Super Smash Bros. Ultimate accessory buyer’s guide

Arnold Carreiro

Many fan-favorite Amiibo characters will be released in 2019, including Pichu, Daisy, Piranha Plant, and King K. Rool.

The most anticipated Nintendo Switch game of 2018 has arrived, and video game fans worldwide are pummeling each other as their favorite gaming heroes and villains in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This fighting game offers a range of accessories that open up fun new ways to play, and some gamers swear by certain controllers due to their ergonomic design and classic feel. You're bound to have fun smacking around Squirtle, Luigi, and Samus no matter which accessories you get, but the following add-ons will help to give you the greatest Smash Bros. experience available. With online competition this fierce, a comfortable controller and extra character options are excellent investments for serious Smash players.

Joy‑Con controllers

If you already own a Nintendo Switch, chances are you own at least one matching pair of Joy-Con controllers, and there's no easier way to share Smash with a friend. If you hold a left or right Joy-Con sideways, it becomes a fully functional Smash controller, meaning each pair you buy ensures that two more players can join the fight. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate supports up to eight players at once, and since a pair of Joy-Con controllers retails for $79.99, this is the most economically sound option for gaming families and anyone who wants to present the latest iteration of the Smash series as a party game.

Plenty of colorful Joy-Con controllers are available, including the following:

Neon Red / Neon Blue - $68.00

Neon Pink / Neon Green - $69.00

Neon Yellow - $72.99

Gray - $69.27

Nintendo Switch Pro controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate edition

While a pair of Joy-Con controllers will do in a pinch, the majority of veteran gamers prefer a more traditional control scheme. Playing on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a great way to retain that classic Smash Bros. feel. The common transparent and smoke gray Nintendo Switch Pro controller is widely available and is currently on Amazon for $55.54. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition sports a pair of white handles and the Smash logo stamped across the controller's front. This stylish limited edition design has already sold out on Amazon, but dedicated Smash fans can grab theirs from Walmart for $74.99.

Nintendo GameCube controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate edition

For those who want to Smash like it's 2001, the Nintendo GameCube controller is a surprisingly affordable option. Longtime Smash Bros. players will enjoy the ergonomic grip of the classic controller they fell in love with over countless hours playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. The good news is gaming veterans can dig out their old GameCube controllers and use them again--you'll still need to buy the GameCube Controller Adapter before you can connect (up to four) GameCube controllers to your Nintendo Switch. We can't decide if the cherry on top is that Nintendo's rereleased GameCube controller features a slick Super Smash Bros.-themed design, or the fact that buying a new GameCube controller and its necessary adapter together is still cheaper than buying a single Pro controller.

Nintendo Amiibo

Amiibo are an expansive line of toys that interact with certain Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii-U games to unlock Amiibo-specific bonuses and features. If you have an Amiibo in your collection, it is probably compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Amiibo toys based on playable fighters like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Jigglypuff will create a customizable "Figure Player" who will learn to fight and get stronger the more you battle against it, making for a fierce digital fighter you can unleash upon your friends.

If you tap a non-playable character Amiibo toy to a compatible controller such as Waluigi or Mr. Resetti, it will unlock a valuable Amiibo-related "Spirit." This will award your favorite fighters extra abilities like bonus strength from kick-based attacks or the ability to jump even higher than normal.

There are dozens of Amiibo that are compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and while Nintendo has promised to rerelease every Amiibo toy based on a playable character, many fan-favorite characters are currently difficult to come across in the wild. If you find an Amiibo of one of your favorite fighters, buy it while you can--it probably won't be there for long.

Ultimate Fighter Pass

As if Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster of 69 fighters--including King K. Rool, Incineroar, and Olimar--wasn't enough, even more characters are coming to the game throughout 2019. The first of these newcomers was announced to be Joker from the Persona series, and if you buy the Ultimate Fighter Pass for $24.99, each fresh fighter will be automatically added to your cast alongside additional stages, music, and more.


Don't forget to register your copy of the game with your Nintendo account on or the Nintendo eShop by January 31st, 2019 to get the bonus Piranha Plant character for free, or you'll have to buy the toothy terror individually when it goes on sale in February.

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