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You can use some robot mops with Google Assistant or Alexa, which is convenient for giving last-minute commands.

Robot mops make cleaning your floor a lot easier. The beauty of these machines is that they can do the difficult work in mopping your floors while you tend to other important things. There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a robot mop, so let us help you with the research.

We've compiled this helpful buying guide and reviews of a few of our favorites. Take a look at the review of our Best of the Best pick, the iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot.

Considerations when choosing robot mops

Mop-only vs. multi-function

If you already have a robot vacuum, then a mop-only robot will do just fine. However, if you don't already have a cleaning robot, then a multi-function unit might be worth the cost. These can vacuum, dust, and mop, though not at the same time.

Water tank vs. no water tank

Robot mops do not always have a water tank for mopping. On these units, the user must dampen the floor or the mop itself in order to start the process. The advantage of a robot mop with a water tank is that it can do the majority of the work without human assistance.

Model independence

Some robot mops can do their work with little to no supervision. Others, however, need you to dampen the floor, or empty the dustbin regularly to keep working. Consider how "involved" you want to be in your robot mop's work before choosing one.

Noise level

Some robot mops are louder than others. Some models are virtually silent. If you want to use your robot mop late at night, or during your child's naptime, then opt for one that is on the quieter side. As a general rule, larger and more powerful robot mops are louder than smaller models.

Home specs

Whether your home is large or small, as well as the type of floors you have, needs to be considered when choosing a robot mop. Some models can run for longer periods, and some are better at wood or tile.


Battery life

As mentioned above, a larger home may create a need for longer run time. This means a battery that can last for a long time. Look for a robot mop that has a long battery life if you think you'll need to run it for an extended period.


The size of your robot mop is more important than you may realize. Unlike many other products, when it comes to robot mops, bigger is not necessarily better. Smaller robot mops tend to be more agile and are able to get in and out of tight spots easier than large ones can.

Wireless capability

Some robot mops have wireless capability. This allows them to connect to mobile devices such as smartphones, and even Alexa or Google Assistant. If you want the ability to control your robot mop via various mobile means, then opt for one with wireless connectivity.


The majority of robot mops will come with basic sensors that help the unit navigate in space. They can detect obstacles as well as drop offs and staircases. Consider the area where you plan to use your robot mop when deciding what kind of sensors you want your robot mop to be equipped with.


Most robot mops will cost at least $200 and can be more than $500.

Up to $350, are mostly mop-only models. Between $350 and $500, you'll find most robot mops that are multi-functional and more powerful for cleaning your dirty floors.


Q. Do I have to put work into maintaining my robot mop?

A. Yes, though the effort needed to do so is little more than you would do for a traditional non-robotic mop. Your mop needs to be cleaned after every use, and vacuum filters on multi-function units should be changed occasionally. Doing so will keep your robot mop functioning for years to come.

Q. Can my robot mop clean the floor while I'm gone?

A. If you are dry-mopping, then you can let your robot mop do the work while you're out. However, for damp or wet mopping, you will need to supervise the work because you may need to re-dampen the mop if it dries.

Robot mops we recommend

Best of the best: iRobot Braava 380t Mopping Robot

Our take: One of the quietest robotic mops available.

What we like: Low profile design and great hardwood cleaning make this our top choice.

What we dislike: GPS navigation can be problematic, and some reported leaks.

Best bang for your buck: ILIFE V5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank Mop

Our take: A good price for a robotic mop that impresses.

What we like: Cleans well on hard surfaces for such an inexpensive model.

What we dislike: Battery life could be better.

Choice 3: Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Mop and Water Tank

Our take: Sturdy worker-bee that gets the job done.

What we like: Long battery life and well-built.

What we dislike: Gets stuck in corners sometimes.

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