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Megan Oster

Silk is a natural material made from silk worms. Satin is a synthetic fabric made from materials like polyester and nylon. Therefore, it doesn't offer the same benefits as silk.

Silk pajamas are among the most coveted items of clothing on the market — and for good reason. Silk is the epitome of luxurious: beautiful, comfortable and made to last. It’s also a natural fabric, which is produced by silkworms. Silk has properties that make it sensitive-skin-friendly, antimicrobial and breathable, among other characteristics. A high-quality set of silk pajamas is a wise purchase.

The LilySilk Silk 16-Momme Mulberry Silk Pajamas for Women is a perfect example. This pajama set is constructed of 100% grade 6A raw mulberry silk with a charmeuse lustre. Every detail, from the silk-wrapped buttons on the front plack to the notched collar, contributes to the long-lasting and stylish appeal of these pajamas. 

What to know before you buy silk pajamas

Benefits of silk 

In addition to being beautiful and luxurious, silk pajamas offer a number of other compelling benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. The benefits of wearing silk pajamas include:

  • Restful sleep: Silk naturally contains 18 different types of natural amino acids that calm your nerves, improving the depth and quality of the sleep you get.
  • Antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-mite: Silk has natural properties that render it resistant to bacteria, mildew and mites ― making it an ideal choice if you have allergies.
  • Excess moisture absorption: The presence of a hydrophilic side chain amino acid in the fibers of silk gives it the ability to absorb excess moisture from your skin and release it into the air. 
  • Beneficial skin hydration: While silk rids your body of unwanted moisture, it balances the effect by providing a beneficial amount of hydration to your skin. 
  • Comfortable wearing experience: There’s a good reason why people with sensitive skin rely on silk pajamas. In addition to the moisturizing properties of the fabric, silk is resistant to allergens like fungus and mold. 
  • Fire-retardant: Silk burns straight to ash when it comes into contact with fire. This property prevents silk from sticking to your skin if it’s exposed to extreme heat. 
  • Minimizes wrinkles: Silk creates less friction on your skin, which helps minimize the development of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Real or fake: how to tell

Unfortunately, the more appealing a type of fabric is, the more tempted some companies are to pass off fakes as the real thing. Silk clothing is a perfect example of this. Fake silk might look and feel genuine at first glance or first touch, but the disparities between real and fake will quickly become evident. The trick is to know the differences before you make the commitment, not after you do. 

Satin is a material you’ll commonly find used for pajamas. While satin resembles silk in some ways, it’s not the same thing. Silk is a natural material made from silk worms. Satin is a synthetic fabric made from materials like polyester and nylon. Therefore, it doesn’t offer the same benefits as silk. So, how do you distinguish between silk pajamas and satin pajamas? 

  • Silk pajamas are more expensive than those made of satin.
  • The triangular structure of silk fibers reflects light and produces a multi-colored sheen from different angles, whereas synthetic fabrics will shine white only.
  • Silk fibers are covered in sericin, a protein that gives silk moisturizing properties. It makes the material shimmer. Satin, on the other hand, has a shiny quality. 
  • If you bunch silk in your hands, it’ll make a crunching sound reminiscent of footsteps on fresh snow or eating corn flake cereal. 
  • Rubbing silk between your fingers will increase the temperature, making the fabric warmer. 
  • If the clothing item has a pattern on it, make sure the pattern is visible when viewed through both the front and the back of the garment. This is an indication of silk fabric. 

Choose a good sleep mask

The feeling of silk against your skin can help promote a good night’s sleep, but it won’t do much good if you can’t sleep due to an intrusive light source. You can easily remedy the situation with a sleep mask

Silk pajamas features


While the traditional button-up style is the most popular, silk pajamas are available in several other styles, as well. Options include camisole top and T-shirt. In general, the fit of these pajamas is relaxed, for the sake of comfort. 

Sleeve length

You can choose from sleeveless, spaghetti strap, short sleeves, three-quarter-length sleeves and long sleeves in silk pajamas. If you live in a colder climate, it’s probably best to stick with long sleeves for chilly winter nights. 

Pant length 

Silk pajama sets are designed with shorts, capri pants, ankle-length pants and full-length pants. 

Silk pajamas cost 

As mentioned above, pajamas constructed of genuine silk tend to cost more than knockoff materials. To that end, you can expect to pay anywhere from $85 to upward of $300 for a well-made pair of real silk pajamas. 

Silk pajamas FAQ

What’s silk momme?

A. You may have seen the term momme, accompanied by a number, in silk pajama product listings. Momme refers to the weight of the silk used in the production of the pajama set. Silk under 20 momme is considered lightweight, 21-28 momme is considered medium weight and anything above 28 momme is considered heavyweight. 

How do you care for silk pajamas? 

A. Wash your silk pajamas by hand in cold water. Warm or hot water could compromise the integrity of the material or shrink it. You should always use a detergent made for delicate fabrics and air dry the pajama set. 

Which silk pajamas should you get?

Best of the best silk pajamas

LilySilk Silk 16-Momme Mulberry Silk Pajamas for Women: available at Amazon

Our take: This classic pajama set is made of high-quality mulberry silk by a well-known silk wear company.

What we like: These silk pajamas are crafted of 100% grade 6A raw mulberry silk with a charmeuse lustre. Designed in a classic style, the set features a long-sleeved top with banded sleeve cuffs, a notched collar and silk-wrapped buttons on the front placket. The full-length pants have an elasticized waist with an adjustable drawstring. 

What we dislike: The most commonly lodged complaint among the small number of unhappy buyers was the sizing and fit. 

Best bang for your buck silk pajamas

LILYSILK Men's 22-Momme Silk Long Pajamas: available at Amazon

Our take: This 22-momme weight silk ensures this pajama set has a luxurious look and is soft against your skin. 

What we like: The use of French seams is one example of the workmanship that went into these pajamas. Made of fine 6A grade silk of 22-momme weight, the pajama set will retain its high quality for years. Notable features include a notched collar on the long-sleeved top and buttons wrapped in silk. 

What we dislike: Significantly small sizing was an issue for a few buyers, who reported a snug fit even after sizing up at least one size. 

Honorable mention silk pajamas 

Fishers Finery Women's Classic Mulberry Silk Pajama Set: available at Amazon

Our take: Designed by a well-established silk wear company, this well-made pajama set will become a sleepwear staple. 

What we like: Packaged in a gift box and sold with a mesh wash bag for delicates, these 100% silk pajamas make a luxurious gift for a loved one or for yourself. You can customize the fit of the full-length pants with the silk drawstring on the elasticized waist. 

What we dislike: A handful of buyers cited quality control issues, reporting issues like buttons falling off and stitches loosening and fraying.

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