How to take a selfie with your dog

Megan Oster

Dog selfie sticks

People have amazing relationships with their dogs. They truly become part of the family. This fact, combined with the short lifespan of dogs, are two great reasons to take selfies with your dog. By doing so, you document your special bond with your four-legged friend. Plus, it makes for a super cute picture — and one that is bound to score many “likes” on social media.

The tricky part is getting your dog to cooperate. They’re more interested in giving you kisses, chasing a squirrel or chewing on their favorite bone than they are in taking pictures. Getting the perfect angle for a selfie with just you in it requires certain angling; add your pup into the picture, and it becomes more challenging. Fortunately, this article will teach you how to take the perfect selfie with your pup every time.

How to take a selfie with a dog

Let your dog burn off their pent-up energy

Dogs, especially puppies, tend to be full of energy. To further complicate matters, they get distracted easily. Imagine taking the time and making the effort to position your pooch perfectly, getting ready to take the picture and then watching helplessly as he runs off to satisfy his canine curiosity.

While most dogs will never be entirely focused on posing for a picture, there are measures you can take to help calm them down and sit still for a few minutes at least. Exercise your pup before you attempt to pull off a photo session. Indulge in their favorite form of play, whether it’s playing fetch, a rousing game of tug-of-war or an intense session with a chew toy.

You should also take a selfie in an environment with few distractions. This will be more challenging if you’re taking pictures outside, but it can be done. For example, if you have an area of your backyard that’s walled off from the rest of the yard, this could be a great spot.

Follow your dog’s lead

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they still have certain preferences. For example, some dogs love laying on their back for belly rubs, but other dogs aren’t at ease in this position. Don’t try to force your pooch to pose in a way that’s uncomfortable for them. They’re unlikely to obey and, even if they do, chances are, the picture will look awkward. Instead, follow your dog’s lead and you’ll create a picture that looks natural and fun.

Use dog treats as motivation

Much like dog treats are great to use when training your pup, they can also be incredibly helpful when you’re persuading them to sit, stand or lay still for a selfie. Holding a treat in your hand, place it above your phone and just out of your pooch’s reach. The treat will capture your dog’s attention. And if you give them a treat after you snap each picture, it’ll give them motivation to remain in place for a few more.

Use natural sunlight for the selfie

Lighting is everything when it comes to the way pictures turn out, and selfies are no exception. Natural sunlight is superior to every other type of light. In addition to the quality of natural light, it’ll also help your dog feel relaxed for the photo.

Getting blinded by the flash, on the other hand, is likely to make them flinch or leave. Plus, using the flash can often inject the red eye effect into the picture. Therefore, never use the flash. If you’re taking a selfie with your dog at night, try to do so beside a shaded lamp.

Adjust the focus

You could jump into taking a selfie with your pup without paying heed to the focus, but the results may not be desirable. The best focus setting to get a clear, high-quality picture is autofocus.

Make sure you also use the feature that places a focus box on each person’s (or dog’s) face. If the technology doesn’t recognize your pooch’s face, adjust your positions so that you and your dog are the same distance from the camera.

The best dog selfie sticks

One of your best bets for getting your dog to focus on your phone is to use a dog selfie stick. These handy devices are designed to hold a ball or a treat and attach to your smartphone. There are a variety of selfie sticks available, including sticks with ball clips, treat clips and suction cup treat holders.

Pooch Selfie The Original Dog Selfie Stick: available at Chewy
This selfie stick comes with a squeaker ball that easily clips to the top of your phone. Since the ball is removable, it doubles as a toy. The squeaker is very effective at capturing the attention of dogs. This device is compatible with the majority of smartphones. It also works with both forward-facing and rear-facing cameras.

FlexyPaw Dog Selfie Stick: available at Amazon
This selfie stick features a flexible neck that allows you to adjust it to any angle, and is lightweight, as well. Using the device, you can attach a toy or treat up to one half inch thick to the top of your phone. FlexyPaw designed its selfie stick to be compatible with most smartphones, smartphone cases and tablets.

Genuine Fred Howligans Woofie Pet Selfie Cell Phone Tool: available at Amazon
While this device isn’t technically a selfie stick, it holds a treat above your phone to capture and keep your pup’s attention. The flexible silicone treat holder attaches to many different cell phones and tablets with ease. It’s compatible with both forward-facing and rear-facing cameras on your device.

Selfie Stick for Pet Selfie Tool Smartphone Attachment: available at Amazon
Based on extensive testing that Selfie Stick for Pet conducted on this smartphone attachment, the tool should fit on all smartphones and tablets, including their cases. The clip can hold all treats up to one inch thick and is constructed of durable plastic. It’s very portable, allowing you to take it anywhere.

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