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Erica van Blommestein

Aside from providing protection against the elements, scooter covers can also act as a theft deterrent by keeping criminals guessing. Some even come with special grommets and locks for added security.

Prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays, wind, rain or snow can cause serious damage to your scooter's exterior. Short of actually parking your scooter in a garage, using a scooter cover is the next best way to protect your ride from the elements. Scooter covers are available in a range of sizes and come with varying degrees of water resistance and UV protection.

To find out how to choose the best scooter cover for your ride, read on. This guide covers everything you need to know, and we include some top-notch recommendations at the end, like our favorite, CarsCover Heavy-Duty UltraShield Scooter Cover, which boasts five-layer waterproof construction with a fleece-lined inner layer for the ultimate protection.

What to know before you buy a scooter cover


Scooter cover size typically refers to length and can range anywhere from 80 inches to 100 inches and over. The best way to achieve a good fit is to measure the length of your scooter first and use these dimensions as a guideline while you shop.


All scooter covers offer some degree of water resistance, but keep in mind that protection can vary dramatically. If you park your scooter in a garage or shed, a water-resistant cover should be more than adequate. However, if you park your scooter outdoors, choosing a cover that's fully waterproof is a good idea.

UV protection

Just like water resistance, the level of UV protection a scooter cover provides can vary from model to model. If you normally park your scooter under the cover of a roof or in the shade, UV protection might not be much of a concern. However, if your scooter is parked in direct sunlight, a higher degree of UV protection will help keep your cover from fading and breaking down.

Cleaning ease

Any way you look at it, that scooter cover is going to get dirty. While some can simply be tossed into the washing machine, others may need to be washed by hand. Either way, a scooter cover should never be tumble dried as this can break down waterproofing and UV coatings. If cleaning ease is important to you, don't forget to check the manufacturer's care instructions before you buy.

Scooter cover features

Construction and design

Many scooter covers are made of sturdy, water-resistant polyester. Some feature multiple layers for extra protection and a handful even come with a soft inner lining to protect the finish from scratches. While multilayered models can offer added protection, these covers also tend to be a bit heavier than others. For edges that won't tear or fray in a hurry, be on the lookout for reinforced stitching.

Other design features to keep an eye out for are elasticized hems for a more secure fit, built-in vents to reduce condensation and heat-resistant paneling to keep hot exhaust pipes from melting your scooter cover.

Straps and buckles

Scooter covers that come with straps and buckles provide a more secure fit and are especially helpful in windy conditions.

Grommets and locks

Some scooter covers are fitted with standard or oversized grommets near the bottom that can be used to secure the cover to your scooter's front wheel. A few models even include a chain or a U-lock to help protect both the cover and your scooter from theft. If you're interested in a model with grommets, make sure the grommets are reinforced and rust-resistant.


Scooter covers come in a host of different colors, though black is by far the most popular, thanks to its ability to camouflage dirt and grime. A handful of scooter covers also feature reflective strips for improved visibility in low light.

Scooter cover cost

Most scooter cover prices start out at just under $20 and range up to $30 and over. Budget-friendly scooter covers are usually simple, lightweight models that are appropriate for indoor use, while more expensive models are likely to be thicker, sturdier and more resistant to sun, rain and wind.

Scooter cover FAQ

Can scooter covers be used both indoors and outdoors?

A. While just about any cover could work for indoor use, a tougher model with waterproofing and UV resistance is essential if you park your scooter outdoors.

Are scooter covers resistant to heat?

A. No, most scooter covers aren't heat-resistant and should be kept well away from open flames. While some have heat-resistant panels that won't melt upon contact with hot exhaust pipes, not all scooter covers come with this feature. If your cover doesn't have heat-resistant panels, it's important to wait for your scooter to cool off before covering it.

Which scooter cover should I get?

Best of the best scooter cover

CarsCover Heavy-Duty UltraShield Scooter Cover: available at Amazon

Our take: A heavy-duty scooter cover that's specially designed to deliver superior protection from the elements.

What we like: Boasts sturdy five-layer construction with a soft fleece lining to protect your finish. Waterproofing holds up well even in heavy downpours. Comes with a handy storage pouch.

What we dislike: Some reviewers felt it was a bit too large for a scooter.

Best bang for your buck scooter cover

TOKEPT Black and Red Motorcycle and Scooter Cover: available at Amazon

Our take: This lightweight scooter cover is attractive and affordable, but it might not be the best option for extreme weather conditions.

What we like: Features both UV protection and a waterproof layer. Lightweight construction is a snap to put on and take off. Comes with a buckle and strap system to secure the cover in windy conditions.

What we dislike: Doesn't hold up very well in extreme weather; might not be for scooters that remain outdoors for extended periods.

Honorable mention scooter cover

Session Industries Waterproof Scooter and Motorcycle Cover: available at Amazon

Our take: A quality scooter cover that comes with some handy extras to help keep your ride safe.

What we like: Protects against wind, rain and sun. Comes with metal grommets and a combination lock for added security. Easy to use and store.

What we dislike: Some reviewers complained that it wasn't 100% waterproof.

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