How to plan a Super Bowl party (even if you don't like football)

Stephanie Faris

You don’ t have to be a football fan to pull off a winning Super Bowl party.

The Super Bowl is always more fun when you watch it with other people. One of the best ways to bring all your favorite football fans together is to host a Super Bowl party. Just line up some great treats and fire up the big screen for a fun evening.

But what if you aren't a football fan? You don't need to be into the sport to host a memorable Super Bowl gathering. The goal is simply to set everything up and equip everyone with what they need from kickoff to final score. Here are a few tips that can start you on the right path.

1. Prepare your guests

Any successful party starts with the invitation. Whether you choose to send out formal invitations or just text all your friends to let them know, you should know what your party will include beforehand. Consider asking your friends to bring something, such as a bag of chips or some paper plates. Guests will likely want to know if kids are invited, so try to clarify that up front.

2. Set up the room

One item you can plan in advance is the room décor. There are plenty of options for Super Bowl parties, including football-themed tablecloths, napkins, and photo props. You can even buy packs of supplies specific to this year's game.

As you're considering decorations, don't lose sight of the primary point of your party: the game. Even if your spread is the best in town, your invitees will be focused on your big screen. Consider investing in a sound bar to improve the listening experience. If you're in the market for a new TV, an Ultra HD TV will pull more detail out of the high definition broadcast, even though it's not yet airing in full Ultra HD.

3. Choose the right foods

As fun as it is to bake football-shaped cookies and cupcakes, the truth is, your friends just want to watch the game. You can buy dip bowls and serving sets that are still football-themed without the extra work. Most important is that you select finger foods that are easy to eat while caught up in the excitement.

Your guests will probably be interested in your beverage selection as well. You may want to provide a punch, alcoholic or not, and you should have plenty of beers on hand. As you're stocking up on alcohol, remember to provide something for those who will not be drinking, such as soda and water.

4. The game is the point

Whether you're into football or not, the game is the centerpiece of your Super Bowl party, and your guests should have an uninterrupted viewing experience. Though you may find the commercials the enjoyable part, that's likely when your guests will want another beverage or a second plate of food. They'll be solely interested in having what they need to return to the game in time.

If your party is kid-friendly, try to keep the children occupied so your invitees can enjoy the game. Stock up on sports-themed activities like coloring books and games. It may help to recruit a few other non-fans to help you keep the kids entertained while the game is in progress.

5. Plan something for non-fans

It may not be too far a stretch to find activities for your guests who aren't sports fans, depending on your interest level. Even if you are into the game, though, you will want to plan for something for non-fans to do.

You can start by giving everyone a stake in the game through a party pool. Simply buy a poster with football squares and have everyone place their bets at the start. Partygoers will be incentivized to at least keep up. You can also set up a game table in a room far enough away from the noise so that non-fans can have fun.

6. Cleanup should be easy

As you're planning, don't forget about the after-party cleanup. If you purchase disposable items, you'll be able to toss everything in the trash once the game is over. If you prefer to use tableware that can be washed, you can still use tablecloths and rugs to protect against spills.

7. It's Time to Go Super Bowl Shopping

From top to bottom, you can make your Super Bowl party a success by spending a little time shopping. Here are a few items to consider adding to your list.

Football-themed floor runner--Keep your floors protected in a fun way with a floor runner.

Football-themed table runner--Instead of a full tablecloth, you can use your existing tablecloths and add a festive runner.

Photo booth backdrop--You don't have to spend a lot of money for a photo booth. A backdrop can turn the corner of any room into a photo opportunity.

Cupcake toppers--As you're shopping for food, make sure cupcake toppers are at the top of your list. You can turn any basic cupcakes into football game snacks.

Favor cups--Drinking is a big part of any Super Bowl party. Themed cups will put everyone in the mood.

Dishes and serving sets--You can find some fun Super-Bowl themed dishes to instantly make your party more festive. Just add food!

Thank you cards--If you're planning on sending invitations, consider this set that includes matching thank you cards.


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