Peace Out Acne Dots review: Can this super popular treatment mini

Laura Duerr

We found that Peace Out Acne Dots are sticky enough to stay put overnight and throughout the next day.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots review

Pimples and breakouts happen to anyone — even those with excellent skin and a good skincare regimen have to deal with blemishes from time to time. It can be tempting to pick at pimples in an attempt to get rid of them sooner, but this can exacerbate pain and inflammation and lead to more breakouts, infection or even scarring.

Many products promise a quick fix to unattractive pimples. One popular option is pimple patches like Peace Out Acne Dots, which are small, translucent acne patches that promise a breakthrough acne treatment. The sticker dots claim to protect pimples from picking and minimize blemishes overnight using active skincare ingredients and wound-healing bandages.

We were curious about whether Peace Out Acne Dots would help get rid of pimples and keep us from picking at our skin so we put them to the test over a period of several weeks. Here’s what we found.

How we tested Peace Out Acne Dots

Peace Out Acne Dots can be used on all skin types. We used Peace Out Dots on whiteheads that popped up on our cheeks and chins. The dot was applied to clean skin and left for 6-8 hours. After removing the patch, we washed our face and proceeded with our usual skincare routines.

How to use Peace Out Acne Dots

After cleansing skin, Peace Out Acne Dots are applied sticky side down on the blemish and left for a minimum of 6 hours. The dots can be covered with makeup if desired. Dispose of the dot after using it and follow with the rest of your skincare regimen.

How do Peace Out Acne Dots work?

Peace Out Acne Dots are a type of hydrocolloid bandage, which forms a protective seal over the pimple and draws out the fluids. Peace Out’s acne dots are paired with salicylic acid, an acne-fighting ingredient formulated to penetrate pores and promote healing. These pimple patches are thicker than other brands and very sticky. We found they stayed put whether we wore them overnight or during the day.

What’s in Peace Out Acne Dots?

Along with salicylic acid, Peace Out Acne Dots also contain vitamin A and aloe vera to soothe and clarify skin. The patches are vegan and cruelty-free.

Results from Peace Out Acne Dots

We noticed that using Peace Out Acne Dots helped skin heal much more quickly than giving in to the temptation of pimple popping.

In many cases, after wearing the Acne Dots for 6-8 hours, white fluid was visible under the patch. The pimple was less irritated, with only a little redness remaining. In cases where the pimple patch did not draw out the fluid, it had drawn enough up to the skin’s surface that it was easy to pop and clean up the remaining pimple.

For older or larger pimples, it sometimes took more than one acne dot to reduce redness and irritation and draw fluid to the surface of the pimple. The first dot reduced the swelling while the second dot actually drew the fluids to the surface, at which point it was still necessary to either pop and clean the blemish or wait for it to go away on its own. Still, the blemish went away much more quickly with these acne dots than it would have by popping it.

Best acne dots

Acne patches are a trendy treatment option, but not all of them are effective for all users. Some are better for blemishes that have come to a head, while others are designed to fight still-forming pimples. Pimple patches that are simply hydrocolloid patches are more effective on cystic acne, while those that include salicylic acid tend to perform better on whiteheads.

Some materials are more inclusive of all skin tones than others. Here are a few standout products similar to Peace Out Acne Dots. All of them, including Peace Out dots, are vegan and cruelty-free.

Mighty Patch spot treatment stickers use pure hydrocolloid technology to drain pimples. They’re Allure Best of Beauty winners and they garner praise for their lightweight materials and how easy it is to hide them under concealer. They cost $12.50 for 36 patches at Amazon or $6.99 for a 12-count daytime and nighttime acne sticker kit at Ulta.

ZitSticka Killa patches utilize self-dissolving microdarts to penetrate skin and deliver acne-fighting ingredients like hyaluronic and salicylic acids. These are best suited for blemishes that haven’t come to a head yet, as acne patches with microdarts can help speed up the healing process. They claim to be able to clear up pimples in as little as 2 hours. An eight-pack of translucent patches costs $29 at Ulta or Amazon.

Avarelle Acne Cover Patches are another type of hydrocolloid bandage formulated with tea tree and calendula oils to reduce redness. They’re more transparent than some brands, so they’re invisible on almost any skin tone. They’re available in packs of 40 in three different sizes for $8.49 at Amazon.

Peace Out Acne Dots cost

Peace Out Acne Dots are $19 for two packs of 10 opaque dots that come in resealable plastic pouches.

Where to buy Peace Out Acne Dots

Peace Out Acne Dots are available at Sephora and Peace Out. They are one-time use products and can be used as needed.

Peace Out Acne Dots pros

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots are easy to use; you simply cleanse your face and stick on the dot. Most of our tests were performed overnight, but we also felt the patches were lightweight and unobtrusive enough to wear during the day. Even during video conferencing calls, the patches weren’t visible, though they’re fairly large and not everyone may be comfortable wearing them out and about.

The resealable packaging makes it easy to travel with these acne patches in the event of flare-ups. Based on our research, users with sensitive skin reported no issues with irritation.

For people prone to picking at blemishes, Peace Out Acne Dots help promote healing by creating a physical barrier that keeps your fingers away from pimples. This keeps skin cleaner and prevents users from prematurely popping blemishes, which can lead to infection, scarring and additional blemishes. The acne dots reduced the painfulness of pimples and frequently cleared them up overnight with no bleeding or scarring.

Peace Out Acne Dots cons

Sometimes more than one sticker was needed to clear up a blemish, which made this treatment comparatively expensive. The dots are a slightly opaque ivory color, so they won’t blend in well on some skin tones. We also wished the stickers came in a wider variety of sizes.

Because of the cost of this kind of acne treatment, we probably wouldn’t choose Peace Out dots for frequent or widespread acne. For the occasional pimple, Peace Out Acne Dots made a big difference, but for people who struggle with acne frequently, a more robust treatment may be necessary.

Are Peace Out Acne Dots worth it?

At nearly $1 per dot, these dots are a pricey solution to acne, especially since they didn’t seem to be as effective on all stages or types of blemishes. Peace Out Acne Dots probably won’t be sufficient for those suffering from cystic acne or moderate to severe breakouts. However, we would keep Peace Out Acne Dots on hand to clear up occasional pimples. Even if the patch doesn’t completely vanish the blemish overnight, it visibly improves skin, reduces pain and makes blemishes easier to deal with.

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