Double-duty hunting gear you need to pack

Kyle Schurman

Many types of hunting gear will work to solve everyday problems around the house, too, giving you great value.

If you're an avid outdoor enthusiast, you know the importance of having the right gear for any situation you might encounter on your trip. No matter what kind of problem you have while hunting, you want to have the right tool to solve it.

Unfortunately, having all the gear on hand for every possible situation can get expensive in a hurry. We've put together some ideas to help you find hunting gear that you can also use for activities other than hunting, for double the value.

Waterproof clothing

When hunting in the early morning, rainy season, or winter, you're going to be walking through woods and grass covered with plenty of morning dew, frost, mud, or snow. You'll want camouflage gear and boots that are waterproof so you can stay warm and dry.

Your waterproof clothing also comes in handy when you're fly fishing or attending a rainy football game. Sure, the camouflage might not match your favorite team's colors, but you can add a jacket or hat to show off your fandom. And when you're doing something a bit more mundane around the house, like clearing snow from the sidewalk, warm waterproof boots are a necessary double-duty item.


When you've walked a long distance from your vehicle while hunting, you want to be prepared for any situation so you don't have to hike back to the car. A multitool is a smart item to carry with you because it contains a knife blade, pliers, and screwdriver (all in mini sizes), as well as other tools. Certainly, the knife on a multitool won't be as big as the blade on a hunting knife, but the extra tools on the multitool can help you address a variety of situations when you're far from base camp.

The multitool works in other situations, too, such as when you're fishing and need to cut a tangled line or remove a hook from a stubborn fish. You even can use the multitool at home for various DIY projects, making it a smart investment.


Having a high-quality cooler is a must when hunting. Not only do you need to keep your food and beverages cold but you might also need to store wild game in a cool, safe place until you return to civilization. For short distances, select a cooler with a sturdy handle and wheels, as rolling the cooler is easier than carrying it. If you need to hike with a cooler, consider a large, soft-sided backpack-style cooler. Always select a model that can stand up to rough treatment.

That same sturdy cooler works for camping trips, tailgate parties, or taking cold drinks to a cookout at a friend's house, or as an emergency place to store food if your refrigerator breaks - truly a double-duty piece of equipment.

Portable power

When you're preparing to spend several hours in a duck blind or tree stand, you want to have some (quiet) entertainment available. You certainly don't want to fall asleep from boredom while your prey strolls past your hiding place. Mobile electronic devices are fun to have along, but you'll need some sort of battery or power pack. You can charge USB batteries at home before your trip. These batteries (or power packs) are small enough to carry in a backpack or pocket without weighing you down.

For a multi-day trip away from electrical power, consider bringing a portable solar charger. The solar panels collect power all day while you're away from the camp or cabin and store it in a battery. You can then use USB cables to charge your devices overnight.

Power packs and solar panels are convenient to have on hand at home, too, for those times when the power goes out after a storm. Or bring the packs along on a car trip so everyone can keep their smartphones fully charged.

It's a shame to purchase all of that cool camouflage or bright orange gear for hunting only to leave it packed away the rest of the year. Selecting double-duty items that you can wear or use year-round makes smart financial sense.


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