The best stationery supplies for your office

Ashley Britten

Setting up a functional home office has never been more common. With millions of people still working from home, employers worldwide have been strategizing how to allow staff to telecommute permanently or in a hybrid home and office rotation. Since remote work is here to stay, you might need to fully outfit your home office with a number of stationery supplies. While there are a lot of different products to consider and the costs can add up quickly, an office stationery supply kit can help mitigate the expense and simplify the process.

If you don’t know where to begin, the 39-piece office supplies set by Ludato is a great starter kit with all the basics (plus a few unique extras) that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

What to know before you buy stationery supplies for your office

Pens and pencils

The very first thing that comes to mind when building a stationery supply list is pens and pencils. Even if you do the majority of your work on a tablet or computer, you’ll still need something to write with. This is an area where you can buy supplemental items for your stationery set that are worth the additional cost. Pens and pencils can range hugely in price. If you’re interested in cursive or calligraphy, you might already own specialty pens. If not, basic pens included in most office stationery sets will work perfectly well for your office.

Desk accessories

Other items which are often included in a stationery set are paper clips, push pins, binder clips, Post-It notes, scissors, a ruler, erasers, rubber bands, a de-stapler and more. You might need to buy more than one kit to find everything you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can purchase stationery supplies set for your office and purchase a few individual items separately to ensure all your bases are covered.


Some stationery kits include a small desk organizer or stationery display to hold your office supplies. These desktop storage solutions keep your supplies close at hand and neatly stored to prevent clutter. There are stationery caddies that rotate, desktop organizers that are compartmentalized for tidiness and basic tiered desk organizers for a pleasing look.

If you’re looking for more organizational solutions for your office supplies, read the complete buyer’s guide for desk organizers at BestReviews.

Stationery supplies for your office features

Staplers and staples

Some higher-end stationery kits for the home or office include a small or standard-size stapler and staples. As staplers can cost a little more money, expect these sets to run at a slightly higher price.

Tape and dispenser

A nice feature of some kits is a roll of tape for your office, which is quite handy to have on your desk. Some stationery supply kits include a tape dispenser. If the kit you select doesn’t feature a dispenser, it’s a wise supplemental purchase to make, particularly for the classroom environment.


Stationery sets don’t include paper, notebooks or notepads, which are useful for taking notes, writing lists and writing reminders. Other extras to consider purchasing for your home office are wall calendars for organizing your time, a wall clock, a printer, envelopes and postage stamps.

Stationery supplies cost 

When choosing stationery supplies for the office, buying items individually can be expensive. Small stationery sets, however, are cost-effective and provide most of the items you need in one place. Expect to spend $12-$30 for a basic set with varying items. Cheaper sets don't include things like staplers and scissors but include Post-Its and binder clips in a small storage container. 

Stationery supplies FAQ

What do I really need for my home office?

A. While this list varies from person to person, you’ll likely need pens, paper, pencils, erasers, a stapler, staples, scissors, a hole punch, paper clips, binder clips, Post-It notes, a binder, binder dividers, a desktop organizer, highlighters and a printer for a fully outfitted home office. You might also really need coffee.

Should I keep track of my home office expenses?

A. It couldn’t hurt to keep track of your home office expenditures, whether you’re a contractor, own a small business or are working from home. Some companies allow you to submit receipts for office-related purchases if they’re needed to do your job. If you work for yourself, keeping track of your office expenses is absolutely necessary for budgetary and tax purposes.

Which stationery supplies should I get?

Best of the best stationery supplies for your office

Ludato 39-Piece Office Supplies Set: available at Amazon

Our take: This office stationery set by Ludato has almost all the supplies and desk accessories you need in one place with a handy desktop stationery holder. 

What we like: This great set includes a stapler, scissors, paper clips, binder clips and much more. It’s ideal for a teacher’s desk, a home office or as a welcoming gift for new employees to help them settle in.

What we dislike: There’s tape with this set, but no tape dispenser.

Best bang for your buck stationery supplies for your office

ZINCCO 342-Piece Small Office Supplies Kit: available at Amazon

Our take: This supplemental small office stationery supplies kit is an excellent budget-friendly set that comes in a sturdy plastic organizer and has 342 pieces.

What we like: This set includes push pins, paper clips, binder clips, Post-It notes and more for a good price in a great storage container. This set would be a smart purchase to make in tandem with another small stationery set that offers different items like pens and scissors.

What we dislike: This set doesn’t include anything to write with.

Honorable mention stationery supplies for your office

Deli Rotating Desk Organizer Office Supplies Caddy Gift Set: available at Amazon

Our take: This fantastic stationery set rotates 360 degrees for easy access to its seven separate compartments and all your office supplies. It’s sturdy, durable and has a polished look for your desktop.

What we like: This set includes the basics and more with scissors, a ruler, a stapler, pens, pencils, a sharpener, eraser, tape, push pins and clips.

What we dislike: A couple of reviewers mentioned their tape was missing from the kit on arrival.

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