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Adam Reeder

Always try to stretch and warm up before playing spikeball. Although it’s a fun recreational activity, it can be as strenuous as any other sport, so do your best to avoid injury.

If you've never played spikeball, you don't know what you're missing -- it's a fun game for the whole family. Playing spikeball is similar to volleyball, minus the net, plus a mini-trampoline. Teams volley the ball off the mini-trampoline while running around to keep possession of the ball.

If you want to join the scores of people enjoying a game of spikeball with friends, then we can help you. We've compiled this helpful buying guide to advise you on how to choose the best spikeball set. We also included a review of our top pick, the Spikeball Pro Kit.

Considerations when choosing spikeball sets


The basic rules of spikeball are simple. Teams of two volley the ball off the net, each team being allowed three touches on their possession. A team wins a point when the ball either hits the ground, the ring around the net, or the legs of the net. A game is played to 21, and a team must win by two.

Ball size

Most spikeball sets come with 3.5-inch-diameter balls. Some sets contain balls as large as 6.5 inches in diameter. Beginners fare better with the larger diameter balls than with the smaller ones, so if you're a beginner you may want to start with the 6.5-inch-diameter balls.

Net size

Most spikeball nets are 36 inches in diameter. Some sets have larger nets that get as big as 45 inches in diameter. These larger nets are good for beginners and for games with more players.

Where to play?

Consider where you want to play before purchasing a spikeball set. If you don't have space in your own yard, you may want to take your spikeball set to a park or even to the beach.


Carrying bag

Many spikeball sets come with carrying bags for the balls or a collapsible net. These are quite convenient if you often play spikeball away from home. Many people don't have space at home to play, so being able to carry your set in a bag to the beach or a park is a welcome feature.

Air pump

Some spikeball sets come with a complimentary air pump for the balls. Keep in mind that the hand pumps included in spikeball sets tend to be cheaply made and may not last for a long period of time.

Extra balls

Having extra spikeball balls is always a good idea. Balls sometimes go flat or even get lost depending on where you play. Purchasing a spikeball set that comes with extra balls is advisable for anyone who wants to make sure they always have at least one extra on hand.

Adjustable net

Some spikeball nets are designed so they can be manually adjusted. This means the net can be pulled tighter against the ring. This is useful for two different reasons: first, spikeball nets can stretch over time, so being able to pull them tight is helpful for making sure your net is always taught. Second, if you want the ball to have more spring when coming off the frame, tightening the net is the best way to accomplish it.

Collapsible legs

Some spikeball nets come with collapsible legs. This is convenient for flattening the net for transport so it's not quite so bulky.

Serving marker

Many spikeball sets come with a serving marker. The marker is set on the ground to remind players that the ball has to be served from behind a static line. Though a serving marker isn't absolutely necessary, it's helpful for beginning players just learning the rules.

Spikeball set prices

Most spikeball sets cost between $25 and $100.


Q. How durable is a spikeball set?

A. While every set is different, most spikeball sets are moderately durable. One of the parts most prone to damage is the net. However, you can purchase replacement nets for a reasonable price, so you should feel confident that you can play with your spikeball set for quite a while before needing a replacement.

Q. How many people are required to play a game of spikeball?

A. Although the official rules call for at least two teams of two, there are no rules saying you can't make your own rules. Sometimes the most fun you can have with a spikeball set is vollying back and forth with one other person.

Spikeball sets we recommend

Best of the best: Spikeball Pro Kit

Our take: The real deal for those who want to show their spikeball chops.

What we like: One of the sturdiest sets on the market. Includes two high quality balls.

What we dislike: The ball pump could be better.

Best bang for your buck: GoSports Slammo Game Set

Our take: Sturdy and inexpensive alternative to brand name option.

What we like: PVC is strong and the net is durable. Even includes three balls.

What we dislike: Extreme temperatures may slightly warp the PVC.

Choice 3: Spikeball One-Ball Kit

Our take: The best beginner set -- and the least expensive.

What we like: The set is lightweight and the drawstring bag is convenient.

What we dislike: No pump included in set.

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