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Micayla Mead

If you’ve been looking for lids for your Pyrex food storage ware, chances are you’ve seen that the internet is rife with options, ranging in a whole host of sizes, shapes and colors. 

Our buying guide below will help you find exactly what you’re looking for, including our top pick, the Pyrex Simply Store Storage Set, a set of 10 lids popular among customers for being the perfect all-in-all set for all of your Pyrex glassware.

What to know before you buy a Pyrex lid

Pyrex sets with lids

Retailers customarily sell Pyrex lids as a bundle. Some sets come with both glassware and lids, but this guide will be focusing on lid sets only with the assumption that you already own Pyrex bases or will be purchasing them separately.

Types of Pyrex containers

Pyrex lids are modeled and fitted for specific Pyrex glass products, including measuring cups, round storage bowls and rectangular baking dishes. We’ve focused on their food storage lids since these lids are the most common variety and make storing and reheating food a breeze. Keep in mind the type of Pyrex baking or food storage containers you have, or want to buy, before making a decision on which lids to buy to accompany them.


Some sets offer different color combinations, including red, navy and turquoise, among other colors. Some sets offer a single color for all lids, while others are more varied. Choosing different colors for your lids may help you meal plan for the week or better discern what type of food is in each container.

Pyrex lid features 

Two-year warranty

Pyrex offers a two-year limited warranty, from the date of purchase, on their lids if it cracks from oven heat exposure or for original factory flaws.

BPA free

All Pyrex lids are made without bisphenol A. Studies have indicated that exposure to BPA may be harmful to the brain and the prostate glands. Heart disease and high blood pressure have been linked to high consumption of BPA that has leaked into food or beverages.

Safe for various settings

Pyrex lids are microwave safe, so you can heat both the glass and the lid at the same time. They’re also heat-resistant to a certain level and are dishwasher safe.

Nonporous texture 

All Pyrex lids are nonporous, meaning they won’t hold odors or flavors and won’t stain. Nonporous textures are also generally easier to clean.

Pyrex lid cost

Depending on the amount you buy and the sizes, Pyrex lids cost between $9-$20, ranging from sets of two to sets of ten or more.

Pyrex lid FAQ

How do I know if the lids match the dishes I have?

A. The best way to find out if the lids will fit is to check for a model number at the bottom of your glassware. Generally, 7202 is the smallest round bowl, 7200 is the middle size for round bowls, 7201 is the largest round bowl and 7210 is the largest rectangular container.

Are Pyrex lids oven-safe? 

A. No. Pyrex lids are heat-resistant up to a certain degree and microwave safe alongside the glassware, but they can melt if put into an oven. Additionally, be sure to keep the lids far away from any flame because they might melt.

Which Pyrex lid should I get?

Best of the best Pyrex lid

Pyrex Simply Store Storage Set: available at Amazon 

Our take: A cute set of round and rectangular lids at a great price.

What we like: They come in a variety of colors, including dark blue, turquoise, purple and lawn green. They are made in the USA and make convenient replacements for the Simply Store glassware line from Pyrex.

What we dislike: They do not fit Anchor Hocking products, which some customers pair with Pyrex lids.

Best bang for your buck Pyrex lid

Pyrex 7201-PC 4 Cup Turquoise Round Plastic Lid: available at Amazon

Our take: An affordable option in a turquoise color that will fit Pyrex bowls with the 7201 model number. 

What we like: These lids are a low-price investment and a good choice if you don’t have a whole set of bowls. 

What we dislike: If you have a full set of Pyrex containers, these lids wouldn’t be the best bet, since they only fit type 7201 bowls. 

Honorable mention Pyrex lid

Assortment of Pyrex Lids: available at Amazon

Our take: A bright collection of lids in all the shapes, sizes and colors that you may need.

What we like: Includes a wide variety of lids for all of Pyrex’s glassware sizes.

What we dislike: This option falls on the pricier side since it includes different colors and various sizes. This option might be more than some customers need.

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