartphone can work well for selfies and other basic photos, but if you want to bump up your photo game, it helps to bring your waterproof camera along. Not only can you take pictures near the shoreline without worrying about dropping your camera, but you can also take photos under the water for some truly inspired photography.

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