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Jennifer Blair

Always wash your potato peeler well every time you use it. If any pieces of fruit and vegetable skin or flesh are left behind, your peeler can grow mold.  

Whether it's mashed potatoes, french fries, or creamy potato soup, many delicious comfort foods feature potatoes as the main ingredient. Most of these recipes are fairly easy, but they often involve the tedious task of peeling the potatoes, which can take time and mean annoying nicks and cuts to your fingers. If you purchase the right potato peeler, you can peel potatoes and other vegetables quickly and easily, so your favorite dishes are on the table as soon as possible. With their sharp blades and grippy handles, they make peeling potatoes safer and more comfortable.

Check out our shopping guide to learn how to choose the best potato peeler for your kitchen. We've included some specific product recommendations, like our top choice from OXO, which features a swiveling serrated blade and well-designed handle to make peeling pounds of potatoes a breeze.

Considerations when choosing potato peelers


All potato peelers have stainless steel blades, which are durable and rust-resistant. When it comes to handle materials, you can choose from plastic, steel, or rubber.

Plastic handles can be somewhat slippery, especially when wet, while steel or metal handles are often too hard to hold for long periods. Rubber handles tend to have a cushioned feel that makes them more comfortable to hold, but like plastic, they can slip out of your hand fairly easily.

Vertical or horizontal blade

A potato peeler can have either a vertical or horizontal blade. If you have problems with your wrist, a horizontal peeler is usually easier to use because it doesn't put as much stress on your wrist. Horizontal blades are usually more versatile because they can handle fruits and vegetables in different shapes better than a vertical blade.


A potato peeler's handle is a key feature to consider because it affects how comfortable the tool is to hold. You can find peelers with a flat handle, as well as options with a rounded design. It's usually a matter of personal preference in terms of which is more comfortable to hold, but rounded, ergonomically designed handles typically offer the most comfort when you're peeling for prolonged periods.


Potato eye remover

Most potato peelers have a potato eye remover. The remover is usually at the end of the tool and has a pointed shape that makes it easy to scoop out any eyes or other discolorations. You can use a knife to remove potato eyes, but it's usually more convenient to have a built-in remover on your peeler.

Retractable design

If you're concerned about safety, look for a potato peeler with a retractable design. You can fold the peeler, so the blade isn't exposed when you reach into a kitchen drawer for it.

Cleaning brush

Some potato peelers include a brush specifically for cleaning its blade. Cleaning a peeler can be difficult otherwise, so it helps to have a brush that can handle the task without you having to risk cut fingers or a destroyed kitchen sponge.

Swivel brush

For versatility, some potato peelers feature a swivel brush on the backside of their horizontal blade. You can use the brush to remove any pieces of peel that are stuck to the potato or other fruit or vegetable while you're peeling.

Ease of cleaning

Stainless steel potato peelers are the easiest to clean because they're dishwasher-safe. Those with rubber or plastic handles typically can't be washed in the dishwasher, so they can be more difficult to clean.


Potato peelers usually cost between $5 and $30. Basic stainless steel and plastic models range from $5 to $10, those that are more ergonomically designed and feature a wider range of materials run between $10 and $20, and high-end, durable peelers with plenty of extra features cost between $20 and $30.


Q. What other fruits and vegetables can you peel with a potato peeler?

A. You can peel apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, plums, eggplant, and squash, to name a few.

Q. What's the best way to peel a large number of potatoes?

A. To avoid a big mess, peel your potatoes over a couple of pieces of newspaper. Once you're done, wrap the paper around the peels and throw them away without any big mess to clean up.

Potato peelers we recommend

Best of the best: OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Our take: Stands out among the competition for its durability and comfort, making it one of the best peelers available. 

What we like: Features a swiveling serrated blade that's extremely sharp and can peel nearly any fruit or veggie with ease. Ergonomically designed handle allows you to peel large quantities without discomfort. Solid construction can hold up to years of regular use. Has a potato eye remover built into the end.

What we dislike: Some users may not find it as easy to use as a Y-peeler.

Best bang for your buck: Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler, Three-Piece Set

Our take: Their fun, colorful look is certainly eye-catching, but they offer excellent performance at a budget-friendly price, too.

What we like: They feature carbon steel blades that easily cut through both soft and hard produce skin while staying sharp. Can be used by both right- and left-handed people. Set offers three peelers so the entire family can help out when it's time to peel.

What we dislike: Blades can rust if they're not dried well after washing.

Choice 3: Linden Sweden Soft Grip Handle Peeler

Our take: A versatile, lightweight peeler that offers user-friendly operation and durability.

What we like: Features a contoured design that makes it one of the easier peelers to use. Can last for many years and offers a 10-year warranty. Suitable for both right- and left-handed use. Doesn't get jammed like some other peelers.

What we dislike: Doesn't offer quite as much versatility as other options.

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