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Stephanie Jarrett

A pregnancy journal is a great way to document the ups and downs of the 40 weeks you spend growing a tiny human inside of you.

Although pregnancy can come with its share of less-than-desirable bits, such as morning sickness and back pain, it is a wonderful journey that is surprisingly short but immensely impactful. From the first ultrasound to the first belly kicks, pregnancy firsts are both memorable and exciting. 

It can be fun during pregnancy to keep a journal to remember all the moments you enjoyed with your baby safely growing in your womb. A pregnancy journal is a fun place to display ultrasound pictures and record odd cravings as well as write down your hopes and dreams for the baby you will raise. Expecting You — A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal lets you reflect on these moments before you bring your baby earthside. 

What to know before you buy a pregnancy journal

Journals are unique to each person, and their aesthetic should appeal to you as a reflection of your personal style. A pregnancy journal is a neat way to commemorate this short but impactful period in your life that will pass both with alarming slowness and blink-of-an-eye swiftness. 

Cover type

Pregnancy journals typically come with two different types of covers. You can select a soft cover, which will more easily fit in your purse so you can take it with you to write when inspiration hits you. Or you may prefer a hardcover journal, which may hold up better over time but may not travel as well. You can also look at the design and colors on the outside of the journal, which may help you decide as you select one that fits your personal taste. 


You want to decide if you want a short journal to simply commemorate your pregnancy or a longer journal you can use to capture a snapshot of your baby’s first year and beyond. Some pregnancy journals are just meant to be used while you are pregnant and may not have extra pages for after your baby is born. Other pregnancy journals are thick and filled with many blank pages and can be used as your parenting journal long after your pregnancy ends. 


For some, a journal is merely a vessel to fill with words and thoughts. For others, a journal is a place to write, display photos and other mementos. You might want to spend time flipping through a few journals to get a taste for what suits you. Some journals will have spaces for photos, hospital bracelets and more. Some journals will include writing prompts or may ask you to record information about your day-to-day. Other journals may simply offer up blank pages for you to fill with thoughts and dreams. Journals are personal, and the journal you select will need to appeal to you. 

Pregnancy journal features

Elastic or ribbon closure

An elastic or ribbon closure on a pregnancy journal can be worthwhile for a couple of reasons. First, it can keep mementos — like papers and photos — inside the journal until you have the time to secure these items with glue or tape. Secondly, it can prevent other items from getting inside the journal — such as a wayward pen or debris from your purse — and potentially damaging the pages.


If you like a little extra flair for your journals, you might like a pregnancy journal that comes with fun and sometimes sassy stickers that can add a little something extra to your pages. Stickers may not be necessary when journaling but they can be fun.

Page marker

When journaling, it can be easy to lose your place. Much like when you are reading a book, it can be annoying to constantly lose your page and have to flip back to find where you are. It is nice when a journal comes with a ribbon marker that keeps track of what page you are on.

Ring binding

Pregnancy journals come with several different binding types. Book bindings with pages that are glued to the spine may have the best presentation, but it does always lend itself most easily to adding extras to the journal because too many embellishments can damage the spine. If you plan to add a lot of embellishments — pictures, cards or bracelets, for example — you may find a ring binding is right for you because it can more easily accommodate a lot more add-ons. 

Pregnancy journal cost 

Pregnancy journals tend to be an inexpensive way to document your pregnancy, with most costing between $15-$30.

Pregnancy journal FAQ

When should I start writing in my pregnancy journal?

A. Writing a pregnancy journal is a personal journey. It is meant to help you remember the moments, large and small, that you experienced on your path to parenthood. Some people start writing the second they know they are pregnant while others wait until they are out of the first trimester of pregnancy and their miscarriage risk drops significantly. Some people wait until even later in pregnancy and some don’t keep a pregnancy journal at all. The choice is yours.

What do I write in my pregnancy journal?

A. Some people use pregnancy journals as scrapbooks for themselves. They commemorate their journeys by writing down measurements and feelings, hopes and dreams for their baby, funny cravings or anecdotes. Other people use pregnancy journals to write letters to their unborn babies, to tell babies what life was like before they arrived earthside. A pregnancy journal is a personal memoir, and the contents are different for everyone. 

Which pregnancy journal should I get?

Best of the best pregnancy journal

Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal: available at Amazon and Buy Buy Baby 

Our take: Elegant and compact, this pregnancy journal will be cherished long after your baby has grown. 

What we like: This journal includes quotes to inspire you and provides prompts to help encourage your writing process. The elegant aesthetic is gender-neutral, and this pregnancy journal includes 144 pages for you to fill with thoughts and comments.

What we dislike: This pregnancy journal encourages you to write monthly, which may not be enough for people who have been journaling for some time. 

Best bang for your buck pregnancy journal

My Bump to Baby Memories: available at Amazon

Our take: Whimsical and fun, this pregnancy journal has fun writing prompts and places to include mementos. 

What we like: This colorful journal that comes with a pen will keep you engaged and writing as the weeks roll by. This journal helps you measure your journey and will be fun to look back on in later years.

What we dislike: If you are someone who really enjoys writing, you may feel that this pregnancy journal doesn’t have enough space for you to harness all your thoughts. 

Honorable mention pregnancy journal

Growing You: Keepsake Pregnancy Journal: available at Amazon

Our take: Timeless and chic, this pregnancy journal has plenty of space for you to clip photos and mementos as well as write about your thoughts as you journey through pregnancy. 

What we like: This journal includes space to track your pregnancy appointments as well as prompts to get your creative juices flowing as you fill it up with pregnancy memories. The elegant design is gender-neutral.

What we dislike: This journal is only geared toward women and not dads-to-be.

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