Get-started guide: Hims hair-loss treatment

Adam Reeder

The consumer market has been flooded in recent years with grooming and hygiene products targeted to men. From beard wax to back trimmers (and beard trimmers to back wax), men's products are a booming business.

Many of these items seek to solve the problematic nature of male hair growth. Some endeavor to tame the most unruly of a man's follicles, be they on his face or elsewhere. Others are tasked with replacing the splendor that was once a full head of locks. That's where Hims is planting its proverbial flag.

Hims describes itself as "a one-stop shop for men's wellness and personal care..." They offer a little bit of everything, from multivitamins and skin care to ED medications. That being said, their flagship product is their hair loss prevention subscription. As a man whose hair is starting to thin, It seems the perfect time to give Hims' hair loss prevention kit a try.

The main components of this kit are finasteride (pill treatment), Minoxidil (topical treatment), a DHT blocking shampoo, and a multivitamin. The kit is intended as a holistic approach to the problem of male pattern baldness. Each component plays its own important part in the process.

What you get

A simplified experience

Probably the best part about Hims is how easy they make it. You don't have to leave home to try something new and potentially keep your hair. You can have a consultation from a couch and the supplies will be mailed directly to you. No fussing for an appointment or driving to a pharmacy. That part is mostly taken care of ahead of time. Also, since it's a monthly subscription, it removes a lot of the stress of staying on top of your supplies. It just comes right to you, month after month.


If the Hims hair kit were the 1996 Chicago Bulls, Finasteride would be Michael Jordan. It's a pill that affects the hormones actually causing the hair loss in the first place. It's been shown to slow or stop hair loss at a high percentage, and in many cases help regrow hair. Finasteride is a once a day dose that only works when taken on a regular schedule.


Minoxidil has been one of the most effective tools for preventing hair loss since the late 1980s. It is the anchor product for the Hims hair loss prevention kit. It comes in a two ounce bottle with an application dropper. It's labeled as "unscented" although it does have a slight chemical scent to it upon application.

DHT Blocking Shampoo

DHT is a hormone in men that causes the thinning and loss of hair. Blocking this hormone doesn't generally have a negative impact on testosterone levels or other aspects of daily life. It can be effective at slowing hair loss in men with male pattern baldness.

Men's Multivitamin

The men's multivitamin included in the box is an alphabet soup of important vitamins essential for hair, skin, and nail health. The gummies (limit two per day) contain vitamins A, B12, C, D, E, and Biotin, which is a B vitamin to promote healthy hair growth.

What we found

The DHT blocking shampoo had a noticeable effect on my hair. Although I didn't see an immediate thickening of my hair after the first couple weeks of use, it did balance out the oiliness of my scalp. It also made my hair feel softer and well moisturized without feeling greasy. Initially, I was not very fond of the scent, because of its strength. The shampoo contains saw palmetto, which gives it a "woodsy" scent. It's also accented with a hint of cooling mint. After the third day of use, I grew to appreciate the scent and actually enjoyed it.

The 5% minoxidil topical solution was easy to apply, and did not have a bothersome scent once it was applied. It went on easily with the dropper, and was quickly absorbed into my scalp. I expect in the past 20 years, they have perfected the formula to the point where the previous experience of messy application has been minimized. Results with minoxidil are not seen until anywhere between three and six months from the time treatment begins. As I'm only in the first few weeks of treatment, there is no noticeable change in my hair growth.

I haven't seen any adverse side effects thus far from using the minoxidil solution. Some of the possible side effects of using minoxidil are headaches, dizziness and fatigue. I had none of these symptoms after my first few weeks of use. On average, minoxidil has a roughly 80% success rate in hair regrowth for men. We'll see if I'm in that 80% over the next few months.

The men's biotin multivitamin is a nice way to start your morning. After the first few days of taking them, I did feel a slight energy boost on starting my workday. Although, there's no way to know for sure if it was the vitamins, or a simple placebo effect. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to take a multivitamin every day to supplement whatever nutrients you're getting from food consumption. They did not appear to give me any unwanted side effects.

Bottom line

When it comes to men's hair loss, there are few proven treatments. Those that have shown success don't necessarily work for everyone. However, if you don't plan on taking your hair loss lying down, then the Hims hair loss treatment plan is better than the rest.

The finasteride, biotin multivitamin, DHT blocking shampoo, and minoxidil topical treatment are a solid combination for your first line of defense. In the end they may work for you, or they may not. Hair loss prevention takes time, patience, and most importantly, regular continued treatment.

The good news is that there's no real risk, health or convenience-wise, to giving the Hims program a try. You'll sacrifice the minimum amount of time and you just may preserve what you've got on top of your head for years to come. The packaging is discreet, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about, and they'll keep coming without any additional effort. You'll be doing something about it, without expending too much energy.


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