The best Swarovski earrings

Megan Oster

When it comes to Swarovski earrings, you're not limited to the traditional round-cut studs.

There are compelling reasons why Swarovski jewelry has become so popular. The company’s crystals and cubic zirconias deliver brilliance that rivals diamonds at a much lower price point. Buyers can rest assured they’re getting a high-quality piece when they purchase one from Swarovski. 

Swarovski Bella Crystal Drop Earrings illustrate this fact perfectly. A 0.5-inch crystal sparkles brightly within a round frame of rhodium-plated mixed metal. The 1-inch drop is modest yet eye-catching. These earrings will look good with nearly any outfit in your wardrobe, from casual to formal. 

What to know before you buy Swarovski earrings

Genuine Swarovski 

The man-made crystals produced by Swarovski are both high-quality and popular. They’re created using materials like minerals, sand and quartz that give the stones longevity and beauty. In fact, the quality of Swarovski’s crystals is superior to that of some natural crystals. This sparkle power and durability has made Swarovski jewelry very popular. The company also has earned a reputation for pricing its pieces fairly according to the quality/price ratio. 

While these qualities all speak highly of Swarovski jewelry, unfortunately, it also motivates some retailers to try to pass off fake pieces as genuine. 

To determine if a pair of earrings you’re interested in are the real deal, look for two telltale details. The first is the presence of the Swarovski laser-etched logo. This trapezoid-shaped logo is engraved inside the crystals and stones used in some Swarovski jewelry. Since the logo isn’t engraved on all the company’s pieces, you can also look for the official Swarovski seal on the sticker or tag. You can verify the 16-digit identification code on the company’s website. 


When it comes to Swarovski earrings, you’re not limited to the traditional round-cut studs, although, if you fancy this style, they’re certainly available. The company designs its sparkly earrings in a large variety of styles, including stud, huggie, hoop, ear climber, jacket, chandelier, dangle, threader, cluster and drop.

Clean your crystals

Like any piece of jewelry that features crystals, Swarovski earrings require proper care. Perspiration and substances like suntan lotion, cosmetics and perfume can cause the chemical coating on the crystals to tarnish. In addition, you should limit the amount of sunlight to which you expose your crystals. 

Cleaning is an essential part of the care required to keep Swarovski earrings in nice condition for many years. The best tool to use is an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine, as it cleans jewelry thoroughly yet gently. 

Swarovski earrings features 

Clear vs. colored stones 

Swarovski is well-known for its whimsical pieces crafted in the likeness of animals, trees and other objects in the natural world. The company often incorporates pops of color into these creations with jewel-toned crystals. That said, Swarovski has also become recognized as a producer of jewelry featuring clear crystals that have a more classic look. 

Stone shape

Much like other types of gemstones, crystals are available in several shapes. Round is the most widely used, but it’s certainly not the only option. Shapes include oval, pear, diamond, square and rectangle as well.  

Metal type

There are plenty of Swarovski earrings constructed of mixed metals that give them a more budget-friendly price point. Some pieces are made of palladium and gold-plated metal that’s durable and looks nice. 

Swarovski earrings cost 

Swarovski does a good job of fairly pricing its jewelry based on the quality of the stones used. Swarovski earrings start around $49 and can cost hundreds of dollars. 

Swarovski earrings FAQ

How do Swarovski crystals differ from Swarovski cubic zirconias? 

A. The main difference between the crystals and cubic zirconias produced by Swarovski is the hardness level of the stones. The crystals are rated between six and seven on the Mohs hardness scale, which tops out at a rating of 10. Cubic zirconias from Swarovski get a hardness rating of eight. Additionally, the cut of the cubic zirconias generates more brilliance than that of the crystals. With these quality differences comes a difference in price; earrings incorporating Swarovski cubic zirconias cost more than their crystal counterparts.  

What’s the difference between Swarovski stones and diamonds? 

A. It can be difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish the difference between Swarovski stones and diamonds. In fact, depending on the quality of the diamonds, Swarovski stones might have more clarity and sparkle. 

Which Swarovski earrings should I get?

Best of the best Swarovski earrings

Swarovski Bella Crystal Drop Earrings: available at Macy’s

Our take: If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of Swarovski earrings with the potential to become a jewelry staple, these drop earrings are a top contender. 

What we like: The simple yet sophisticated style of these drop earrings makes them lovely and versatile. Rhodium-plated mixed metal frames a brightly sparkling crystal cut in a round shape. The crystal is sized generously 0.5 inches in diameter. A leverback setting keeps the earrings securely in your earlobes.  

What we dislike: The issue cited most consistently was the size, which wearers felt was too large for everyday wear. 

Best bang for your buck Swarovski earrings

Swarovski Silver-Tone Crystal Stud Earrings: available at Macy’s

Our take: The pear shape of these generous crystal stud earrings ensures they’ll leave a lasting impression. 

What we like: When crystals are designed in a pear shape, they take on the essence of Old Hollywood glamour. It’s a timeless look that’s stunning and memorable. Whether worn solo or as part of Swarovski’s Abstract collection, these pear-shaped studs create an ultra-pretty and elegant tableau.  

What we dislike: At least one buyer reported the size of the earrings was smaller in real life than it was depicted online. 

Honorable mention Swarovski earrings

Swarovski Rose Gold-Tone Chain and Crystal Charm Convertible Hoop Earrings: available at Macy’s

Our take: Designed with removable chains and set in rose gold-tone mixed metal, these hoop earrings are unique and striking. 

What we like: You can convert the look of these earrings with the detachable chains. Place the chains on the hoops for a drop style look or wear the hoops solo for a more classic look. The twinkling crystals on the hoops are round-cut and the chain features one round-cut crystal and one diamond-shaped crystal. 

What we dislike: The style of these convertible hoops is a bit unconventional, which might not appeal to those who prefer a traditional style.

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