The best weighted blanket of 2020

Sian Babish

If you and your partner both intend to use a weighted blanket, you can either buy a pair of twin-size blankets or a single king-size blanket.

Weighted blankets became the "it" product of the most recent holiday season, and they've remained a top-selling item well into 2020.

As they're therapeutic and calming, weighted blankets have been embraced by a variety of individuals ranging from those with special needs to people who struggle with stress, insomnia, or chronic pain.

If you've been considering buying a weighted blanket for yourself, we'll bring you up to speed with this guide. We're covering everything you need to know and sharing one of our long-time favorites as well as a couple new ones that we found to be comfy and calming.

Best weighted blankets of 2020

Here's our short list of favorite weighted blankets. To find out more details, read on.

    1. Simple Being's Weighted Blanket
This weighted blanket tops our list for the first time, thanks to its quiet design -- pockets minimize the movement of its lead-free glass beads to reduce sound.

    2. Weighted Idea's Cotton Weighted Blanket
Another returning favorite, we love that this adult blanket is available in a dozen sizes and weights. It also features anti-odor technology.

    3. Roore Children's Weighted Blanket
This much-loved weighted blanket is back on our list again for its quality construction. Made with an ultra-soft removable, washable cover, it remains a favorite among parents, too.

What you need to know before buying a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets intend to soothe and calm by adding just enough weight to offer a gentle hugging experience. It's thought to emulate swaddling, which is often recommended to soothe babies who have trouble sleeping. Weighted blankets aren't just used to induce sleep, they're also used for relaxation and meditation.

To receive maximum benefits from using a weighted blanket, it's essential to choose one that "fits" you. Rather than simply shopping by size as you would for other bedding, it's recommended to choose a weighted blanket that weighs approximately 5 to 10% of your body weight. This prevents the blanket from feeling too heavy or overwhelming. As such, some consumers prefer weighted blankets that weigh slightly less than what's recommended. It's not unusual to try more than one weight in a blanket before finding one that works for you.

If you're wondering how weighted blankets become weighted, it's actually through their unique filling. Whereas regular blankets are filled with batting or down, weighted blankets are filled with lead-free glass beads or plastic pellets. To ensure even weight distribution, the beads or pellets are secured in a series of individual pockets throughout the blanket.

Once you've decided on the ideal weight in a weighted blanket, you need to find one in a size that suits you. Generally speaking, weighted blankets aren't sold in traditional bedding sizes; instead, their dimensions are listed. Consumers agree this can add some confusion to the purchase, but it's easily remedied by measuring your bedding.

While you can find weighted blankets whose measurements are the same as your current duvet or comforter, it's not unusual to come across weighted blankets with odd dimensions. If anything, they might be a few inches shorter or longer. For some people, it's not a major detail and it's barely noticeable, but for others, it's a dealbreaker.

Depending on the quality, size, and fill type, weighted blankets cost anywhere between $35 and $200. Those made with lead-free glass beads are considered superior and typically cost between $100 and $200.


Q. Do weighted blankets look a lot different from regular duvets or blankets?

A. Most designs resemble down or down-alternative duvets, though they're usually less fluffy. Some weighted blankets have removable covers that are available in colors or prints to match your bedroom décor.

Q. Can young children benefit from weighted blankets?

A. For safety reasons and suffocation concerns, it's not recommended to give weighted blankets to babies or toddlers. Weighted blankets designed specifically for children are marked accordingly and are usually recommended for ages six or older.

In-depth recommendations for best weighted blankets

Best of the best:  Simple Being's Weighted Blanket

What we like: Luxurious 9-layer construction with a breathable, cool-touch feel. Easy to machine wash and line dry. Made with lead-free glass beads that are separated into pockets in a way that evenly distributes weight and minimizes sound.

What we dislike: Smaller assortment of weights and colors compared to other adult weighted blankets.

Best bang for your buck: Weighted Idea's Cotton Weighted Blanket

What we like: Budget-friendly option made from 100% natural cotton. Can be used with a washable duvet cover. Hugs you but doesn't feel constrictive.

What we dislike: Some consumers felt it traps heat, making for an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Choice 3: Roore's Children's Weighted Blanket

What we like: Safe design featuring state-of-the-art sewing with reinforced seams. Polka-dot pattern of the plush cover is reminiscent of baby blankets. Hypoallergenic and nontoxic.

What we dislike: Parents would have liked larger blankets to be longer for older children.

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