How to style short hair

Megan Oster

A short hair style not only transforms your look, but it also can save you time in the mornings and keep you cool in the summer.

Styling short hair

Who doesn’t love getting a new haircut? It’s fun to try out a fresh look. Plus, if you have long hair, getting your tresses chopped off finally gives you the chance to use the hashtag #ShortHairDontCare.

If you’re not used to having short hair, the only tricky part is figuring out how to style your new ’do. The good news is your hair doesn’t have to be long to be versatile. There are tons of great haircuts and hairstyles for short hair. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of short hair styles

Whether you’re bored with your current cut and want a bold look, or you feel that shorter hair would suit you better, there are many benefits to going short. If you’ve been a long-hair devotee, it’s good to keep in mind that no matter how short you cut it, your hair will eventually grow back — so there’s really nothing to lose. In fact, there’s a lot that can be gained. 

You can ditch damaged hair

Is your hair fried from enduring too much heat or weak from years of highlighting? Ditching the length means banishing most of the damaged strands. It gives you the chance to start over with hair that’s healthy, strong and beautiful.

Your hair routine will become faster

When it comes to shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and styling your locks, short is just plain faster. Having less hair simply means there’s less time required to care for it.

Short hair transforms your look

Few changes can transform your look more than a dramatic new haircut. You don’t need to drop money on clothes or accessories to achieve this transformation. Bold new looks have even been known to make people hold their head higher and add swagger to their stride.

It’s cooler in the summer

Forget about dragging your hair into a ponytail or twisting it into a braid when you want to stay cool in the heat. You conserve a great deal of energy on your head. Add a full head of long hair to that, and you have a stifling situation. By lopping off your hair, you remove most of the heaviness. 

You’ll stand out in a crowd

While long hair is certainly lovely, shorn locks are not something you see on women every day. A short haircut gives you the chance to stand out. You’ll immediately attract admiring glances from those who appreciate a unique look.

Short hair styles to try

The opportunity to style your short hair in new styles is one of the biggest draws of a short ’do. Certain hairstyles just aren’t possible with long or medium-length hair. When you go short, you can experiment with styles that suit short hair perfectly.

Pixie cut

Audrey Hepburn first made the pixie cut popular when she wore one in the 1950s film “Roman Holiday.” But this chic haircut looks good on anyone, not just movie stars. It suits all face shapes, hair textures and ages.

There are also different types of pixie cuts and multiple ways to style them. Slick yours down with hair oil or create an edgy, spiky look using a root-lifting spray.

Did you know you can also braid your pixie cut? Spray a small amount of dry shampoo onto your hair to ensure the braid will hold. Accessories are everything when it comes to pixie cuts. Adding bobby pins with a bit of flash or a beaded headband will elevate your look.

Shaved sides or undercut

If you’re feeling bold, you can get the sides of your head shaved or opt for an undercut. An undercut is achieved by cutting or shaving the hair that lays on your scalp in the back of your head super short — while leaving the hair on top longer. Both options will make a lasting impression.

Pumping up the volume on these cuts will emphasize their daring style. Get the volume you crave with a volumizing spray.

Short bob

You don’t have to go as short as a pixie to change it up. A bob that brushes your jawline or falls a bit below your chin is a sophisticated alternative. You could even add bangs.

A bob can be shaggy, sleek, tame or wild. It all depends on how it’s cut and how you style it. Buns are not exclusive to long hair. You can pull the top half of your bob haircut back into a half bun, secure it with bobby pins, and you’re ready to roll.

Dutch braids are a cute alternative to French or traditional braids. One braid on the side or two braids, one on each side, will make a splash. Beachy waves are a stunner on any bob haircut. Apply a texturizing spray to wet hair and blow dry with a diffuser or allow your hair to air dry.

Caesar crop

Straight, ultra-short bangs distinguish the Caesar crop from its cousin, the pixie cut. This crop used to be seen exclusively on men, but trailblazing women have been rocking it recently.

You can keep flyaway strands in place with styling wax. If you need a quick fix for unruly hair, run a dollop of smoothing lotion over your hair.

Scissor cut

Ask your stylist to use scissors instead of clippers on your short hairdo if you want more volume and dimension. Cuts created using scissors are also a bit more versatile.

A headband will look chic nestled in your scissor cut. You can also style your hair in loose curls using a big-barrel curling iron. Pull one side back with a sparkly hair clip for a party-worthy look.  

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