Cyber Monday: video game accessories we hope will be on sale

Arnold Carreiro

Typically the newest versions of video games aren't on sale for Cyber Monday but we still have some hopes for games debuted in 2018..

Cyber Monday is practically at our virtual doorstep, and while many of us are laser-focused on getting the video games and consoles on our wish lists, it'd be a shame if you didn't buy a few game-enhancing accessories while they're on sale. A few highlights from this year's Black Friday sales included significant markdowns on a rainbow of colorful controllers for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, as well as deep discounts on a range of great video games, like Kirby: Battle Royale, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and both Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, but we've got our fingers crossed that all of the following video game accessories will be heavily discounted for Cyber Monday 2018:

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller

Bringing back the original Xbox's giant controller was a clear sign that Microsoft is listening to what their fans want, and now the "Duke" is back in all of its chunky glory. This retro revival of the Duke is available in Classic Black and retro Transparent Xbox green, plays the original Xbox startup animation on its home button when you activate the controller, brings back the long-discarded white and black buttons, and has developed a bit of a cult-following - mostly because gamers with bigger hands are quick to note how comfortable it is to play with the Duke over longer gaming sessions. While Hyperkin has done a fantastic job of reviving the Duke controller for Xbox One and PC players, we hope that the price drops under $69.99 for Cyber Monday.

Nintendo Amiibo

Amiibo are expertly crafted toys designed to look like iconic Nintendo characters, which are used to interact with compatible Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U videogames. Not only do fans get a fun-looking figure, they can benefit from in-game special bonuses, such as costumes, power-ups, and exclusive items, from tapping their Amiibo heroes and villains to their game controller. There are many Amiibo toys on the market, and there's more on the way in 2019 with the addition of newcomers like King K. Rool, Pichu, and Piranha Plant, but with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the horizon, there are a plenty of charming Amiibo that we'd like to see on sale, such as:

Rosalina Amiibo - Currently $34.90

Luigi Amiibo - Currently $37.99

Bowser Amiibo - Currently $14.06

Diddy Kong Amiibo - Currently $34.66

Wario Amiibo - Currently $27.90

PlayStationVR Aim Controller

The PlayStationVR system is an impressive way to experience a range of quality VR videogames, but Sony's Aim Controller makes shooting games that much more immersive and entertaining. Its ergonomic design will keep you comfortable for longer as you dodge demons in Doom VFR, zap zombies in Arizona Sunshine, and eradicate extraterrestrial robots in ROM: Extraction. We hope that this exciting accessory becomes compatible with even more exciting VR games in the future, but until then we would settle for a markdown from $59.99 so more players will get the chance to have a blast with the Aim Controller's incredibly accurate motion controls.

Razer Atrox

Although arcade gaming may have fizzled out in the 90's, there are hordes of fighting game fans who still believe that using an arcade stick is the best way to smack down their opponents. Built for Windows 10 and Xbox One, the Razer Atrox arcade stick features ten buttons and an eight-way joystick, and was constructed to be easily taken apart and rebuilt to best fit its owner with modding enthusiasts in mind. With that said, the $199.99 price tag is a high barrier for many fans of Killer Instinct, Soulcalibur VI, and Injustice 2 to make the switch, so we've got our fingers crossed that the Atrox will be discounted this Cyber Monday.

NES Classic Edition

It might be a pipedream to wish for a Cyber Monday price cut for the $59.99 NES Classic Edition, but with its 30 classic built-in games and two-player support, this mini-console is a fantastic gift for anyone with fond memories for the best videogames from the 80's and early 90's. The mini-console first released in 2016, and while nostalgic gamers managed to consistently snap them up from every online and retail store through 2017, it's never been easier to get your hands on an NES Classic Edition.

The NES Classic Edition includes one controller, an HDMI cable, AC adapter, and over 20 classic NES games.


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