The best treadmill for walking

Tammy Tilley

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is a great choice in a treadmill used for walking.

Walking is one of the best low-impact exercises just about anyone can perform, from the person just starting a workout regimen to the most avid exerciser. An at-home treadmill enables you to exercise your freedom to walk without leaving your home, regardless of weather, fitness level or time of day. With so many varieties of treadmills on the market, you’re sure to find one that helps you meet your fitness goals.

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is a great choice in a treadmill to use for walking. It’s easy to operate, it folds up for space efficiency, has safety features and enough but not too many options that make it a top selection for anyone who wants to walk at home, regardless of fitness level.

What to know before you buy a treadmill for walking


If you’re going to use your treadmill only for walking, you don’t need a treadmill with a long belt that runners with longer gaits need. Look for a treadmill with a belt around 16 inches wide and 50 inches long.


A motor with at least 2 horsepower is sufficient for you if you’re using your treadmill solely for walking, even if you’re speed walking.


Find a treadmill that offers a warranty on the motor. Also, look for a generous warranty on the frame and the electronics. NordicTrack and Sole Fitness offer some of the best warranties on treadmills.

Noise level

Avoid loud treadmills, as they can be annoying while you’re trying to exercise, not to mention other family members don’t want to hear the noise. Sometimes the higher the motor’s horsepower, the quieter the treadmill will run. Opt for treadmills with noise levels between 65-70 decibels.

Treadmill for walking features


If you don’t have designated workout space in your home or apartment, look for a treadmill that folds. This feature allows you to flatten your treadmill and store it against a wall, in a closet or even under a bed. You should also make sure it has wheels for easier movement and stabilizers while you’re using the treadmill.

Safety features

Many treadmills come with a safety key that you clip to your clothes. When the key is tugged off, the treadmill comes to a stop. If it doesn’t have a safety key, it should come with an emergency stop button. You also want a stable belt that won’t move while you’re walking. Make sure your treadmill has a foot deck on each side you can easily step onto to dismount safely. Check the maximum weight capacity for your treadmill. Finally, study the controls; they should be displayed so you can read them and make selections quickly. 


The console should be laid out for quick and easy use. Check the monitor size; if you have vision problems, choose a treadmill with at least a 10-inch screen. Other treadmills offer built-in large screens for watching television, but their prices reflect this amenity.

Optional features

Other options you might want to consider are the treadmill’s incline capability, pre-programmed workouts, fitness subscriptions, heart rate monitoring or Bluetooth capability for you to connect to your fitness tracker. Decide what options you prefer for your personal needs.

Treadmill for walking cost

When considering a treadmill for walking, you will find a wide cost range, from $400 for a budget treadmill, all the way up to several thousand dollars for a commercial-grade treadmill.

Treadmill for walking FAQ

How can I be sure a treadmill won’t hurt my joints?

A.   A well-made treadmill for walking should have shock absorbers to help soften your step. Also, you want to purchase quality walking shoes with good support. As always, talk with your doctor before you begin any exercise routine.

How long should I walk on a treadmill?

A.   The Mayo Clinic suggests walking at least 150 minutes per week. For best results, work up to walking 300 minutes per week, or 50 minutes each day for 6 days. If you can’t walk an entire 50 minutes at a single time, divide your effort over several times per day. Give yourself one day of rest.

How fast should I walk on a treadmill?

A. If you’re new to the walking scene, start at a pace that feels comfortable and then work your way up to a faster gait. Safety is key for your workout until you grow comfortable on your treadmill. The Mayo Clinic offers a guide for gauging your workout intensity. For moderate intensity, you develop a sweat after about 10 minutes of walking, and you should be able to carry on a conversation. For more vigorous exercise, your breathing is more rapid and you can only say a few words before needing to breathe. As an option, if you want a more precise measurement, you can always purchase a treadmill that has a heart-rate monitor.

Which treadmill should I get for walking?

Best of the best treadmill for walking

NordicTrack Commercial 1750: available at NordicTrack and Amazon

Our take: This treadmill offers just about everything you would want or need, including a 10 year frame warranty and 2 year parts warranty.

What we like: It has a 22-inch wide and 60-inch long walking surface with a low impact cushion, a strong but quiet motor and an easy-to-use console.

What we dislike: It only has a 10-inch screen, which might not be big enough for some people. It also doesn’t have any USB ports.

Best bang for your buck treadmill for walking

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding and Under Desk Treadmill: available at Amazon

Our take: This lightweight treadmill can be used in two different ways: with handles as a regular treadmill, or without the handles under a standing desk.

What we like: The 2.5-horsepower motor is sufficient for walkers. It has a wide, cushioned non-slip deck. It also has a Bluetooth speaker for connecting your phone.

What we dislike: While this product is adequate to meet your walking needs and keep you safe, it is a stripped down model that offers few bells and whistles. There is a newer model available with a few more features, but it doesn’t offer the versatility to use it under a standing desk.

Honorable mention treadmill for walking

Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill: available at Amazon and Kohl’s

Our take: This choice is made primarily for walkers who do not intend to take up running or interval training.

What we like: It has a 2.5-horsepower motor, a wide, cushioned deck with shock absorbers and wheels for easy relocation in your home.

What we dislike: It doesn’t fold down for easy storage. Its motor is louder than other options.

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