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Micayla Mead

Using cold water with your sparkling water maker yields the best results since cold water mixes better than room temperature water with carbon dioxide gas.

Sparkling water has made a comeback and can be found in bulk in anyone’s refrigerator. Those bottles and cans can be expensive and fill up your recycling bin — but even so, no one wants to settle for the still water from the tap. That’s why investing in a sparkling water maker can be an eco-friendly, cost-effective, low-calorie alternative to buying sodas and other bubbly drinks. With a simple touch of the button, a sparkling water maker can add bubbles to your beverage so that you can make tonics, seltzers, sodas, sparkling water and much more without a stop at the supermarket.

This buying guide will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It includes the SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine, which customers love for its tasty carbonation, variety of colors and package deal with eco-friendly reusable bottles.

What to know before you buy a sparkling water maker

Sparkling water makers vs. soda makers

Since soda makers and sparkling water makers share so many features, many of them go by both names interchangeably and few specialize exclusively in only sparkling water or only sodas. The best quality devices can all be used to make sparkling water as well as carbonate water to make homemade sodas. Just remember that the terminology is typically interchangeable. You can choose to make whichever type of sparkling beverage you want, with or without sugar or additional flavorings.

How sparkling water makers work

By infusing carbon dioxide into regular water, sparkling water makers quickly and simply transform still water into the sparkling variety we all know and love. Mixing flavors, fresh fruit or syrups and sugars into the sparkling water can then make tonics, seltzers and sodas. A sparkling water maker can continuously make sparkling water as long as you’ve got access to water and have carbon dioxide bottles on hand, which are available to buy from the same retailers. 

Size of the sparkling water maker

Depending on how much counter space you have, it may make more sense to purchase a smaller model that won’t clutter your kitchen or bar area. Keep in mind how much space you have for your new appliance before making a purchase.

Sparkling water maker features 


Sparkling water makers can make anywhere from one quart to fifteen gallons of sparkling water from a single carbon dioxide cartridge. Some sparkling water makers use carbon dioxide tablets instead of cartridges but they don’t give you as much control over the amount of fizz you may want from your drinks. However, they are smaller and easier to store.

Power source

Some sparkling water makers rely on a source of electricity; others channel the carbon dioxide manually and do not require a plug. 

Color and design

Some sparkling water makers come in chic, mid-century modern designs, while others have a more utilitarian design.

Amount of carbonation

For sparkling water makers, the mark of a high-quality machine is how much control it will give you over the level of carbonation in your drink. Look for models that offer customizable amounts of fizz and spritz in your beverages.

Sparkling water maker FAQ

How can I keep my fizzy drinks fresh for longer?

A. While there’s no way to keep sparkling water from going flat after it’s been made, there are a few ways to keep it fresher for longer. To maintain a fizzy drink’s freshness, be sure to seal it immediately and store it in your refrigerator instead of out on the counter. The cold will help slow the release of the carbon dioxide bubbles.

Can you re-fizz sparkling water that has gone flat?

A. Sure! You’ll just take that water and apply it through the machine as you would with regular tap water and it will re-fizz the water back to its sparkling glory.

How do I clean my sparkling water maker?

A. Sparkling water makers benefit from regular cleaning. Wiping it down with a wet rag in between washing can be helpful for removing stains and splashes. Most parts are not dishwasher safe, so be sure to wash by hand.

Sparkling water maker cost

Sparkling water makers can cost anywhere from $50-$400. There are several factors that can inflate the price, such as if it comes as a bundle with carbon dioxide canisters or has manual control over carbonation levels.

Which sparkling water maker should I get?

Best of the best sparkling water maker

SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Machine: available at Amazon 

Our take: An eco-friendly option with reusable bottles and high control over carbonation without needing a plug-in, all from a leading brand in the soda maker industry.

What we like: Medium price point. Doesn’t need an electrical power source. Easy operating.

What we dislike: Users wish there were an automated carbonation button.

Best bang for your buck sparkling water maker

DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker: available at Amazon and Macy’s

Our take: This versatile model can carbonate much more than just water.

What we like: Lowest price point on our list. Doesn’t require an electrical power source. Detachable infuser allows you to fizz any sort of beverage you like.

What we dislike: Doesn’t include a carbonation canister, so be sure to purchase one separately.

Honorable mention sparkling water maker

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle: available at Amazon

Our take: This model works at the touch of a button and comes with all the add-ons you may need.

What we like: Electrically powered system gives you the option to choose your desired level of carbonation. The bundle option includes all the essentials needed to make sparkling water right away.

What we dislike: Most expensive out of our options listed. Needs a power source.

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