Catch the big ones with these lures

Allen Foster

A magnet is a quick, easy, and affordable way to keep your hooks from spilling out of your tackle box and getting lost.

You can't hook a fish until you attract its attention. The best way to do that is by ringing the dinner bell. The most effective lures mimic certain qualities that your prey associates with its prey. Movement, shape, color, sound, and size are all factors that can come into play when choosing a lure.

The tried-and-true lures, the ones that produce the best results, combine a number of these elements to create an irresistible appeal that will not only pique a fish's curiosity but will also entice it to strike. Here are three winning lures that will send you home with the big ones.

Rattlin' Rapala

This sinking lure is available in different colors and lengths so you can choose the ideal configuration for your needs. There are two chambers filled with ball bearings inside the Rattlin' Rapala. The noise produced within these chambers will attract fish to the lure, while its trademark wobble will provoke those fish to strike. This lure functions well with a steady and straight retrieval or with a rip-and-stop technique -- rip the lure in, stop and let it sink, and repeat.

Little Cleo

Acme's Little Cleo has been a favorite for over 30 years. It's a durable little wonder that might suffer some paint chipping over time but is otherwise a heavy-duty performer. The shiny lure reflects light to catch the fish's attention, while the unique shape produces an enticing wobble that causes the fish to strike. The larger version of this lure is most effective on sizable predators, such as northern pike or largemouth bass.

Curly Tail Grub

This lure has been described as a "fish-catching machine." It is miraculously simple in its design and extraordinarily diverse in its application. A soft sinker with an appealingly animated tail that, depending on the size chosen and your retrieval technique, can mimic the swimming qualities of a number of different baitfish. It is effective in a wide variety of water conditions ranging from the tranquility of a lake to the fast-moving current of a river. Besides being a powerful attractant on its own, the Curly Tail Grub can be combined with other lures to enhance its strike-inducing capabilities.


For humans, a meal can be a luxury, but eating in the animal kingdom is an opportunistic endeavor. If the conditions are right, the fish will strike. By utilizing the tools at hand -- your lures, your skill, and your patience -- reeling in that big one is just one cast away.


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