The best purple Care Bear toy

Megan Oster

These days, purple Care Bear toys do a lot more than looking cute and being cuddly― although both of these traits are certainly appealing.

Care Bear toys have gotten several “new lives” since they made their debut in the 1980’s. As one of the most beloved and sought after toys of that era, it’s no wonder they didn’t disappear for long. Care Bears made their comeback in 2002 to great fanfare. The demand shows no sign of abating, likely because the design of these toys is timeless and very cute. 

The Care Bears Share Bear Stuffed Animal demonstrates why purple is such a popular color with children. The playful design features a belly badge adorned with two lollipops that conveys the joy of sharing. 

What to know before you buy a purple Care Bear toy

Their favorite purple Care Bear

Your child has their choice of two purple Care Bears: Harmony Bear and Share Bear. Both bears were released in the second wave in the 1980s. 

Each bear has a belly badge that symbolizes the emotion that inspired its design.

  • Harmony Bear: a strong advocate of peace
  • Share Bear: passionate about the value of sharing 

The easiest purple Care Bear toy to find is Share Bear. Harmony Bear tends to be scarce. That said, if you’re committed to finding a Harmony Bear toy for your child, chances are good that you’ll accomplish this feat. 

Give them friends

The Care Bear characters have a strong, familial relationship and a tight-knit community. So, it makes sense to buy multiple Care Bears for your child. These toys are made in a kaleidoscope of colors including purple, pink, green, blue, yellow and orange. Being able to play with more than one bear will strike your child’s imagination and nurture their creative side. 

Simple vs. interactive

These days, purple Care Bear toys do a lot more than looking cute and being cuddly ― although both of these traits are certainly appealing. Some Care Bears move, sing, talk, light up or play music. 

Purple Care Bear toy 


The materials used in constructing purple Care Bear toys depend largely on the type of toy. As befitting their name, plush toys (also known as stuffed animals) are made of soft material Fortunately, due to the small number of pieces affixed to the bears, there are very few items that could present a choking risk to your child. Typically, only the nose is a separate plastic piece. 

Plastic Care Bear toys are less available than their plush counterparts. These toys might be one piece or come with small pieces. If you buy a Care Bear toy that falls into the latter category, make sure you inspect the toy every time your child plays with it. This way, you can spot and remove any choking hazards, protecting your child in the process. 


Standard plush Care Bear toys are 14 inches tall. However, if this size doesn’t work for your child or the amount of storage in your home, smaller versions do exist. The same goes for oversized Care Bear plushies. Pocket-sized bears travel well and take up very little room, in both your home and your vehicle. Oversized bears are fantastic for snuggling and serving as a pillow for your child. 

Set vs. individual bear 

From additional bears to accessories and furniture, Care Bear sets are sold in many varieties. They’re an excellent choice if you plan to buy bears for multiple children or buy more than one bear for your child. This is because sets are often priced competitively when compared to toys sold individually. 

If you’re uncertain about whether the recipient will like Care Bears, it’s best to purchase one bear. After giving the purple Care Bear toy to your child, observe them to see if the bear captures and keeps their attention. 

Purple Care Bear toy cost 

Starting around $10, and topping off at roughly $40 for a standard purple Care Bear, these toys are very affordable. 

Purple Care Bear toy FAQ

What are the differences between the original toys and updated toys?

A. The new line of Care Bears launched in 2004 has a couple of very subtle differences. First and foremost, a crop of new bears was introduced to the world in 2004. The original Care Bears still exist, but with a slightly different design. A few have a re-designed belly badge, as well. The modern Care Bear has bright, wide-open eyes that contribute to its playful demeanor. 

What are Care Bears in other colors your child might like? 

A. Purple is a great color on a Care Bear, but it’s certainly not the only option. Some of the most popular bears in the line are produced in different colors. Friend Bear is orange, Birthday Bear is yellow and Bedtime Bear is blue. These are just a few examples of the Care Bear color palette. 

Which purple Care Bear toy should I get?

Best of the best purple Care Bear toy

Care Bears Share Bear Stuffed Animal: available at Amazon

Our take: This purple Care Bear toy has a playful and friendly aesthetic that’ll make him feel like your child’s best friend. 

What we like: Share Bear is passionate about encouraging sharing. She demonstrates it with the two heart-shaped lollipops that compose her belly badge. The blue and pink shades of the lollipops juxtapose nicely against her purple fur. Share Bear is 5 x 10 x 14 inches. 

What we dislike: A couple of dissatisfied buyers reported the Care Bear arrived smelling like fish. 

Best bang for your buck purple Care Bear toy

Care Bears Share Bear Interactive Collectible Figure: available at Amazon

Our take: Produced with the ability to express more than 50 surprises and reactions, this interactive toy offers hours of fun. 

What we like: Share Bear lights up, moves, says funny phrases, expresses emotions, tells jokes and sings. Touching her nose, belly or paw will activate these features. Plus, your child can play one-on-one with Share Bear or serve as an introduction to other interactive Care Bears. The bears will interact with each other and with your child. 

What we dislike: Malfunctioning interactive features was the complaint issued most frequently by unhappy buyers. 

Honorable mention purple Care Bear toy 

Care Bears Share Bear Value Jumbo Retro Plush: available at Amazon

Our take: If your child prefers the design of the original line of Care Bears, chances are they’ll love this retro plush Share Bear. 

What we like: Standing 21 inches tall, this toy is taller than the average Share Bear plush. Children enjoy snuggling with large toys. This retro-styled Share Bear has an ice cream sundae belly badge, while the modern iteration has two lollipops. The difference is just part of this toy’s retro charm. 

What we dislike: Quality control issues were cited by a couple of buyers, who reported the bear arrived with a hole. 

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