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Megan Oster

Professor Utonium used "sugar, spice and everything nice," along with Chemical X, to create the Powerpuff Girls.

If “girl power” took human form, it might very well look and behave like the Powerpuff Girls. This popular cartoon series features three crime-fighting youngsters who protect the fictional city of Townsville, USA. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup use their superpowers to defend the city’s good citizens from would-be criminals. 

Despite the franchise’s popularity, finding a wide selection of brand-new Powerpuff Girls is challenging. But there are some shining examples, one of which is the Powerpuff Girls Doll Crochet Amigurumi Superhero Gifts. These crochet dolls are made by hand with a eye for quality. 

What to know before you buy a Powerpuff Girls toy

Which characters they favor 

The Powerpuff Girls franchise has some fun and fascinating characters to nurture your child’s imagination. And with options come favorites. Chances are, certain characters have captured your child’s interest more so than others. 

When it comes to the Powerpuff Girls themselves, the superhuman trio was brought to life by Professor Utonium. The girls might only be kindergarten age, but they share a drive for fighting evil-doers. The professor used “sugar, spice and everything nice,” along with Chemical X, to create the Powerpuff Girls. As a result, each character has her own distinct traits that echo these sentiments. 

Blossom is the undisputed leader and commander of the group. Bubbles, as befitting her name, fairly “bubbles” with joy. She exudes it. Buttercup adds the grit; she’s one tough cookie and a master fighter. 

The Powerpuff Girls aren’t the only memorable characters. As the girls’ sworn archenemy, Princess Morbucks plays an entertaining antagonist. She’s a spoiled rich girl who’s equally passionate about money and defeating the Powerpuff Girls. 

Toy categories 

As with other types of toys, Powerpuff Girls toys fall into a number of categories including action figures, plushies, building sets, bath toys, stickers and puzzles. 

Mix and mingle

Don’t be afraid to encourage your child to make other toys interact with their Powerpuff Girls toys. Mixing and mingling toys in this way will help spark their imagination and playact the intricacies of interpersonal relationships. Examples of toys that pair well with the Powerpuff girls include Disney Princess dolls, L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and Cave Club dolls

Powerpuff Girls toy features

Design details

Each member of the Powerpuff Girls has a different hair/eye color combination. Blossom has arresting red-orange hair and pink eyes. Bubbles is blond with clear sky-blue eyes. And Buttercup’s hair is a deep black that, juxtaposed against her bottle-green eyes, creates a striking contrast. 

In addition to the universal features of each character, toy makers sometimes take their own liberties during the design process. Design details might include hair your child can safely brush or style, movable arms and legs, sounds, music and illumination. 


Powerpuff Girls toys are made of a large variety of materials. Examples of commonly used materials include fabric, felt, plastic and vinyl. The material used depends largely on the category into which the toy falls. For example, plush Powerpuff Girl toys are made of soft, squishy material that feels good against the skin, making it ideal for cuddling. 


Regardless of your child’s size and motor skills, you can find Powerpuff Girls toys in a size that gels with them. In general, you should stick with smaller toys for younger children. Note that there’s a difference between toys of small size and toys with small parts. The latter should be avoided with babies and toddlers.  

Powerpuff Girls toy cost 

The cost of Powerpuff Girls toys ranges from as low as $10 to upwards of $40. 

Powerpuff Girls toy FAQ

How do you identify genuine Powerpuff Girls toys?

A. Toys that are officially licensed are ideal. A toy must follow the licensor’s guidelines to earn the officially licensed designation. Therefore, you can rest assured these toys have undergone scrutiny for quality control. But don’t worry, some toys that aren’t officially licensed will also be well-made. When it comes to the latter toys, read reviews if you’re shopping online. Examine the toy carefully for quality, whether you’re shopping in-store or before you remove the tags if you purchased it online. 

How do you find age-appropriate Powerpuff Girls toys? 

A. As mentioned above, one of the most critical rules dictates keeping toys with small parts away from children aged three and younger. These children are especially prone to putting objects in their mouths. What seems like a harmless piece from a toy could quickly become a choking hazard. 

Which Powerpuff Girls toy should I get?

Best of the best Powerpuff Girls toy

Powerpuff Girls Doll Crochet Amigurumi Superhero Gifts: available at Etsy 

Our take: The trio of Powerpuff Girls in this set is handmade and colorful, making it a high-quality and fun pick. 

What we like: Your child will get Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup when you purchase this crocheted set. A mix of four-ply acrylic yarn, felt fabric and polyester fiberfill makes these dolls durable. At the same time, the pieces are made by hand to ensure fine quality and keen attention to detail. 

What we dislike: The shipping estimate window for the set is a little over one month, so your child may have to wait some time to play with the dolls. 

Best bang for your buck Powerpuff Girls toy

Powerpuff Girls ― Princess Morbucks Schoolyard Scramble Playset: available at Amazon

Our take: The inclusion of a Princess Morbucks figure makes this playground-themed playset extra special. 

What we like: In its closed state, this playset depicts the Townsville school. When opened, the playset features a schoolyard play area and classroom. The focal point of the playground is a merry-go-round. Princess Morbucks, who envies the Powerpuff Girls’ fame, has a devilish expression that reveals she’s ready to start scheming.

What we dislike: One buyer said they would have liked the playset to offer more interactive features. Additionally, no Powerpuff Girls figures are included in the playset, which might disappoint some children. 

Honorable mention Powerpuff Girls toy

LEGO The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles’ Playground Showdown Building Kit: available at Amazon

Our take: Using this building kit, your child can create an action-packed playground scene complete with Bubbles and Princess Morbucks. 

What we like: This isn’t your average building kit. Set against the background of a playground, the details include a slide, merry-go-round and a lunch bench. Bubbles and Princess Morbucks are in attendance. The Powerpuff Girls’ most persistent nemesis perches on a flexible mech suit that measures more than 4 inches high. 

What we dislike: The complaint made most commonly among dissatisfied buyers was that pieces were missing from the set upon arrival. 

Honorable mention Powerpuff Girls toy

Funko Pop! Animation: Powerpuff Girls ― Bubbles: available at Amazon

Our take: Designed in the likeness of Bubbles, who radiates laughter and joy, this figure has an edgy pop art aesthetic. 

What we like: As the fizzy feel-gooder of the Powerpuff Girls trio, Bubbles is a natural match for this playful pop art-inspired design. With a larger-than-life head, this figure emphasizes Bubbles’ beaming facial expression to the full extent. Constructed of vinyl, the figure is about 4.5 inches tall including the stand. 

What we dislike: Small parts make this toy unsuitable for children under the age of 3, ruling it out for babies and toddlers. 

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