How much do you really save on Prime Day?

Jacob Palmer

Amazon Prime Day is nearly here, which means soon enough you'll be browsing thousands of sales for Amazon's biggest shopping day of the summer.

Originally marketed as a celebration of Amazon's birthday, Prime Day has become much more. In fact, many competing retailers have launched copycat sales to rival Amazon's big day. Long story made short: If you're looking to shop over the summer, now is your chance to save some money.

But how good are the sales, really? In addition to our own data, we looked at CamelCamelCamel to find out if the discounts of the best products on the market are as good as Amazon says they are. While there are likely plenty of products that are discounted, we wanted to look at big ones you're likely to buy.

We rounded up our Best of the Best and Best Bang for your Buck products in some of our most popular categories to find out how much you might save by shopping on Prime Day.

1. TVs

Best of the Best - Sony 4K TV

This product saw no discount for Prime Day in 2018, because it was still new technology.

Best Bang - Samsung 4K TV

This product also held firm at near its full price. There are sales on Samsung TVs throughout the year, though, which could account for why it didn't get marked down.

Other option - Toshiba 4K TV

This was our favorite TV deal we found on Prime Day. It was discounted $110, making it almost half off (full retail/usual price is $270). This isn't one of the top-of-the-line options, but it comes loaded as a Fire TV model, which explains why Amazon was motivated to sell them.

What we found: While neither of our top TVs were on sale, there were plenty of others with deep discounts for Prime Day. So if you aren't a stickler for the best technology, you'll be able to find something suitable.

2. Best Robotic Vacuums

Best of the Best - Roomba 980

The best Roombas aren't cheap. So any kind of discount you can find is worthwhile, if you demand the very best. This option, which was $100 cheaper than usual on Prime Day, has held up to tons of BestReviews' testing, and could be on sale again this year as Roomba unveils new models that are not likely to be discounted.

Best Bang - Roomba 675

It's hard to deduce what this model not getting discounted means. There were other midrange options on sale, but this one (which we really like) went unaffected.

Other option - Ecovacs

One of our team members bought this product on Prime Day last year for $180, down $120 from the list price. It's held up over regular use (with its limits being tested by his sheddy dog), and we would recommend buying this if you're in the market for taking one chore off of your regular to-do list.

What we found: Robotic vacuums tend to be a mainstay on Prime Day. Our top pick did get a great deal in years past, so we expect to see something similar this year. If you're willing to get a non-brand name robotic vacuum you could save even more. Check out our robotic vacuums page to see others we like.

3. Instant Pots

Best of the Best - Instant Pot DUO60

This model was one of Amazon's "Deals of the Day" and was marked down from about $100 to roughly $60. It sold out quickly, and once it was gone, it didn't get restocked until after Prime Day.

Best Bang - Instant Pot DUO30

We noticed no change for Prime Day -- but saw the price of this smaller model drop to its lowest price ever right before the Christmas shopping season.

Other option - Instant Pot LUX60

This popular model dropped to its lowest price ever for Prime Day last year -- from $59 to $49.

What we found: Instant Pots are some of the only products that have actually sold out on Prime Day. If you can wait, we recommend shopping for them on Black Friday. Both our Best of the Best and Best Bang for your Buck pressure cookers were on sale then. But if you're on top of it and don't want to wait, you could find a great deal again this year on this popular mini appliance.

4. Ancestry kit

Best of the Best - 23andMe Ancestry Kit

This dropped $70 to its lowest price ever on Prime Day -- from $199 to $129. It was the chosen ancestry kit on sale last year as products like this were trending at the time.

Best Bang - Ancestry DNA

To our knowledge, there was no discount on this product.

What we found: We aren't surprised that 23andMe was on sale for Prime Day since they're a newer company. If you've heard of new trending products, there's a good chance they'll be discounted for Prime Day (similarly, sous vides were all on sale the year they started to trend in 2017). We wouldn't be surprised to see ancestry kits on sale again this year -- perhaps our favorite dog ancestry kit, Embark.

5. Sous Vide

Best of the Best - Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

We saw no change to the price of this product. But it did go on sale shortly after Prime Day through other sites.

Best Bang - Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker

This product's price went unaffected by Prime Day.

Other option - ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

Lowest price we could find came on Prime Day -- from $199 to $148.

What we found: Two years ago, the Anovas were discounted for Prime Day, but they stayed the same price last year. However, the newer Joule sous vide went on sale to its lowest price ever. It's hard to say if it will happen again this year, but we know whatever trendy kitchen products likely will be -- we're thinking cast iron cookware and air fryers -- are more likely to be discounted.


How much do you really save on Prime Day?

There isn't a clean and easy answer to that question, because it often depends on what you plan to buy and what you deem as a good deal. If you demand the very best, your odds of finding exactly what you want are mixed. If you don't mind getting a solid product that isn't the absolute top of the line, you'll be able to find something that works for you on a discount.

Our advice if you're in the former group: go through Amazon now and place all of the items you really want on your wishlist. If they go on sale for Prime Day, you'll get a notification and you can pounce. Your wishlist reflects if and by how much the price changed since you added each item. If you're less particular, go ahead and browse the thousands of deals on the site and cross-reference them with BestReviews to ensure you're getting a quality product.


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