The best wedding band for men

Megan Oster

Gone are the days when men were stuck with just one metal for their wedding band.

A wedding band is very meaningful. The circle shape of this ring symbolizes the eternal bond you have with your spouse. Since a wedding band represents the commitment you’ve made to your betrothed, and you’ll wear it on a daily basis for many years, selecting the right ring is critical. It should be comfortable and have an aesthetic you find appealing. 

The Titanium Raised-Center Wedding Band from Kohl’s is versatile and has a look that’s polished yet understated thanks to its titanium construction and raised matte center. This ring is a great example of a wedding band that’ll complement any outfit. 

What to know before you buy a wedding band for men

Figure out what kind of metal you prefer

Each type of metal has its own benefits and drawbacks. Gold gives you color options: yellow, rose or white. Platinum is durable, holding up well to wear and tear. Silver is very affordable. Titanium and tungsten are super strong. Figure out what kind of characteristics you want and need before you start shopping for your wedding band. 

Decide whether you want to coordinate your wedding bands

Some married couples deliberately select wedding bands that coordinate as a set, while others prefer their own distinct look. As with the type of metal, this is a personal choice that only you and your spouse can make. It’s yet another detail that’s imperative to nail down before you look at a single wedding band. 

Determine what kind of style you like

You’ll likely wear your wedding band every day and this means you’ll spend a lot of time looking at it. This is the reason why you should be absolutely certain of the style of ring you want. 

Wedding band for men features


While men’s wedding bands tend to be created in larger widths than women’s, there’s no right or wrong width. It depends on your personal preference. One point to keep in mind: A wide band will typically make more of a statement than a thin band. 

Simple vs. intricate style

Some men want their jewelry to capture the spotlight, while others prefer an understated look. The more intricate the style, the more attention your wedding band will capture. 

Monochromatic vs. mixed metals

Gone are the days when men were stuck with just one metal for their wedding band. Now you can find a wide range of rings in mixed metals. So, if you just can’t decide between metals, or if you appreciate the mixed metal look, you have plenty of options. 

Wedding band for men cost 

Wedding bands that don’t contain diamonds tend to cost less than those that do, although some metals are more expensive than others. For example, when comparing two plain bands and basing the cost solely on the type of metal used, you’ll pay more for platinum than you will gold. With the above factors in mind, you can expect to pay anywhere from $700-$2,500 for the average men’s wedding band. 

Wedding band for men FAQ

Can wedding bands for men be resized?

A. Certain types of metal like gold are very malleable, making plain bands constructed of this metal good candidates for resizing. If the ring has an etched design or diamonds in it, however, that’s a different story. Resizing these wedding bands is problematic because it can disrupt the original placement of the design details. Hard metals like titanium and tungsten aren’t generally possible to resize, either. If you choose a ring with metals or etched designs, just make sure the size is accurate. 

Which type of metal is best for a wedding band for men?

A. The best type of metal for your own wedding band comes down to personal taste ― and, to some extent, your lifestyle. If you have a job or hobby that requires heavy physical labor and you don’t want to remove your wedding band, look for strong metals like titanium. If you don’t need a hard metal and you prefer a yellow, white or rose color, go for gold. 

Which wedding band for men should you get?

Best of the best wedding band for men

Kohl's Titanium Raised Center Wedding Band: available at Kohl’s

Our take: Constructed of sturdy titanium, this wedding band can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear, and has an understated, versatile design. 

What we like: The matte center of this wedding band has a polished yet sporty aesthetic that looks equally great with dressy and casual attire. Since the ring is so versatile, you can wear it with any other jewelry pieces or accessories. The titanium and raised center give this wedding band a high-end appearance. 

What we dislike: A few buyers reported that the ring showed scratches after very little wear. In addition, titanium rings can’t be resized. 

Best bang for your buck wedding band for men

Macy's 14K Gold Wedding Band: available at Macy’s

Our take: This crowd-pleaser is affordable and complements any style of jewelry or type of attire, as well as the style of your spouse’s wedding band. 

What we like: You’ll have plenty of options with this wedding band, as it’s available in sizes four through 13 and in yellow, white and rose gold. With a low profile and a thin 4-millimeter band, this streamlined ring won’t overwhelm your clothing, accessories or other jewelry. 

What we dislike: At least one buyer felt the shine wore off the metal after one month and one other buyer found the band narrower than they expected.

Honorable mention wedding band for men

Lovemark Black Ion-Plated Tungsten Carbide Band: available at Kohl’s

Our take: You’ll stand out from the crowd in this fashion-forward, black ion-plated tungsten carbide wedding band. 

What we like: Consider this ring if you crave an edgy look. It’s not your average wedding band for men. Polished, satin finishes and the matte black shade create a contemporary aesthetic. It’s also extremely durable due to the black ion-plated tungsten carbide metal. While this ring is substantial in heft, the comfort-fit design makes it pleasant to wear.  

What we dislike: The style of this ring is bold and makes a statement, so those who prefer a more traditional look may not like it. 

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