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Anthony Marcusa

Razer is known for their neon green color. They seek to be not just a gaming retailer, but a lifestyle brand, selling accessories, apparel, chairs, and even energy drinks for the dedicated gamer.

As video games grow more complex and immersive, gaming laptops are keeping pace with detailed graphics, powerful processors and rapid response times. One of the leading gaming brands is Razer, with a line of laptops and other accessories that cater to both casual and competitive gamers.

Our guide will detail the range of Razer’s laptops and explain why we love their Blade Pro 17.  Razer’s laptops are no small investment, though, and with so many aspects that influence gaming, it’s important to know what you need so you can log on and level up.

What to know before you buy a Razer laptop


Most Razer laptops support Full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels), the standard resolution for most content. However, newer games (and films and TV shows) are shot and released in 4K; Razer has higher-priced laptops that cater to this brighter, more detailed resolution.

There are options in between however. Though not used with film and TV, Quad HD is common for gaming laptops, offering an intermediate resolution between HD and 4K at a midrange price.

Screen size

Laptop screen size is measured diagonally from one corner to the other. Razer laptops are offered in three different sizes: 13, 15 and 17 inches. Size influences not just the visual field but portability as well. If you intend to use an external monitor, it may be worth saving money and space with the smallest model.


Razer laptop processors are fast and powerful, designed to keep up with vast, detailed games. Most include 10th Generation Intel Core i7, though there are some newer generation i5 cores as well, both of which will support frequent gaming with the newest releases.

Productivity laptops

A majority of laptops by Razer are focused on gaming, but the company has begun a foray into more general options that, while they support high-end gaming, also cater to professionals. These laptops are adept at multitasking and conferencing with quality video and audio. They are quick to start up and typically feature longer-lasting batteries.

Razer laptop features

Refresh rates

One of the most important aspects of a gaming laptop is its refresh rate — the number of  times during a minute the screen refreshes. Measured in Hertz (Hz), most gamers prefer a minimum of 120Hz refresh rate, though 60Hz will suffice for casual gamers. Razer also offers refresh rates up to 360Hz, though as you increase from 120Hz, it may be increasingly more difficult to perceive any actual differences in quality.


Razer primarily uses Nvidia GeForce for their graphics cards. Most are GTX series, which is powerful and detailed enough to support a majority of games, especially older releases. For those who plan to acquire the newest games and want the latest technology, RTX cards are more advanced, but come at a higher price.

4K touch

A handful of 4K Razer laptops include a touch screen, which may prove useful to those working on their laptop or anyone playing more generic video games, like runners or platformers.

Keyboard lighting

Razer’s laptops include keyboards that are backlit, which adds color and convenience when gaming in dim or dark conditions. Single-zone keyboards are lighted in groups, while per-key models will individually light each key. There are millions of color options available across the spectrum, including various lighting patterns and effects.

Razer laptop cost

Razer laptops are quite expensive, even relative to other brands, with most costing between $1,400 and $2,800. Large laptops and those with 4K resolution can top $3,000.

Razer laptop FAQ

How much RAM and storage is ideal for a gaming laptop?

A. Most gamers prefer 16GB of RAM, which is common in Razer laptops, though 8GB will suffice for many. Storage varies widely from 256MB up to 1TB and is more dependent on what games you play and how often you stream or download. An external hard drive is a common and useful accessory for gamers.

How do my gaming preferences influence what laptop I should buy?

A. For those serious about gaming and anyone who competes regularly, high refresh rates and plenty of RAM are necessary to stay connected and agile. They allow you to respond quickly during active, chaotic sequences, especially when playing against others online in virtual worlds. Most other specs can be adjusted or expanded, with options to buy an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and storage.

Which Razer laptop should I get?

Best of the best Razer laptop

Razer Blade Pro 17: available at Amazon, Best Buy

Our take: Fast, powerful and large, this high-end laptop offers everything serious gamers desire.

What we like: 4K resolution, immersive sound and RTX graphic architecture are luxury gaming features. 16GB Ram, 1TB storage and Intel i7 core offer impressive multitasking and performance. 360Hz refresh rate.

What we dislike: Expensive and heavy.

Best bang for your buck Razer laptop

Razer Blade Stealth: available at Amazon, Best Buy

Our take: A slightly older gaming laptop with power and versatility for avid gamers.

What we like: 4K touchscreen laptop provides users with plenty of gaming options. Thin and lightweight; easy to transport. Powerful enough for most games, including some newer releases.

What we dislike: Small display may call for a monitor.

Honorable mention Razer laptop

Razer Book 13: available at Amazon, Best Buy

Our take: High-end productivity model for those who both work and play on their laptop.

What we like: Durable and lightweight 4K laptop designed for gamers and workers on the move. Touchscreen adds versatility. Two HDMI and two Thunderbolt ports allow for numerous connections. Includes Instant Wake and Instant Resume features.

What we dislike: Graphic cards aren't suited for high-end gaming. Expensive.

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