Headed to an outdoor concert? Bring these essentials

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Debbie L. Sklar

Headed to an outdoor concert? Bring these essentials!

Headed to an outdoor concert? Bring these essentials

Get ready, the end-of-summer concert is coming to seemingly every town in America. If you're planning on attending one of these homages to the end of the season, you'll need a few things before you plant yourself down to listen to the tunes. We've identified the best choices when it comes to the usual suspects -- from blankets to binoculars -- to accompany you as you get to rockin' and rollin'.

Our favorite outdoor blankets

There's nothing like a big, cozy blanket to sprawl out on and have a glorious picnic. They're great for keeping hungry bugs from nibbling at your legs, arms, and food. We like this water-resistant plaid version from Hyseas that's extra-large and folds up fast when the event is over.

Our favorite beach chairs

Whether you're a baby boomer or a millennial, sitting on the ground can be oh so hard on the body. So, if you don't want to camp out on a blanket, you can unfold a comfy beach chair and still relish a relaxed, breezy outdoor experience. Our favorites include a model from Tommy Bahama that is like most Tommy Bahama stuff. It's stylish thanks to its tropical design, backpack cooler and storage pouch. And if you're at a Jimmy Buffet concert by chance, you'll fit right in.

Our favorite picnic baskets

Speaking of picnics, there's something fun about eating outdoors while listening to great music at the same time. If you're going to a community concert with lax rules, pack a big picnic basket filled with all your favorites including cold fried chicken, fresh fruits, cheese and crackers. It's always best to take a picnic basket that will keep your food well preserved for more than a few minutes since you're bound to be grooving to the music for hours on end. What makes a picnic basket a must-have for an outdoor concert is that it has everything you need all in one spot such as forks, spoons, etc. Our favorite is from Scuddles; it will hold food and treats for up to 12 hours.

Our favorite carafes

Late-summer, early-fall nights can get chilly. And nothing will warm you faster than some hot coffee, cocoa, tea, or whatever hot beverage you prefer. A big thermos can come in handy or a carafe filled with your favorite hot drink. Hey, it could also serve as a hand-warmer if it gets super cold outside. Our pick is the 68-ounce by Cresimo; it also keeps beverages hot for 12 hours.

Our favorite water bottles

If you're going somewhere that stays warm after sunset. It's always a good idea to keep hydrated; toting a water bottle that folds up pretty small like the collapsible Nomader is a no-brainer.

Our favorite binoculars

Take along a great pair of binoculars to observe your favorite lead singer in all his/her glory sporting those crazy stage costumes and crooning like there's no tomorrow. Maybe you want to check out how your favorite nostalgic band has aged over the years without having to squint. Or, you want to check out the birds who aren't scared of the noise. Our pick to see it all up close and personal is these from Nikon.


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