The best smart luggage tags

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If you want to use a luggage tag with GPS tracking, make sure your airline allows these kinds of trackers on your flight.

Make sure your luggage arrives safely with smart luggage tags

It can be incredibly stressful waiting for your luggage at the baggage carousel after a long flight. It can be even worse if you realize your bag isn’t there. You start to wonder what happened to your luggage and where could your belongings be? 

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on the airline to locate your luggage. Recent technological advances created a solution to this problem by creating smart luggage tags. Simply put a small luggage tracker in your bag or fix a smart luggage tag to the handle, and you can see where your belongings are at any time. 

And if for any reason you find you still need to go to Lost and Found, you’ll be able to use your mobile device to tell the airport staff where to start looking. Having one of these smart luggage tags can save you from a lot of wasted time and energy looking for lost luggage.

Best smart luggage tags to prevent disaster

Best of the best smart luggage tag

Samsung SmartThings Real-Time tracker: available at Amazon

The key to using smart luggage tags is knowing you’re in range of its signal. Most smart trackers have a limited operational range, but the Samsung SmartThings tracker works as long as it can access an LTE cellular signal. This means you can accurately track your luggage from anywhere in the U.S. The battery lasts for up to a week on a single charge, and it comes with 12 months of AT&T cellular service. Once you pair the device with the SmartThings app, you can easily see where your luggage is in real-time.

Best bang for your buck smart luggage tags

Safedome Tracker Card: available at Amazon

This wireless Bluetooth tracking card is rechargeable and small enough to fit in your wallet. Just connect the card with the SafeDome app, and you can track your bags within 165 feet away. If you or the bag move outside of the Bluetooth range, the app will notify you of the last known location. The rechargeable battery lasts for about three months. And if you’re nearby but still can’t find your luggage, you can trigger the card to emit an 80-decibel alarm to help you locate your bag.

ReturnMe Smart Luggage ID Tags: available at Amazon

ReturnMe puts a different twist on smart luggage tags. It cuts out the need for technology to track your bags and instead uses a unique engraved ID number. Before a trip, activate the ID number and carry on as usual. Keep in mind this smart luggage tag doesn't have your personal information and isn’t Bluetooth enabled. But if your bag is lost, the finder can use the listed ID number to claim a reward by contacting ReturnMe. ReturnMe then puts you in direct contact with the finder. 

Dynotag Sentry SuperTag ID: available at Amazon

The Dynotag stays on your luggage with a braided stainless steel loop, so you know it won’t be damaged or removed easily. When someone finds your luggage, they can retrieve your information by scanning the QR code. Once they scan the code, the company notifies you of the scan’s location, date, and time. This makes it easy for you to know where your luggage is, and can arrange to have it collected.

SwiftFinder Bluetooth Tracker: available at Amazon

This tracker is slightly bigger than a credit card. It connects to the SwiftFinder app so you can keep track of your luggage with ease. When you move out of the range of the tracker, the app will notify you of your bag’s last location. You can also use the app’s built-in Bluetooth signal strength indicator to see how close you are to your bag. Another handy feature is the Baggage Arrival notification feature, which alerts you when your luggage arrives on the baggage carousel. The smart tag has a range of around 160 feet, and the battery lasts for up to five years. 

GBD 6-Pack Smart Luggage Finder: available at Amazon

If you have multiple pieces of luggage, you might want to opt for something like GBD’s 6-pack of Bluetooth-connected baggage trackers. Simply use the mobile app to see where your luggage is, so long as it’s within 160-feet of the device. The battery can last for as long as six months, and although it is not rechargeable, it is easy to replace. 

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: available at Amazon

This smart tag is only compatible with a Samsung smartphone and helps you find lost items like carry-on luggage or checked baggage. However, they do need to be within 130 yards of your location. The tracker makes use of the Galaxy Find Network, even when it’s offline. If your baggage is lost, just launch the app and track your belongings in real-time. The SmartTag also features eight different ringtones, making it easy to locate a nearby bag.

Cube GPS Tracker: available at Amazon

Cube’s GPS Tracker goes one step beyond the standard range of Bluetooth. It comes with a SIM card and tracks your luggage in real-time. This tag is compatible with iOS and Android phones and only requires the Cube app to locate your baggage. The rechargeable battery lasts between 10 days to two months and easily connects to power banks for extra charging. 

Tile Tracker Pro: available at Amazon

Tile is a leading brand in smart trackers, and the Tracker Pro is one of the smallest tags available. You can attach it to your keys or fit it into your baggage and use the Bluetooth connection to track it. What sets Tile apart from others luggage tags is that the device has a 400-foot range. Once you pair it with the Tile app, simply tap on the locator to see the last known position. And you can use the 100-decibel ring to easily track it down.

Tile Slim: available at Amazon

The Tile Slim easily slips into a luggage tag cover so you can quickly find your baggage within a 200-foot range of your location. Once paired with the Tile smartphone app, you can see the approximate location on the app’s interface. If you are outside the 200-foot range, you can use the Tile Network to help you locate your bag. This network-connected community allows you to scan for your bag in the vicinity near you.

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