Easy hacks to solve common beach bummers

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Katie Reseburg

Don't forget your sunglasses! Unless you're going to be fishing or boating at the beach we suggest bringing an inexpensive pair you won't mind losing or breaking.

Going to the beach is the ultimate summer activity, whether you're going with a big group of family and friends, or heading to the water for a solo day to unwind. But enjoying a day without any major hassles isn't as easy as it may seem - and the more items you haul along with you, the more complicated it gets. Here are some ideas to keep your next day at the beach as easy and breezy as possible, without needing to spend a bunch of money on new gear.

Problem: Sand everywhere

There's really no way to avoid sandy feet, much less sand-free hands and towels, but you can use some smart tactics to keep things as clean as possible.

Keep your phone in a clear plastic bag. You will still be able to use it without getting it dirty.

Sprinkle some baby powder or starch on your feet (after applying sunscreen). The sand will not stick as much.

Bring along an inflatable kiddie pool - anyone who hates getting sandy can sit inside.

Bring along a portable fan to blow sand off and away from you.

Get a sand-resistant beach blanket to set up your foundation. You can also buy sand-resistant towels that shake off the gritty stuff better than standard towels. Most cost about $25.

Contain the sand at the end of the day: bring along a big plastic trash bag, and throw all sandy items inside before getting into your car.

Problem: Pests

People flock to the shore when the weather gets hot. So do seagulls, flies, mosquitos, bees, and other irritants ready to take a bite out of your food (or you). To ward off these unwelcome pests, come to the beach prepared.

Make sure all your food is in sturdy, sealed containers (seagulls can and will rip bags apart, so put all those meal prep containers to good use).

Spray bug spray on after sunscreen, or find a sunscreen with insect repelling properties for easy double-duty.

Dab or spray some lemon, peppermint, and/or citronella essential oil on your towels, inside your beach tent, or directly onto areas of your skin where bugs try to bite (behind the knees, on the feet/ankles, behind the ears).

Problem: Lost valuables

While most beachgoers are there to have fun and relax, there unfortunately might be some people lurking around to steal valuables from unattended set-ups. If you can't keep your valuables with you at all times, here are a few ideas to thwart thieves.

If there's space under your cooler, you can affix a small bag to the bottom for items like money, wallets, and phones. Or, put them in a double-walled bottle that won't get contents icy or wet and toss it in with all your other drinks.

Other good hiding spots: hollowed out sunscreen bottles, inside a toy (buy a thick noodle and cut inserts into it), or put them in a tightly sealed container or bag and bury them in the sand under your blanket.

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