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Michael Rodgers

Samsung has been working on flip phones that double as smartphones but these phones have a foldable screen without a physical keypad.

Which Samsung flip phone should you buy?

A significant number of people view flip phones as nostalgic symbols of another era but, with Samsung’s latest models, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Devices like Samsung’s flip phones remain reliable and relevant especially among people who value durability, battery life and simplicity. Even major smartphone manufacturers are going back to the flip phone design.

Samsung recently launched a smartphone that doubles as a flip phone but without the physical keypad. Even Motorola has a new flip phone called the Razr. Since Samsung has several flip phone models, focusing on your needs is the only way to get a device that is right for you.  

What are flip phones?

Flip phones are hinged cell phones that you have to flip up to make a call or text. They have a traditional keypad, microphone and speaker. But in recent years, the definition of a flip phone has expanded as new versions now have internet access, touch screens and color displays.

Samsung’s new flip phone has a foldable touch screen supported by an advanced hinge technology that could be a first in the industry. 

Samsung flip phone features to consider

Internet: A connected flip phone is essential if you want to send emails, check your social media and play games. All you need to do is get a cell phone plan that allows data usage on a flip phone.

Touch screen: A touch screen is a faster way to navigate through your flip phone than just using the keypad. While it is convenient in some ways, a touch screen on a flip phone that also has a keypad can feel a little awkward. If a touch screen is more important to you than a keypad, buying a phone with a foldable screen is a better choice.

Battery life: Traditional flip phones can last several days on a single charge because they are not as power-hungry as smartphones. But some modern flip phones that double as smartphones often have shorter battery life.

Bluetooth: With Bluetooth capability, you can connect your earbuds or headset wirelessly to your flip phone. 

Outer display: An outer screen on the back of a flip phone displays the person calling and time so that you don’t have to flip up your phone all the time. On some flip phones, the outer screen is big enough to display time, the battery icon and network bars.  

Push-to-talk feature: With a push-to-talk capability, you can use your Samsung flip phone like a walkie-talkie. All you need to do is push a button and talk but you first need to find out if your network provider supports this feature.

Memory: Flip phones often have smaller storage space but some allow you to expand storage using a microSD card. That means they are not the best devices for storing downloaded videos or photos. 

Qwerty Keyboard: If you find it hard to text with the physical keypad, consider flip phones that offer a full digital keyboard on the screen to complement the physical keypad. 

Locked vs. Unlocked: An unlocked flip phone allows you to use on more than one network while an unlocked one only uses one network. More networks mean you can take advantage of different call rates and data packages.

Hands-free mode: This allows you to call someone without scrolling your contact list. It also reads messages and the names of incoming calls. 

What are the benefits of flip phones?

Apart from battery life that can last for several days on a single charge because traditional flip phones do not run apps like smartphones. Obviously battery life on flip phones that have some smartphone features or flip phones with folding screens is much shorter. But the two most important benefits of flip phones are that they are compact and durable, which makes them the perfect choice for a secondary phone.

A compact phone is more likely to fit in your pocket and it's the better alternative to use in harsh environments like the wilderness or construction sites.

How much do flip phones cost?

They are currently the cheapest phones you can find with a price range of $10-$100 or more depending on their features. Mid-range Samsung flip phones that cost between $40-$80 are a better choice if you are in the market for flip phones that have a few smartphone features. 

Expensive flip phones that cost between $80 and $150 have more smartphone features but not enough for them to be defined as smartphones. For example, they have big colorful displays but do not support apps. On the other hand, flip phones that double as smartphones can cost as much as $1,200. These types of phones have foldable screens but without a physical keypad. 

Best Samsung flip phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: available at Amazon

For those that want a bit of nostalgic design but on a modern smartphone, Galaxy Z Slip ticks all the boxes. Not only does marvel come with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display capable of producing gorgeous vibrant colors but it also runs the incredibly fast Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and offers 5G connectivity. 

Samsung Rugby 3: available at Amazon 

This rugged and waterproof cell phone also comes with GPS functionality and has a camera with 2x digital optical zoom. It is 2.4-inches in size and has 256MB storage that you can expand with a microSD card. 

Samsung Convoy 4: available at Amazon

Samsung says they designed this phone to work in the harshest environment such as construction sites. It is water-resistant and has a large keyboard that offers a better grip. Despite its small size it has a decent speaker, records video with a 5MP camera and has push-to-talk technology. You can also expand its memory with a microSD card

Samsung Convoy 3: available at Amazon

You get 3G connectivity, push-to-talk capability, a 3.2-megapixel camera and dual microphones equipped with noise cancellation technology. The push-to-talk feature allows you to start a conversation with an individual or a group of people with one push of a button.

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