The best swim goggles

Allen Foster

After using, rinse and dry your goggles, then store them in a safe location that is not in direct sunlight.

Anyone who swims knows that pool water can be irritating to your eyes. In order to enjoy longer periods of play or working out, swim goggles are a must. However, some swim goggles are considered to be more like toys while others are high-tech racing gear.

The best swim goggles for you depend on how you use them. They should also fit comfortably and not leak. Our top pick, Aqua Sphere's Kayenne Swim Goggles, offer a wide field of vision and UV protection.

Considerations when choosing swim goggles


The swim goggles you use for racing or swimming laps need a comfortable water-tight fit because you may be wearing them for hours at a time. They need to be low profile and offer a wide range of visibility underwater. Additionally, you'll benefit from a pair that is quick and easy to adjust.


Leisure types of swim goggles should also be comfortable and water-tight, but they can be a little larger -- some may even have a mask that covers the nose. UV protection is important as is a polarized lens so you can see clearly on a bright day. Since you may not be wearing a bathing cap, a strap that won't hurt long hair is also worth considering.



Although most goggles have an anti-fog coating, the coating wears off over time. Proper care helps with the longevity of this feature. Alternatively, you can use an anti-fog spray to help keep your goggles from fogging up while you swim.

UV protection

If you're swimming outside, be sure the goggles you purchase have UV protection.


If needed, you can purchase swim goggles with prescription lenses.

Transition lenses

If you swim both inside and outside under conditions where the lighting changes, you might want to consider transition lenses. These types of lenses adjust to the brightness of the environment.

Other options

While clear goggles provide the best visibility, you may want to consider purchasing tinted or mirrored goggles if you are swimming outside. The best sun glare protection, however, is polarized lenses.

Swim goggles prices

A pair of basic swim goggles can start as low as $10 a pair. Moving into the $15 to $25 price range is where the average swimmer can find something that works. If you are a racer or you have prescription lenses, you may spend $50 or more for a pair.


Q. How do I know when it's time to get new swim goggles?

A. As soon as they begin to regularly leak, lose their anti-fog capabilities, or get scratched up enough so it is difficult to see, it is time to replace your goggles.

Q. How often do I need to replace my swim goggles?

A. You should easily be able to get a full season -- if not a full year -- out of a pair of swim goggles. If you're going through three or more pairs of goggles each year, you need to take better care of them or get higher quality goggles.

Swim goggles we recommend

Best of the best: Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

Our take: A pair of swim goggles that feature oversized lenses for a more comfortable fit.

What we like: These swim goggles have clear lenses, are easy to adjust, feature UV protection, a wide field of vision, and an anti-fog coating to help with visibility.

What we dislike: As with many goggles, the anti-fog coating is not very durable.

Best bang for your buck: Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggles

Our take: A superiorly designed pair of swim goggles from a recognized leader in swim apparel.

What we like: These low-profile swim goggles are highly stylized and offer UV protection as well as a mirrored coating to help reduce sun glare. They come with four interchangeable nose pieces to provide a near custom fit experience.

What we dislike: Although the goggles work well, the strap and nose piece may be less durable than desired.

Choice 3: Aegend Swim Goggles

Our take: An affordably priced pair of swim goggles that come in a protective case.

What we like: These swim goggles are manufactured with comfort in mind and they can fit a wide variety of facial shapes without leaking. The rugged design allows the company to offer a limited 12-month guarantee.

What we dislike: These goggles do not offer the crisp underwater visibility that some other models provide.

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