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Eliza McGowen


We get it: Going to the gym can be a drag. Who wants to leave the comforts of their own home just to exercise? With emerging technologies becoming more readily available, an increasing number of people are skipping the high monthly dues and getting in a good sweat at home.

And thanks to the popularity of products like the Peloton bikes, they're realizing they can still take advantage of the latest fitness-waves. This is where FitCamp enters as people seek to add a high-impact, full-body workout like boxing to their daily routines.

FightCamp is one of the only all-inclusive boxing workouts you can do at home. It combines all of the benefits of effective at-home workouts (like having a personal trainer giving you instruction/motivation, and not doing something you're new at in front of strangers) with the types of exercises on which people can spend up to hundreds of dollars a month.

We tested the product in the BestReviews facility to see how it works and if it's worth the hefty price tag.

Buying options

You have options after you decide you want to buy FightCamp.

If you already own a punching bag, then you can simply get a set that includes quick hand-wraps and the FightCamp punch trackers. This basic set is $399.

(A quick note about the tracker technology: They detect your motion and record when you punch a bag. You slip them into the hand-wraps before starting your workout.)

If you don't have gloves or a bag, then you'll need the full FightCamp gym for $995.

Either way, you'll also need to pay $39/month for the FightCamp membership that gives you access to unlimited training and workout videos.

Setting up

Once you've purchased FightCamp, there are few steps to getting set up.

All you need to do is fill the base of the bag with water or sand then put the top back on. It's not easy to move around once it's full, so you'll want to set it up in a semi-permanent location.

After you do the heavy lifting, simply set up the app on your phone and pick a workout. We prefer streaming the videos on a TV (using AirPlay and an Apple TV or through an HDMI cord).

The FightCamp videos will walk you through different punches, warm up workouts, and more.

Workout results

We had several testers try out the system over a three-week span.

One female tester burned more than 300 calories in one of the 15 minute workouts.

(Her findings:  As an inexperienced fighter, I appreciated that the beginner series gave directions on how to punch - meaning, you don't need any prior boxing experience to use FightCamp. But I didn't like how difficult it was to move the bag. So, unless you have dedicated space for workout equipment then I'm not confident FightCamp will work for you.)

One male tester completed a 30-minute workout, and burned more calories (631) than he normally would on a 3-mile run.

(His findings: The exercise was challenging, but the program breaks it down into manageable bits and you're constantly moving. I suggest putting it in a room with space so you can work all the way around the bag, because it will move as you land punches and constantly dragging it back to one end of the room feels like a waste of time. Overall, I suggest focusing on the footwork and not getting too enamored with the punch trackers, because achieving the former is where you get a really great workout.)

Other testers included people with boxing experience, who attested to the system's ability to foster a good workout -- but would caution people looking to learn proper form that it probably won't deliver those results.

Overall, it all comes down to the effort the participant puts in. Like any at-home workout, it can be easy to kind of laze through a circuit. But if you're motivated, it can really deliver results. And for those who lack the experience, it can be nice to avoid being exposed to the gaze of strangers in a workout class while trying to learn a new skill.

The equipment

There were some serious advantages to buying the equipment.

The whole package means you don't need any additional equipment to start working out. You can save money on a gym membership, but only as long as it's more than $39 a month.

If you regularly go to boutique boxing classes like Rumble then you will save money by bringing the workout home. The workouts online are varied and fun and they're effective.

You could certainly burn a lot of fat and add on muscle if you regularly worked out using FightCamp.

But no matter how much you pay for a gym, the upfront cost of FightCamp will be more at first. And beyond your financial investment, you will also have to dedicate a considerable amount of space.

We also found that the sensors didn't always pick up punches so testers didn't get their full workout accounted for. They also noted how loud it was. If you live in an apartment building then your neighbors will certainly know every time you work out.

Is it worth it?

We don't think FightCamp is for everyone. It's expensive and isn't ideal for anyone who doesn't have their own workout room.

But if you love boxing or are interested in getting into the sport -- and you have ample space for it - we think it's a fun way to work out at home. It beats using the treadmill and you just can't beat the convenience of cutting out the commute to the gym and getting a great workout in slightly more than 30 minutes.

If you find yourself dropping hundreds of dollars on boxing workouts per month, and want to get away from the crowds, then this is the solution for you.


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