Gifts for all 8 days of Hanukkah

Jennifer Blair

Smart home devices like the Echo Spot require a WiFi connection to use.

Shopping for the holidays is always pretty stressful, but when you're on the hunt for Hanukkah presents, the challenge is even bigger. That's because you aren't shopping for just a single day -- you need gifts for eight nights that won't break the bank. If that seems like a daunting task, we've got you covered. Combining big-ticket items with smaller, more affordable presents is the best way to buy all the gifts you need for Hanukkah while staying within your holiday budget.

Here are some of our favorite gifts that are sure to be a hit on any night of Hanukkah.


Maintaining Hanukkah traditions is important for many families, which is why a classic dreidel makes an ideal gift for the little ones on your shopping list. You can find these spinning tops in a variety of designs that range from traditional, hand-painted wood to more modern, boldly colored aluminum. The best part about giving a dreidel as a Hanukkah gift is that you can then teach your children the dreidel game and play along with them. The entire family can get in on the fun since any number of players can participate.


If you're shopping for the children in your life, a fun puzzle makes another great, affordable Hanukkah gift. A large jigsaw puzzle can be an ideal gift for the entire family because you can work on it together and even frame it when you're done. We love the Springbok Pencil Pushers Jigsaw Puzzle because its 500 uniquely shaped pieces present a serious challenge for ages eight and up. The colorful, artistic design is a treat for the eyes, too.

Throw blanket

For the adults on your Hanukkah shopping list, a throw blanket can be an excellent gift. Not only is it the perfect way to stay warm in the winter when you're reading a book or watching TV on the couch but it can also add a fun bit of color and texture to your room's décor. One of our favorites is the Chanasya Faux Fur Blanket because it's super soft and available in 14 different colors. This throw also makes a big design statement, so it's the perfect combination of form and function.

Charity donation

Coming up with eight different gift ideas is tough, so a charitable contribution in your loved one's name can be a great alternative to the usual sweater or body wash for one of the nights of Hanukkah. There are many charities that cater to the needs of kids, including children's hospitals and organizations that purchase holiday gifts for kids in need, both great options. Anyone who's been affected by cancer or another disease will certainly appreciate a contribution to a foundation dedicated to the research and treatment of the condition. For an animal lover, a donation to the ASPCA or a local animal shelter is another ideal choice.

Smart home device

For the tech-minded loved one on your list, a smart home device is a perfect gift for one of the nights of Hanukkah. These cool gadgets can play music, make phone calls, send messages, find information for you, and connect to other smart home devices like your lights or security system. We especially love the Amazon Echo Spot, which has a streamlined design that doesn't take up much space, boasts its own video screen, and offers Bluetooth connectivity to other devices. It's even smart enough to recognize specific voices, so it's customizable for everyone in the house.

Video game console

Whether you're shopping for a child or adult, any gamer on your Hanukkah shopping list is sure to appreciate a state-of-the-art gaming console as their main gift. It's another great option for the whole family because everyone can find a game or two they'll enjoy playing. Our top pick is the Xbox One X because it's the only console that allows you to take advantage of true 4K ultra-high-definition resolution. Its graphics are better in general, too, and it loads games super fast, offering the best gaming experience all the way around.

Leather gloves

Everyone needs a good pair of gloves to keep warm in the winter, but many of us hesitate to splurge on leather gloves, which is why they make an excellent Hanukkah gift. Not only do leather gloves offer classic style that works with any coat but they're also extremely effective at keeping hands warm when the temperature drops. We love the Isotoner Women's Stretch Leather smarTouch Gloves because the added spandex guarantees a comfortable fit, the fleece lining keeps the hands extra warm, and the smarTouch fingertips mean never having to take off a glove to make a call or send a message with your smartphone.

Gold facial mask

A face mask is always a good option for anyone on your Hanukkah shopping list who enjoys at-home spa nights, but a facial mask that contains gold gives you a luxury experience like no other. Gold offers a variety of benefits for the skin, including boosting collagen production, stimulating blood flow, and treating acne. One of our favorites is the White Naturals 24K Gold Facial Mask, which has a fresh, pleasant scent and pairs 24K gold with collagen and silk amino acids for added benefits for the skin.


Shopping for Hanukkah gifts can definitely get overwhelming because you need eight gifts for everyone on your list. But if you aim for a balance of small, medium, and large gifts, you can find options for every day of Hanukkah without spending too much -- or driving yourself crazy.


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